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Ace drove us to my old home.

His right hand gripped the steering wheel while his left rested on my thigh . "Are you sure you're okay to see them?" Ace questioned with a worrisome tone . "Yeah of course , I'm fine" I nodded . He let out a sigh of frustration. "Promise me you won't be rude" I took his hand and placed it in mine ; they fitted together like two pieces of a puzzle . "I can't promise anything" he grumbled at the thought of my brothers . I pouted , trying to give my best puppy eyes . His scowl became weak , but he was still angry .

"I hate what they didn't do" he huffed . "But , I won't kill them , if that's what you're worried about" he rolled his eyes . It meant a lot to me that he would even come considering he hates them all . I haven't told him why they want us to come and I'm very nervous to see how he reacts when he finds out .

Things are better between me and Ace now , but if there was a possibility I could go home , I would definitely explore it . I want to see what my brothers are like when my fathers not around . I want to see what my mother enjoys to do without having to walk on eggshells around my father . Did I ever know the real them ? .

I bounced my knee up and down repeatedly , causing Ace to grab my thigh and release my hand from his grip . My breath hitched as his hand squeezed gently. He raised his eyebrow keeping his eyes on the road . My dress was quite short , it was dark red which matched my lipstick and it had a turtle neck .

Ace's hand slid up my thigh , he knew this was one of my turn ons. I bit my lip , staring out of the window , hoping he didn't notice . I seen a grin on his face from the reflection of the window . He continued to drive until we got to my old house .


Ace opened the door for me , taking my hand . We walked up to my door and he knocked twice . My heart was pounding , I swear I was sweating . Ace squeezed my hand reassuringly before the door opened . It was my mother who stood there with a welcoming smile . I still haven't forgiven her for lying to me , but I wasn't angry anymore which is an improvement I think .

"My princess" my mom kissed my cheek before embracing me tightly in her arms . My arms hung limp , I didn't hug back . I know that it was mean but I just felt like she was a stranger . I saw disappointment rise to her face before she faked a smile .

We walked into the kitchen .

"Sofiaaaa" Stefano shouted , running up to me and spinning me in the air . I smiled but immediately after I watched Ace's face show anger so clearly . He was trying to hide it . "How have you been?" he grabbed my cheeks gently . "Good" I nodded reassuringly.

Stefano then turned his attention to Ace . Stefano tried to stand tall and confident but I could tell that he was scared of him . "Stefano" he held his hand out for Ace to shake it . He hesitated shaking Stefano's hand but shook it anyways when he saw the glare that I was giving him .

Then Diego , Javi and Marco walked in . "Little sissss" Diego roared before they all hugged me . I could see that Ace was loosing his patience. He was so overprotective but I don't blame him , he knows what I went through , maybe not how deep it runs but he knows . It's like everytime they touched me , he wanted to replace their touch with his . I did too .

If I could be in his arms forever I would . When I'm dying , I want him to cradle me until my eyes shut and my heart stops beating . The only reason my heart beats right now is because of him . Only him .

"Tell us , how have you been" Javi sounded excited . "I've been good , I still am good" I smiled with a nod . My brothers introduced themselves to Ace , reluctant but they did . As soon as they stepped back , Ace slid his arm around my waist , pulling me next to him while taking out a cigarette with the other . "I'm going outside to smoke" he whispered in my ear , his forehead pressing against the side of my head. "Okay" .

He went to walk away . "Hey!" I snapped with a sad tone . A smile appeared on his face when he realised why I snapped at him . He walked back over and kissed my lips , earning a smile that spread across my lips . My brothers stared at us with confusion , it's hardly ever that you get to find love when you're in a Mafia relationship . I know I'm lucky .

"You and Ace?" Diego asked with a shocked face . "I can't believe it" Javi looked pale . Then Raul came in , wearing his everyday clothes . "You're home for good" he smiled , embracing me . I now realise that me coming here was a confirmation for them that I was going to come home . "Uh- Dinner" my Mom shouted from the dining room .

Me , Ace and all my brothers sitting down at one table for food . What could go wrong ? .

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