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"I just assumed because-" Ace grabbed Brian by the throat to stop him from speaking . "You would want to be very careful how you word this next line" Ace spat angrily at Brian who was basically still a child . He was 16 , not a lot older than Grayson and Chase .

"I have to go help him now" I sighed while starting to stroll slowly over to Ace .

"What if I told you she wasn't a slut?" Ace growled frustratedly . "I-" the kid struggled to get air under Ace's grip . He clawed at Ace's hand to be let free while all the other recruits watched in shock ; I seen the boys face starting to turn blue. "Well guess what , she's not and she's the only girl I'm with" Ace hissed viciously trying not to loose control, but I think he already lost it .

Ace grimaced at the boy in disgust of his assumption . "I'm sorry" he tried to squeal , the veins in his neck popping . Ace was so angry at the recruit that he didn't notice I was right next to him . I placed my hand on Ace's hand which was wrapped around the boys throat . Ace's trance of anger was broken by my touch . He released the kid from his grip and the recruits rushed over to help their friend .

They pulled him away from Ace . "Thank you but he's 16" I giggled at Ace who gazed at me longingly . "I swear , I could've killed him for say that" Ace gritted his teeth , staring like a hawk at the boy who could barely stand now . "I think you should sit down . Let me train them for awhile" I fixed Ace's hair while speaking to him . His face turned back to me . "Okay" he nodded agreeing with me . "I'll teach them how to throw knives since you know .... I am better at it than you" I smirked moving my hand from his hair down to his cheek before winking at him and walking over to the knife throwing board .

I picked up the throwing knives and threw them up in air a few times to get used to the balanced weight. They were cold to the touch , exactly why I liked them .

"Okay , gather around" I demanded . They all made a circle around me . "These are balanced throwing knives aka my favourite weapon" I stated as ran my finger along the edge . "I could throw these with my eyes closed they're that simple to use after practice" I flung the knife over my shoulder and hit the board , close to the bullseye .

My eyes met Aces from across the room . He gave me nod to show me that he was impressed by my knife skills . "Now if you want knives to be your specialty, stay , if not , stand over there and talk but do not disturb Ace" I added a scowl to the end of sentence. Most of them strolled away and started talking and I was left with a small girl , a tall boy and another boy . "What are your names?" I asked them . "Jack" the tall boy with decently long hair responded . "Griffin" the other boy with blonde hair and braces introduced himself . "Cassie" the small girl spoke up . "Alright , I'm Sofia and no I'm not a slut" I rolled my eyes at them . They smiled and snickered , while looking around observing the big hall .

Being 16 and wanting to join the Mafia must be tough , especially if you're not born into it. You get no special treatment and have to everything the hard way .

I handed them each three blades . "You release the blade when you're arm is almost fully extended, the keyword being almost" I pointed my knife at them . "This is how you hold it" i showed them how my fingers wrapped around the blade. "And then , you throw" I flung the blade at the board , hitting the bullseye. "You want the blade to fly through the air with ease , like its a frisbee almost" I explained , examining Ace's blades.

I loved throwing blades . It was beautiful how deadly but small they are . If I didn't want to be a star , I'd want to be a blade. Small but dangerous.

"Ok start throwing" I stated spinning my finger in a circle motion before walking towards Ace who sat on a chair near the corner with his eyes shut and his arms folded . He was trying to relax but I seen that his fists were clenched which means that his attempt was failing .

I stood in front of him; My arms folded as well , mimicking his body language. Didn't I read something that said if you're in love with someone you tend to cop- I pushed the thought out of my mind , refusing to deal with my feelings at the moment .

He opened his eyes . "You're knifes are shit" I threw it gently at him . He caught it and examined it . "They're fine" he squinted his eyes to focus on the edge of the blade to see if anything was damaged . "They're not equally balanced" I retorted ; Ace just gave me a confused stare . "They're only training blades" Ace chucked the blade to the side . I shot him an unimpressed look . He raised his eyebrows at me questioning why he was getting stared at . "They're training blades , you're giving your newbies unbalanced training blades. If you train them with unbalanced blades , when they get balanced blades , they won't know how to use them" I scolded him . How did he not know this .

"Someone's feisty" his expression was blank and his eyes , empty. I could tell he really didn't care . I huffed frustratedly before walking back over to the recruits. "Okay , you guys aren't even hitting the board so I'm going to bring them closer" I said , clicking the boards three places closer . It's not their fault their not hitting the board . It's too far away for beginners and Ace doesn't realise that because the man is amazing at everything he does . That's why he can't teach things , it just comes naturally to him where as for these recruits , they need to be taught properly and be shown with ease .

"I know it's supposed to feel like it's gliding through the air but it doesn't for me" the small girl spoke up . "That's okay , it felt like that for me when I first started , it'll just take you a little longer to learn" I reassured her .

A few minutes had passed and I had dismissed the knife throwing for today . I'm going to convince Ace to let me teach them . They need a knife thrower as an instructor .

"Hey" Cassie the little girl from the knife throwing came over to me . "Who said you could talk to us" Ace snarled causing her to jump in fear . "Don't be mean" I giggled rubbing my hand through his hair . "I'll be back in five minutes, don't miss me too much" I winked , Ace threw me the slightest smile .

"Alright shootings next" I heard Ace say before I left the room with the girl . "What did you want to talk about ?" I asked her with a serious tone . I may be nice , but I don't like pulled away from Ace .

Different members of Ace's Mafia walked by , eyeing us up . By us I mean me . "How do I get a guy like Ace?" She asked with a worried expression. I immediately erupted into laughter and she just glanced at me and the floor repeatedly. "You want someone like Ace?" I asked her shocked , trying to calm myself down . I was being mean . "Yeah , I want a Mafia leader" she spoke with a weak voice . I kind of felt bad now .

"I'm going to be honest Cassie , I don't think you'll ever find a Mafia leader like Ace . Most Mafia leaders get married and then cheat on their wives continuously because they can . And if you're not their wife , you're the girl he's using to cheat . I got lucky with Ace , he just happened to like me but most men will just use you for their pleasure and then leave or kick you out . I'm only telling you this because I know you didn't grow up in the Mafia" I sighed regretfully. I didn't want to have to break her heart but it's the best way to keep her safe .

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