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"Hey Dante" I smiled happily as I sat next to him but I just got a grim glance in return. I had forgotten about what had happened to him the other day. "I'm sorry" I uttered finally breaking the minute of silence between us. Dante finally looked up. "I'm sorry, it's my fault, not yours" Dante sighed rubbing his forehead stressfully.

"I'm just angry that you got out of it and she couldn't" Dante glanced at me, I could see the pain in his eyes.

"I almost didn't" I showed him my bandage on my neck from where Ace had put the knife. "I knew he wouldn't do it" Dante rolled his eyes sadly. "Why?" I said surprised almost. "You thought he was?" Dante uttered shocked. "I thought I was going to die. He didn't have a reason not to kill me" I shrugged confused. Dante snickered slightly. "You're both as blind as eachother" Dante rolled his eyes while smiling.

"Dude, can you wrap my hands for me" Ace jogged over still in his suit. "Sorry man, I don't know how to wrap hands, I got coach to do mine" Dante admitted kind of embarrassed.

"I'll do it" I shrugged. "You know how to wrap hands?" Ace seemed shocked. "Yeah, my brothers used to make me wrap their hands before sparring, although I never sparred or did any serious training myself, it was forbidden" I rambled as I grabbed the white boxing wraps.

I slowly wrapped his hands before Ice walked in.

Ace's whole mood immediately changed from relaxed to furious in seconds after seeing Ice. "I'm sorry, it wasn't my place to step in, I just didn't want you going soft on me" Ice apologised to Ace immediately. He actually looked like he meant it. "You're forgiven but if you ever do anything like that again, you will be killed, do you understand?" Ace's tone got deeper with his last few words. "Yes" Ice nodded obediently. He turned around and walked back out without even defending himself.

"He's lucky that he's like a brother to me" Ace rolled his eyes, fed up with Ice. "Why is he called Ice?" I asked curiously trying to finish off wrapping his hands. "Why do you think? He has no emotions and no compassion, his hearts as cold as ice" Ace scoffed while saying it, thinking it was cheesy. He obviously didn't believe it from his reaction. "He's loved three girls already, they all broke his stone cold heart, he's not cold, he's soft" Ace snarled clenching his fist whilst I stared down at the clenched hand that I was trying to wrap.

I ran my fingers along Ace's knuckles, immediately catching Ace's attention. Ace's hand opened slightly but I opened the rest savouring our touch. Ace's breathing suddenly became a little bit heavier than before. "Be careful" I was almost pleading with him. He stared down at my lips. "Careful, got it" he uttered back softly. We stared at eachother for a moment as my hand held his. I really didn't want him to do this but I couldn't tell him to stop.

Ace's body guard didn't seem fazed so why should I be?. Who am I kidding? I'm going to always worry about him.

"Give me your jacket" I mumbled as he turned around, sliding his tux jacket off. He took his tie and shirt off to give him more movement and flow. I'll never get over how perfectly sculpted his body is.

I felt my heart pound as he stepped into the ring, in just boxing shorts and shoes, his hands wrapped after getting changed.

"I wouldn't worry" Dante admitted to me while having the most unimpressed look on his face. "Why?" I played with hands nervously. "He's the Mafia King for a reason, you'll see" Dante left me hanging while walking over to the shooting section.

Ace had forgot his mouth guard. I pulled it out of the case while Ace came back to me. He opened his mouth and I slipped it into his mouth. He adjusted it before looking at me. He saw my hands and grabbed them. "Don't worry about me" Ace struggled to say with his mouth guard in. My heart pounded as he held my hands.

I didn't want to watch him get hurt, this was really rough sparring, they treated each other as if they were the enemy. It's effective but also dangerous.

Ace slipped away further into the ring. A few people from the Mafia gathered round to watch, including the bitches from earlier. "Go Ace!" She cheered. If this bitch doesn't shut up, I'll throw another knife at her and not miss this time.

The kid Ace was fighting against looked really hyper. The kid swung and Ace dodged. This repeated for awhile. Ace kept lightly hitting the kid, making him angry. The kid was getting very frustrated and his swings became a lot more aggressive. I started to worry when Ace barely escaped a hard right hook.

I wasn't able to watch this anymore. I hopped down from the side of the ring, walking out into the hallway and strolled down the vacant corridors. I went into an empty room which seemed to be a resting area for the trainers.

I played with my hands while sitting on the ground of the room. A couple of minutes had passed and I was curious about how Ace was doing. I hesitantly decided to go back in. I watched from a distance as Ace finally swung at the kid, knocking him out. I let out a breath of relief. I didn't see much of the match but I could see that Ace was confused while looking around the room.

I slowly walked back up to the ring. I saw blood dripping from his mouth and he still had his mouth guard in. "Here Ace" the girl handed him water. "Thanks" Ace smiled at her as he took the water bottle. She shrieked walking over to her friends with a big grin on her face. Ace gave me an unimpressed look as he clenched his jaw and walking away from me.

Is he angry at me?

"Ace" I shouted. "Ace" I said again as I grabbed his wrist to stop him from walking away. "What?" he snapped, taking his mouth guard out. "Why are you angry at me?" I asked him with a confused expression on my face. He rolled his eyes annoyed before attempting to storm off once again. "Ace" I hissed at him. "You didn't even stay for a minute!" Ace snarled at me. "It's not my fault I didn't want to watch you get hurt" I snapped at him.

"Sofia, I'm angry ok" Ace was shaking from the adrenaline. "Why, I didn't do anything?" I said frustratedly. "Just leave me alone" Ace muttered to me trying to walk away. I refused to stop following him just because he was angry. "Go away!" Ace roared causing me to stumble back a few steps as he took a couple forward; I had my arm stretched out to keep distance between us.

Flashbacks of my father screaming had come flooding back.

I was afraid of Ace. Not intimidated, not shy, not nervous but only afraid. I'm convinced that if Ice handed him a knife, he would kill me right now.

I quickly regained my steps before walking out. I was shaking but not from Ace yelling at me, rather from the reminder of my father. I felt like he was in front of me instead of Ace.

Ice grabbed my arm while I was walking down the hall. "You saw him. The devil?" Ice smiled at my pale face. "He's not the devil and stop saying that, it's weird" I mumbled as I ripped my arm from his grip and continued walking. I entered the same empty room that I was in while Ace was fighting. I leaned against the wall. I didn't feel like crying or doing anything; I just wanted to go home, wherever that was.

I asked a member of the Mafia who walking by if I could borrow their phone. I called Ace's bodyguard Terry because it was the first contact on this girls phone surprisingly.

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