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"What's your favourite colour ?" I asked Ace. "Hmmm , red" he responded with certainty. "Really! Red" I spoke with shock in my voice . "Yeah , you sound surprised" he raised his eyebrows at me . "I thought it was black" I pulled the blankets up to my neck , snuggling into them . "What's your favourite colour?" He questioned .

"Maybe turquoise" I replied . "Turquoise?" He snickered , teasing me . "Yeah. It's a good colour" I persisted.

"What will I do about Nursing School?" I worried as I played with my hand under the blankets , changing the subject . "What do you mean?" He looked at me with a confused face . "Well my school requires me to be in a lot , and I haven't been in for like two weeks" I explained as best I could . "I'll talk to them" he spoke with a reassuring tone . "Don't threaten to kill them" I warned him .

"I'll try not to".

We lay in silence for awhile . "Your brother is now officially the leader of the Diaz mafia" Ace let out like he had been keeping it from me all day . I didn't know how to respond. Maybe because I forgot about my fathers death due to the fact I was so worried about Ace .

"Oh" I spoke placidly . "I thought you would be happier?" He sighed . He was probably upset that he brought it up in the first place . "I don't know" I shrugged . "I miss them ..... a lot , but there's also the fact that if I go to see them , this time it will be them who won't want me instead my father" . Concern grew on my face as I spoke . "It would be their loss" he smiled slightly , trying to make me feel better . I smiled back but it quickly faded away .

"Ashton and Ella are leaving tomorrow after the dance to go home to their daughter" he muttered quietly . I could hear music playing downstairs and people talking . "Whats their daughter's name?" I questioned while playing with my hands . "Tara" he said before grabbing my hands . "That's a cute name" I smiled .

"Not as cute as Athena" he raised his eyebrows at me with a smirk , possibly suggesting names for our kids in the future . I wasn't even sure if I wanted to have kids . I had never planned to have a kid but the longer I spend with Ace , the want to have a child grows .

I think it would be cute having a bit of me and a bit of him mixed together into one human . The idea is weird . If I did have a child I'd want a boy but it looks like Ace wants a girl . Probably so that he doesn't have to deal with his own bad temper passed down onto his son . God , I only imagine a mini Ace . He would definitely be a heart breaker like his father .

"I like Sage for a boy" I finally chirped , a smile growing on my face . "Sage Hernandez" Ace mumbled slowly . "I like it" he nodded approvingly.

"Ok , go downstairs and spend time with Ashton and Ella before they leave tomorrow after the dance" I urged , not wanting to take away from his time with them . Ace groaned before rolling off the bed and standing up . "I'd much rather spend all my time with you" he grumbled as he walked out . I smiled at his words .

I lay down , with a warm feeling spreading through out my body . It was happiness . He makes me happy and no one can deny that .

Ace and I , we're going to make it , I believe we can make it . I fell asleep with my mind on him. My soulmate .


I slipped on my black dress that hugged my body, showing off my curves . It's probably not appropriate for a 15 year old school dance but I have nothing else to wear and I don't want to go in jeans and a shirt . Surprisingly Ace isn't that bothered by what I wear anymore , I think he's loosening up ; very slowly .

I heard a knock on the door . "Come in" I shouted , while doing my makeup in the mirror . "Hey" Ella smiled . "Hey" I grinned back , trying to stay focused on my mascara . "So today is our last day here" she looked sad . "Yeah , I think I'll miss you the most" I winked playfully at her , earning a smile . "Thanks , I just came in to see how you were doing" Ella stated . "I'm okay I guess" I shrugged carelessly .

"You don't have to go to this dance if you don't want to" . She must've heard something about the past 2 dances/ balls that I've been to. "No , it's fine , it'll make Chase happy" in order reassuringly. "Ok" she sighed . "I'll leave you to get ready" .

I finished curling my hair . I wasn't going full out today because it's only a school dance but I put some effort in so that I didn't embarrass Chase and Grayson . I lifted my heels off of the floor and placed them on the vanity table . I took one of the heels and slipped it onto my foot . I did the same with the other shoe and eventually made my way downstairs.

"Wow , you look good" Grayson winked at me before getting a death stare off of Ace . "Trying to impress the 15 year olds?" Ace questioned me with an intense look on his face . "Nope" I shook my head with my arms folded stubbornly . "Don't lie" he growled playfully, grabbing my waist and pulling me impossibly close to his body . "I'm not , the only person I'm trying to look good for is you" I kissed his cheek softly . "Ok then" he nodded pecking my lips a few times before releasing me .

"Do you want me to drive you guys ?" Ace offered with a soft tone . "Please" I whispered , hugging him . I was starting to feel nervous. I just wanted to come home as soon as possible after the dance and go skiing with Ace .

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