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Ace's POV:
I majorly regretted what I had done.

Fuck. I sat at my desk, combing my hands through my hair. She just left, I let her leave!. Fuck; I fucked up big time.

It's dangerous when I start catching feelings. Truth be told that I've never felt anything for anyone except her; That's probably why everyone was so worried. We didn't even kiss and this girl had me wrapped around her finger. I would've done anything for her yet I ended up pushing her away like everyone else.

Maybe this was for the best, I made her act on impulse and acting on impulse is never good but she made me happiest I've been in awhile. I was so torn, I didn't know what to do.

I needed to stop thinking about her, about what I could've done to make her stay; I could've just told the truth.

"What was that?" Dante asked, storming into my office. "You said it yourself, you don't like her, she's too good for me". "I don't like her, I'm in love with her okay? I didn't really love Kylie and I didn't know that until I met Sofia and watched her from afar. I was jealous of you; you had her all to yourself, she wouldn't even take a second glance at anyone when you were in the room" he uttered ashamed.

I could've killed him right then. I swear to god, saying he loves my gir- Sofia. I lied to her a lot, I told her I slept with multiple different girls when really I didn't. I let her take my chain even though it felt like she may have taken my actual heart. I told her I didn't feel anything for her and yet I felt it all.

"It doesn't matter" I mumbled causing Dante's jaw to drop slightly. "She's gone, I can get back to work, leave me be" I rolled my eyes, giving up on my desire to be with her. I decided knowing that she was out there, away from me, is more important than my selfish desire to need her; I'd probably destroy her eventually anyway. Dante left the room quietly, leaving me to be alone with my thoughts.

I never speak my thoughts and I'll never speak of this.


A few days had passed.

I started calling my strippers again. My father keeps trying to contact me but I'm still refusing to talk to him. I shut my eyes as i leaned against my hand for support, my elbow resting on the table. I was exhausted from constantly training. Every muscle in body ached for sleep but I wasn't giving in easily.

"Ace, you should sleep, you look miserable" Dante grumbled as he walked in. "Ok that's it" Dante shoved my elbow off of the table, causing my head to smack off of the desk. I was so tired that my neck couldn't support my head. Dante helped me upstairs. "Tomorrow we're going to get Sofia" Dante announced to me as I lay in bed. "No" I went to sit up but grumbled in pain instead.

"Ice and I because believe or it not, he doesn't like seeing you like this" Dante threw his arms up in the air like he was having a tantrum. "She's not coming back and I don't want her to" I lied while I pulled the blankets over me. I know I said I wasn't going to sleep but I was in bed so I may aswell.

"You're like one of those depressed people in movies when their girlfriend breaks up with them" Dante rolled his eyes at me. "Except you broke up with her" he had to add. "I wasn't even with her" I snapped at him. "So why are you upset then?!" Dante shouted frustratedly, getting a shrug in response.

"I'm not upset" I instantly stood up, getting out of my bed. "Look, she's probably mad but all you need to do is tell her the fucking truth, because I know for a fact you didn't sleep with any girls" He sighed.

A recruit came in. "Dante! She's off the radar" his panicked expression almost seeping out of him but he kept it together. "What do you mean by off the radar?" Dante glared at the guy, waiting for a response. "She either killed her tracker or someone killed her!". My heart stopped for what seemed like a year but was less than a second. Fear began to overwhelm me as I thought of the hundreds of things that could've happened.

"I need to train" I stood up, my face pale from what I had just heard. "That's not a good- don't tell me what's a fucking good idea Dante or I'll take that cast off your arm and fucking beat you with it" I snarled at him, cutting him off. He blinked at me a few times before letting me pass.

I ended up leaving and going to the training base; She must've found her tracker. She can't be dead. There's no way I'd let this happen.

Sofia's POV
"I might or might not have something to admit" he stared at me as we walked down the road together, away from the school. "What's that?" I questioned him, not sure what he was going to say. "My name isn't Roman, it's Haze" I heard him say. Haze?. "I'm the leader of the Vipers" he smirked proudly as he watched my calm expression grow into fear.

"That's- you know who I am?" I said with a breathy voice, trying to understand what he had just said moments ago. "You don't seem to realise, you have real talent" he spoke confidently whilst talking about me. "So why didn't Ace accept you onto his fighting squad, or was that just not an option?" He questioned with a cheeky pout.

Ace had never mentioned putting me onto a squad, probably because he thought I was weak.

"I don't know" I muttered honestly to him, not wanting to lie. He obviously had a spy on the inside but I knew the spy wasn't that close to Ace or else Haze would've known about me and Ace's 'fling'.

I had heard about the Vipers all through out my life. They have some of the best assassins to ever exist.

Haze smiled mischievously before saying "we want you to join us". "I don't.....know" I uttered worriedly and unsure. I had a sinking feeling in my gut, just at the idea of it. "Here" Haze grabbed my arm sending shivers up my spine. He took out a small pocket knife. I immediately squeezed my eyes shut. "Relax" he chuckled cutting into my arm. I didn't even flinch at him piercing my skin with the little knife. He pushed a tiny metal thing out of my arm and slammed his foot against it.

"What was that?" I gasped worriedly staring at the tiny little object that just came out of my arm. "It was your tracker" Roman stared at the crushed up pieces on the ground. I stared at the cut, getting flashbacks of my father and how he started using knives on me when he realised I was becoming immune (almost) from his beatings.

"Sofia" Haze grabbed my attention again. "It's not definite ok? You can stay for a few days and see if you like being a fighter" Haze offered sounding like he was trying to persuade me into going with him.

I'm not going to lie, growing up in a family of boys has taught me how to punch really well. And I can take hits aswell, mainly due to my father. Punches didn't really faze me anymore. Plus what I have got left. I don't feel like going home to a family that doesn't want me.

"Ok" I said hesitantly, unsure if the decision I was making was right. I desperately wanted to have a purpose, I wanted to be wanted. My father didn't want me and Ace just used me. Third times a charm, right?.

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