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I slipped on my heels.

"Sofia, we're ready to leave" Denice shouted up at me from the entrance.

"I'm coming" I said loudly, grabbing my bag and walking out. I walked down the stairs, Ace's mother had stolen his attention so he was facing away from me. His mom gasped at the sight of me, covering her mouth with her hands.

I watched as Ace turned around. I saw his jaw drop slightly and his eyes widen. Kai instantly scoffed and walked out. Ace snapped his head back to his father, giving his father a threatening look.

"I'm sorry I took so long" I muttered to Ace as I played with hands. He grabbed my them gently. "You annoy me so much when you do that" he admitted, still holding them tightly. I stared into Ace's eyes, my heart was pounding. He looked down at our hands. Before I could say anything, he shook his head and walked out. What was that about?.

"Sofia" someone shouted. I turned my head only to see Olivia running down the driveway. "What the fuck!" Ace growled . "He's a bad person" she shouted at me. "He killed Vince!" Olivia roared as loud as she could. "He took Ryder and Blake too" she pleaded with me to do something. My eyes widened at the words I was hearing come out of her mouth. I always knew he had, I just never wanted to admit it; But how does Olivia know.

"You killed Vince!" I spoke with a shocked tone. "He hurt you!" Ace said angrily. "You don't kill someone because they say something mean Ace" I shouted at him. His expression became furious. It started rain and it was getting really dark already. "I can't do anything Olivia" I sighed defeatedly. "What do you mean?" she yelled at me. "Ace!" I hissed at him. "What" he shouted, scaring me. "Wheres Ryder and Blake!" I shouted back at him. "Oh no" Kai smiled evilly as he watched Ace clench his fists.

"I'm not letting them go, get in the car now" Ace snarled angrily at me. "Ace your mother would never do this, put Sofia in her place" Kai yelled at his son. Ace was already flooded with anger. He was definitely frightening when he was angry.

My heart pounded as I shouted back at him. "Ace, let them go". "Ace, we have to leave" his father shouted at him. "Ace don't do anything stupid" Denice also shouted at him.

Suddenly Ace didn't have an expression on his face anymore. He walked over to me and grabbed my arm roughly, pulling me towards the limo. He forced me into the car and shut the door before marching over to Olivia.

"Who let you in?" Ace spoke angrily. "The guards, I showed them a photo of Sofia and they let me in" Olivia stood her ground.

"Leave before I kill you too" Ace snapped savagely. "And don't come back" he warned her before getting in the limo.

The limo pulled up to the guards. "If she's not gone in 5 minutes shoot her" Ace demanded. "No Ace!" I pleaded but we had already drove away.

The limo ride felt like years. It was also completely silent.

"This will be great for the evening I have planned" Kai broke the silence just as we arrived. I hadn't even looked at Ace since he told the guards to shoot Olivia. He just left her there.

I got out of the limo and walked up the steps, leading to a huge mansion, even bigger than Ace's. No one was outside. "We're last in, if you are worrying dear" Denice rubbed my shoulder. "Let me see your arm" she asked. I held up my arm, showing her where Ace grabbed. Denice shook her head. "That will leave a bruise" she sighed at her son's actions.

"Not the first one I've gotten and probably not the last" I shook my head as I stood at the door. "I don't even want to fucking be here" Ace snarled at his father. "Don't let Sofia ruin your night" Kai pushed his sons head, playfully.

Ace shot his father an angry look. Atleast he doesn't fully hate me. "You, here, beside me" Ace demanded from behind me. I stopped and walked beside Ace. Kai grabbed the double doors and swung them open. All eyes turned to the door, where we were standing. "We're here" Kai announced to everyone. They all clapped as we walked in; There had to be atleast 500 people here, possibly more.

Suddenly I wasn't so angry at Ace, I just wanted him to protect me.

It's almost as if he could sense my fear because he took his hand and wrapped it around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Stand tall, don't let them see your fear" Ace whispered in my ear. I nodded slightly in response. Ace kept a straight but intimidating face at all times. I took his advice and I stood tall, not an ounce of emotion shown.

"Good" Ace nodded at me.

"If you get lost, our meeting point will be at the doors" Ace whispered to me. "Okay" I whispered back. "The men in here........we are all murderers, if they look at you and they want you, they will try to take you. Most of them come with prostitutes dressed up, don't forget that" Ace gave me a few tips as he looked around. "I already see one eyeing you up" Ace growled angrily. "It's fine, I'm not interested" I mumbled as I looked around. "Try make friends with the lady's, not the prostitutes" Ace uttered to me. "How do I know the difference and why the lady's?" I whispered. "Easy, they'll be married, just look for the ring, the ones with the rings are the ones you should make friends with, it'll be good for business" Ace rambled as he checked his phone.

I looked around to see a guy staring at me. He winked at me while holding a girl in his arms. I threw him a disgusted look and he smirked before I turned back to Ace. "I don't like these people Ace" I got closer to Ace. "You'll be fine as long as you're with me" Ace's grip tightened on my waist, reassuringly.

I have a bad feeling about this.

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