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I lifted my head off of the cold concrete ground, at least today I get to go to school.

Raul opened the basement door for me. "He shouldn't be punishing her like that" Stefano snapped at Raul. "I can't do anything about it" Raul responded challenging him. "How about you just leave the door unlocked so that she can go up to her room and sneak back down in the morning, you dumb piece of shit" Stefano shoved Raul, trying to force him to move out of his way.

"I can't!" Raul growled. "It's ok Stefano" I rubbed my eyes, slowly rising from the floor. "You're not allowed food, father's warning" Raul informed me with an uncomfortable expression on his face. "This is fucking bullshit" Stefano snarled at his brother. "She's our sister!". Raul rolled his eyes, not wanting to listen to Stefano's rant anymore.

"Here" Stefano handed me a sandwich. "If father asks, blame it on me" Stefano assured me. "Thanks Stefano" I kissed his cheek before leaving for school.

It was a long walk, gruelling walk especially considering I got about 2 minutes of sleep total on that basement floor.

But I reached the school on time for my first class. Everyone seemed familiar with eachother and the classrooms were huge; They were more like a collage layout then a high school layout.

I wandered into the class that was full of students talking and chatting before the class. "What the fuck, why is this place so huge" I whispered looking around. I sat up at the back of the class while wondering if this was actually my class.

"Hey" someone said, grabbing my attention. I lifted my head up from my books and turned to him. "I haven't seen you in this class before?" He asked politely. I was slightly taken back by how attractive he was; Wait I have Ace, I can't think that. "Oh yeah, I'm new" I smiled while rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly.

"I'm Roman" he smiled politely at me. "I'm Sofia" I grinned happily. "So why are you here?" Roman asked, trying to keep the conversation going. "I want to become a doctor or nurse" I responded wishfully. "What about you?" I questioned him curiously. "The exact same" he grinned slightly. "Do you know where your classes are?" He uttered to me. "Not really" I shrugged. "I'll show you around after class" He offered. "That would be amazing" I beamed at him.

He had tight curly black hair and dark skin. I could tell he was fit from his muscles that flexed through his shirt, his buttons almost breaking at the seams. He was a lot different than Ace. He had no tattoos and didn't seem to be the type to rebel; He seemed to be the type of guy that was very serious. Why am I comparing him to Ace?. I really need to stop.

"What age are you?" He asked curiously. "I'm 18, you?" I responded but also questioning him back. "I'm 19" he replied almost happily. He's the same age as Ace too but he definitely doesn't look it.

The teacher walked in. "Good morning" the teacher announced, only for the whole class to groan. "I know, I know, another day of boring school but after this, you will all be doing your dream jobs somewhere else" he grinned hopefully as he glanced around the room at all of the students. "He's only smiling because of the thoughts of us being gone" Roman rolled his eyes but had a smirk on his face.

I watched Roman sketch some stuff down on a sheet of paper as the teacher spoke loudly, making sure that everyone could hear him.

I reached for my notepad and my- don't tell me I forgot a pen. I facepalmed mentally at myself before rolling my eyes. "Here" he handed me a blue pen. "How did you-thanks" I smiled at him, not worrying about it too much as I probably seemed really stressed out. "I saw you rummaging through your bag so I assumed you didn't have one" he shrugged.

This class was actually very interesting. I didn't know that if you actually enjoy a class that you learn stuff. I thought that was things people made up but apparently not.

But I soon became disinterested when I realised we had the same teacher for every class and didn't even switch classes!.

"Fuckkkk" I heard Roman groan only to look over and see his head on the desk and his face looking hopeless.

Roman flicked me over a note that said go to the bathroom. I gave him a scowl before walking out of the class. You didn't have ask the teacher to go the bathroom which was a bit strange.

About 5 minutes had passed of me waiting outside of the bathrooms. I saw Roman turn the corner. "Finallllly" he grinned. "That class was slowly killing me" I replied with a grumble. "Atleast someone shares my pain, all the girls love that class because they think that Mr.Evans is hot" He rolled his eyes, letting a smile slip. "Ew" I gave a disgusted face. "Why did you want to meet here?" I asked curiously. "Because I didn't want to stay in the class any longer" he shrugged with a mischievous look; he really thought ditching was bad?. "So you wanted my company?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Yeah, I guess that's how you could put it" Roman said with a smirk, making me think he wanted a lot more than just to be friends and to be honest, I think I wanted more off of him too.

"Do you wanna leave?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. "Ahhh fuck it" I shrugged walking out with him. "It's only my first day of school and I'm ditching already" I shook my head.

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