My guy

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"Where's your boy toy gone?" Ace came in and sat on the bed with a curious look on his face. I bit my lip nervously.

"I- um......I chose you" I whispered shyly catching his full attention. "You're staying?" his features immediately softened, the tone of his voice switching from grumbly and cold to warm and vulnerable. I nodded slightly, staring at him while patiently waiting for his reaction.

"So does this mean we're back?" His big eyes stared at me. I let out a laugh at Ace who was struggling to hide his excitement. "I guess so" I uttered to him with a warm smile. A big grin appeared on his face as he pulled out his necklace.

"I fixed it awhile ago, like a day after you left actually" Ace stared at his chain with his big blue eyes staring at me in wonder. "Well....I may have carried my bracelet around everywhere" I blushed embarrassed, taking my bracelet out of my purse. He took the bracelet out of my hands and clicked it back onto my wrist, where it belonged.

"Ace" I sighed not wanting to say what I was about to. "I don't want to be with someone who's afraid of being with me, in our home and outside of our home" I stared at him straight in the eyes. "I need you to let me in, let me take care of you" I almost begged him. "Because before it was torture, not knowing if we were a thing or if you were sleeping with other women, I don't want that. I want you t-" He kissed me making my heart race and my stomach flutter. "I'm all in" He reassured me with a serious tone.

I gave him a soft smile earning a gentle look from Ace. He doesn't smile when he's happy, he doesn't cry when he's sad but he definitely hurts people when he's angry.

"Ace, how are you?" I asked after a moment of silence. He threw me a unsure glance before grabbing his journal and opening it, skimming through the pages. "Tell me" I shut the book forcefully before he sighed reluctantly. "I'm doing fine" he grumbled quietly before reopening his journal. "Not taking that as an answer" I shut the book on him again . He widened his eyes out of annoyance. I raised my eyebrow, giving him a serious look.

"Well, I'm still grieving if that's what you want to know" Ace starting scribbling stuff down in his journal. I admired his veiny arms up to his concentrated yet perfect face. "Are you grieving healthily" I flung one of his pens from his night stand at him. I barley missed him making me laugh. He stared up at me from the journal before giving me a smile . I smirked at him , grabbing his hand and playing with it .

I intertwined my fingers with his. He was quiet and focused writing down his thoughts and probably his emotions too. I drew tiny circles on the inside of his palm while he wrote with his free one. I started to massage his hand, getting a huff of relief out of him. He put down his pen and closed his journal. Atleast I think it's a journal.

"Do you want a shoulder massage?" I giggled at him watching him almost fall asleep. "Ohhh yeah" he groaned sitting up and and letting me slip in behind him. I massaged out the knots in his back. He was almost moaning from how good it felt . "Does it really feel that good?" I massaged his neck. "Yes" he replied sounding like a zombie.

"You know..... massages are better if you're naked" I whispered playfully in his ear from behind him. His eyebrows raised. He took his shirt off. "Did you miss me or my abs more?" he joked. "Your abs" I said with a straight face. He gave me a surprised look. "I'm joking but not really" I winked at him but he didn't care, he was too happy with his back massage.

"I'm going downstairs, you coming?" I hopped off the bed. "Nah, I'm going to write some more" he lay down. "Okie dokie" I uttered and he snickered in response. I cringed so hard, why did I just say that. "Forget i said that" I glared at him warningly.

I sat downstairs and no one was here. I watched TV while Ace was upstairs writing. His house was so calm when a million people weren't running around. If we get a house together, no one else is allowed in, it'll be peace and quiet all the time, no distractions except our kids of course.

I suddenly realised what I was thinking about. What am I doing?. We're not even properly boyfriend and girlfriend yet. Ace doesn't date, he sleeps around and when people find out he has a girlfriend, they'll all be questioning me and him and us.

I stared at the TV but I was distracted by my constant worries and thoughts.

"Sofia?" I heard Ice say, to see him eating grapes out of a little bowl. "I don't think I've ever been so happy to see someone in my life" Ice exclaimed happily, hugging me and handing me the bowl of grapes. I frowned my eyebrows and blinked a few times at the bowl. "Ice, are you feeling okay?" I questioned him, my voice raised slightly to show him I was curious. "I am completely fine" Ice smiled happily, almost laughing. "I thought you hated me" I blinked confusedly at him. "I did, until Ace became a complete and utter mess without you" He chuckled happily, sitting down on the sofa across from me.

"He was a mess" I threw a grape into my mouth. "I've never him like that before. He wouldn't get out of bed, he wouldn't shower, he wouldn't talk, he'd mainly work when he did get out of bed and we couldn't find you so for ages so........ he was a mess for awhile" Ice expressed his concerns to me. I stopped eating the grapes once I realised that Ice was serious.

"So you're telling me he was broken without me?" I questioned him, not sure what to think. "A lot more than usual" he spoke while nodding slowly.

"Sofia's back" Ice spoke to someone behind me. I turned to see Dante grabbing a drink. He had a red cast on his arm. "Oh, Ace also broke Dante's arm and almost beat him to death" Ice added like it was no big deal. I covered my mouth with my hand. He did this because of me. "It was my fault" Dante shook his head, taking the blame for Ace.

I knew Ace could be cruel but hurting Dante was just merciless. "Why did he hurt you?" I threw Dante a puzzled face. "Oh you're going to love this one" Ice sat back with a smile.

Dante stared at floor before looking up at me. "I told Ace I didn't like you being here and that he was getting soft" Dante sighed regretfully. "And ?" I folded my arms, waiting for the rest. I knew that wasn't all because I know atleast ten people have probably said that to Ace.

"Then I told him I only said that because I....." he paused. "Because you what" I hissed at him. "Because I was developing feelings for you" Dante spit out hesitantly. "I'm sorry Dante but Ace is my home" I shook my head, slightly shocked. I never expected Dante to fall in love with me yet he somehow ended being the trigger for Ace, more than likely reassuring Ace that he would destroy me or I would destroy him.

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