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Ace's POV:
I left before Sofia woke up , I didn't need her convincing me to stay home as much as I would like to. I had shit to deal with at the main base and apparently 'only I could deal with it' as Ice put it.

I strolled down the familiar metal corridors at a steady pace, scanning my hand every 2 minutes. Eventually I got to the cells, that continued on for what seemed like miles.

"What is it" I snarled angrily. I didn't sleep last night so I was tired , grumpy and annoyed. "You're not going to like this. One of our guards took a kid from a base raid from one of the smaller Mafia's" Ice opened up the heavy metal door that let me into one of the hundreds of cells . All I could see was darkness , there was no movement or light. I glanced at Ice , giving him a confused look. "This isn't funny , there's nothing fucking here!" I snapped at Ice who then pointed at the back corner of the cell.

In the corner, I could see a little kid curled up in ball. "What the fuck?" my angry, husky voice boomed through the halls. "We don't take kids, who the fuck did this?" I roared at everyone who were starting to jog away. "It was some guy called Jason" Ice rolled his eyes. "Did he hurt him?" I tried to calm myself down as best I could. "No....not that I know of" Ice muttered, afraid to lie. "I'm going to kill that son of a bitch" I spat between my gritted teeth, clenching my fists. I could feel the anger building up in my chest as the little boy sat in the corner, not responding to anything, simply just lying there. "You have to talk to him, he won't answer to us" Ice chirped with a worried tone and left me with the child.

Why the fuck would he leave me with a child!. Is he insane, I'm like the worst person to comfort a child, I can't even comfort my own fucking girlfri- Sofia!. I pulled out my phone and dialed Sofia's number. "Hey Terry, bring my girl to me" I said eagerly with my deep voice. I could hear Sofia's voice through the phone but it was very vague; Terry was probably standing outside my bedroom door.

Just hearing her voice through the phone made me want to go home . It's insane that "She said she's too busy trying to get passed level two? Whatever that means?" He muttered confusedly. I couldn't stop the small smile from creeping up on my face. My hand scratched the back of my neck as I stared at the child, something I do when I'm nervous or stressed. "Tell her I need her" I murmured quietly, not wanting to scare the boy further. I heard her faint voice through the phone again. "We're on our way now" Terry assured me . "Aceeee" I heard Sofia say from behind the phone. "That's Ace right?" Her tone becoming bland and embarrassed incase it wasn't me. "Who else would I be talking to?" Terry spoke with confusion. I feel bad for him, he probably can't handle her constant energy.

"Yeah it's me" I reassured her through the phone. "I'm coming, wait for me" she sounded focused on the video game. I could hear her heavy footsteps run ahead of Terry who was shouting at her to slow down. "We're on our way now" Terry stated. "Okay" I mumbled and then hung up.

About 30 minutes passed and I just sat with the cell door open, watching the tiny boy move every so often . He didn't even look at me. Fuck, this is why I don't take kids. This is just heartbreaking and my heart is made out of fucking stone. "Do you want cookies or something?" I grumbled suspiciously, what do kids eat. He shook his head. "Look kid, I'm not a people person, I don't like people, especially kids but I won't hurt you" I rambled, not really sure what to say. "I want my mommy" he whimpered softly in the corner.

He can speak. He looks quite young though and now that I'm looking at him properly, he's skinny too. He looks like he hasn't been fed in days or maybe weeks. "Where were you?" I questioned him, an angry expression appearing on my face because I was just simply disturbed that anyone could starve a child. We have a no child policy so I've never had to deal with children before this. I hate kids, all of them but that doesn't mean I have a reason to kill them.

"In another one of these" he uttered quickly before turning to me . I could finally see his bright green eyes that were all red and puffy. "You can come out if you want" I shrugged, sitting on the floor. He shook his head. "Are you afraid of me?" I asked with a crease between my eyebrows. He didn't respond. "Atleast tell me your name?" I rolled my eyes with an exhausted expression. He didn't respond again. He had his knee's pulled to his chest with his arms wrapped around them while he buried his face into his arms. He had light blonde hair with green eyes. He looked dirty and cold.

He was in another cell before this. He must've been kept hostage by one of the smaller Mafia's before mine decided to come and destroy the place. I pinched the bridge of my nose due to stress before glancing back at the child who was still staring at the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sofia walking towards us. "Hey beautiful" I smirked while checking her out. "What do you need, I was busy destroying level two" she bragged with confidence but I knew she was lying. "Hm that's not what Terry said" I grinned evilly. She gave me the death stare before turning her attention to the cell. "Why is there-" she stopped speaking as soon as she saw the little boy. "Yeah" I sighed at her shocked face. "Why is a little boy in the cell?" Sofia stared at me angrily. "I told him he could come out but he doesn't want to" I shrugged carelessly. All I care about is getting this kid out of my Mafia and back to whoever owns him.

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