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I woke up to Ace sleeping next to me. It wasn't a dream.

This was rare moment, I've never really saw him sleep. I watched him for a moment, only for him to mumble something and stir around in his sleep. He had little droplets on his forehead; I assume it was because it was too hot but it also weird because he didn't look peaceful, apart of me wanted to wake him up.

"Ace" I poked his big, muscular shoulder cautiously. He let out a snore making me smile. He wasn't wearing a shirt, well he never does because he's usually always warm in bed and the shirt just doesn't help. I think he does it on purpose.

As I was lost in thought, Ace shot up, staring around the room frantically. I was freaking out watching him just scan the room vigorously for something. His eyes connected with mine.

"You're okay, it was only a dream" I tried to calm him down; He was really paranoid. I grabbed his face gently, making him look at me. "I've got you" I reassured him while sweat dripped from his forehead and his chest raised and fell; For the first couple of seconds, it was beating fast but then it became slower.

He shut his eyes, letting out a sigh. "Haze is probably here" Ace was breathed heavily, wiping the sweat off of his forehead.

I tried to get up but a sharp pain shot through my body like electricity. I winced in pain, immediately catching Ace's attention. A crease appeared between my eyebrows as I tried to figure out what was wrong with me.

"Don't move, I'll bring him to you" Ace warned me groggily before standing up and brushing his medium length hair back with his hand. "Where's my shirt?" he turned around and asked me. "I don't know, I'm not your wife" I replied with a raised eyebrow. He muttered something before going through his drawer. "Shit, you're in my bed, your boyfriend won't be too happy about that" Ace clenched his teeth together as he ran through his thoughts.

"What's he going to do about it, I have you to protect me?" I smiled cheekily. "Don't do that" Ace pointed at me whilst looking through his dresser for a shirt. "Don't do what?" I stared at him innocently. He snapped his head towards me. "That; it makes me want to tear off all your clothes" Ace rolled his eyes. I immediately stopped, remembering that I wasn't a virgin anymore. He glanced over at me and saw my clearly worried face. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing, I'm fine" I shrugged, swallowing the lump in my throat.

Apart of me feared he did only want me for my virginity, that I don't even have anymore. I'm kind of regretting that decision now but I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

Ace slipped on a t-shirt and wandered out of the room. I slowly lay back down, hoping the painful sensation wouldn't run through my body again.

Haze ran in, grabbing my attention immediately. "Baby, you're okay" Haze ran over to me, wrapping his arms around me. Baby? That's a new addition. I hesitated on hugging him back but I did anyways. Nina strutted in. She knew straight away what my plans were but didn't seem angry. "How are you feeling?" he stroked my cheek with Ace standing at the door. I glanced at Ace who looked...... devastated.

"Better" I threw him a fake smile in return. Haze hugged me tightly causing me to groan in pain. "Ace explained what happened and as much as I hate you being with him, I'm glad he found you when he did" Haze kissed me washing off the feeling of Ace's lips against mine; it didn't feel nearly the same. I glanced at Ace while kissing Haze and Ace didn't dare to look at us, apart of him knew he couldn't see me with another man.

"Haze, could you go get Sofia a glass of water please?" Nina asked him with a blank expression. "How do you know she wants a drink?" Haze snapped at his sister. "She's right, I probably look like I need some water" I asked wishfully.

Haze nodded before standing up and walking out. "You.... go do something useful" Nina rolled her eyes at Ace. Ace just stared at me, wondering who this girl was; I signalled him to go away and he did.

"I know you're going to choose Ace but does Ace know that because I know for sure Haze doesn't?" Nina looked slightly disappointed. "He's a good guy" I sighed, playing with my hands. "Which one is it Sofia?" Nina raised her eyebrows. "Both" I responded unsure. "Let me show you how my mind is working..... one could make me live" I tried to look on the bright side. "And the other could make me want to live, that's the difference, just one 4 letter word changes the whole meaning" I shook my head at my thoughts.

"Let me guess Ace is the want?" Nina smiled sympathetically, trying to be nice about the whole situation. "Yeah.....but he's also the need, he's the person I need to live" I admitted hesitantly to her.

"God....you've been with us for two weeks and that is the only time I've ever saw you so sure of something" She shut her eyes before shaking her head with disbelief. I stared at the ground, ashamed.

"But the way Ace looks at you, isn't like how Haze looks at you" Nina admitted, reluctant to explain further. "Haze looks at you with lust, Ace looks at you with love; There is a massive difference".

"Haze will get over you but I don't think Ace ever will" Nina grabbed my hand. "So it's ok, if you do what you want for once Sofia. Choose yourself and stop worrying about everyone else because if I've learned anything about you over these past 2 weeks, it's been that you are not a selfish person" Nina squeezed my hand, reassuring me that everything will be alright.

"I'm back with the- "we have to go" Nina interrupted him while she stood up, making this easier for me. "Okay, Sofia grab your stuff" Haze brushed his sister aside. "Without Sofia" Nina sighed regretfully. Haze gave me a confused glance before realising what was happening. "I knew it wasn't a good idea to let you stay!" Haze growled angrily.

I didn't see Ace around.

"You can't stop two people who are in love Haze, you know that" Nina shook her head as she spoke with a gentle tone. "Fine" Haze stormed out. He gave up surprisingly easy, I guess what we had wasn't real after all.

"We're not in love" I threw Nina a concerned stare before she left. "Okay I agree but only if you really believe that" She raised her eyebrows at me with a slight smile. "Is this the last time I'll see you?" I questioned softly. "Hopefully not" She grinned sorrowfully.

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