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A week had passed and it was the day of Ace's birthday. He really left for work without telling me that it was his birthday?. I understand that he probably hates his birthday but couldn't he at least of told me?.

I began to pack our stuff and Ice came in to help. We talked for awhile after two hours, we finally finished. "Why did that take us so long?" I uttered, lying on top of my suitcase. "I have no idea but I'm never offering to help you again" he replied, flopping on Ace's bed. I giggled at him before also climbing onto the bed.

Ice sighed as if he wanted to say something. "What?" I glanced at him worriedly. "I want cookies" he mumbled a smile appearing on his face. "What- I thought something was actually wrong" I playfully punched him. "Ok ok, seriously, I think I'm going to miss you and Ace" he almost whispered as if he was ashamed of saying it. He obviously saw my face light up and blushed slightly as he rolled over so that I couldn't see his face anymore.

"I'll miss you too Ice" I grinned as I jumped on him, attempting to give him a hug. "Get off of me" Ice grumbled, trying to push me off but I wouldn't budge. "Alex needs a hug" I giggled, knowing he hated being called by his real name. "Don't call me that" he hissed but had stopped fighting me. He eventually caved in and hugged me back for a second; I know Ice doesn't have family and doesn't really get a hug that often so I decided to give him one. I think he needed it.

"Ice isn't so cold after all" I mumbled, standing up and walking over to the door. "You're so dead" Ice yelled, chasing after me. "I'm sorry, I take it back" I shrieked, running downstairs.


Ace came home because Ice called him, saying that he needed him for something.

I struggled to get the suitcases down the stairs but I managed somehow. "Why didn't you help me? You're stronger than me?" I grumbled, hitting Ice playfully knowing it wouldn't hurt him. "Ow, my arm" he glared at me. "That's what you get for not helping me" I hissed as I sat down at the table in the kitchen. "I didn't help because I wanted to watch you struggle" he smiled evilly before looking through the fridge for some food.

"You're always hungry" I muttered. "Yeah well-" Ice was interrupted by Ace coming in. "Why is there suitcases in the hall?" Ace asked with a curious tone before coming over to me and pecking me on the lips. "We're going to Hawaii and we're leaving in literally 10 minutes" I uttered as I checked the clock on the kitchen wall. "Hawaii?" Ace tried to fight the smile off of his face. "Yes, Hawaii" I smiled while I watched Ace's face flood with happiness.

"I've always wanted to go to Hawaii" He replied  walking out to the hall and staring at the suitcases. "You had no clothes for a holiday so I had to make Ice go shopping for you" I said loudly so that he could hear me. "Yeah, I didn't enjoy it" Ice shrugged before he shut the fridge door and leaned against it.

We heard the beep of the taxi.

"We have to go now" I muttered, grabbing the passports off of the table and running out to Ace who had opened the door. He carried the suitcases to the taxi as I hugged Ice goodbye. "Please don't destroy the house" I begged. "Why does everyone have such little faith in me?" He grumbled, crossing his arms angrily. "You earned your reputation" I grinned cheekily. I walked towards Ace but then heard Ice yell and tell us to wait. I glanced at Ace confused and he responded with "Its Alex, who knows what he's doing". Fair point.

Ice's head peeped out around the door. "Catch" he smiled mischievously, throwing something at Ace. He caught it and held it in his hand. "My boomerang, you did fucking steal it" Ace yelled at him as I got into the car. "We were 11, plus I gave it back now so technically I only stole it for 7 years and 6 months" Ice shouted back. Ace chuckled and got into the car while I watched Ice shut the door.

"The Airport?" The taxi driver asked. "Yes please" I replied.


After a gruelling flight and drive, we made it to our hotel.

"It's only 5pm, do you want to go to the pool?" I asked Ace who was sitting on the bed, observing his boomerang. "Yeah, sure" he uttered, getting off of the bed and putting down his boomerang. "I still can't believe he stole it, I thought I lost it" He spoke confusedly before grabbing his light blue swim shorts and walked into the bathroom to get changed.

I got changed into my baby pink bikini.

I was standing infront of the mirror that was facing our bed when Ace walked out. His eyes instantly darted towards my body and he raised his eyebrow. "You look sexyyy" he grinned as he walked over to me and hugged me from behind. I stuck my tongue out at him in the mirror and he scrunched his face.

"Okay let's go" he pointed at the door with one hand and slapped my ass with the other. "Owie" I muttered, attempting to hit him back playfully but he caught my hand and then my other hand. He held onto my wrists before pecking my forehead and leaving the hotel room. I grabbed the towels and chased after him.

"Hold your towel, I'm not your servant" I chirped jokingly as I threw his towel over his head. He threw me glare before I spoke again. "Oh wait, it's your birthday, I'll carry it" I said as I took the towel back off of him. "I worry about you" he shook his head.

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