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"I'm actually shit at shooting" I whispered to him with a smirk. "Don't worry, let your awesome boyfriend show you how it's done" he glanced at me with a cheeky smile on his face before he threw me over his shoulder, making me shriek. "Haze" I yelled, dangling in the air.

He walked over to the shooting range, everyone was staring at him carrying me. There's Nina, this is going to be awkward.

"I didn't know you guys were going public now" Nina winked at me. I squirmed on Haze's shoulder before he finally put me down. I playfully slapped his shoulder while shooting him a scowl. He turned to me before chasing me around the hall. I laughed as I swerved around groups trying not to hit them.

Haze caught my wrist and pulled me into him. I was panting from running and he was staring at me. "I think your stamina needs a bit of work" He teased grabbing my chin with his hand, making me look at him. "Can you carry me?" I pouted at him. "You want me to carry you even though a few minutes ago you hated being carried" he questioned me, confused by how my logic worked. "Yeah" I nodded with a blank expression. "Ok" He sighed as he scooped me into his arms. My head rested against his shoulder as he carried me to the shooting range.

Everyone was shooting and hitting their targets but I was completely missing mine. I scoffed annoyed at myself and my lack of aim.

"Sofia" Haze stood behind me. "You're shooting with one hand and aiming too low" He explained while he took my free hand and placed it on the gun. His head was next to mine as he showed me how to use the gun.

I glanced at him every so often while he was explaining. I have to say, he looked extremely attractive when he knew what he was talking about.

"Are you even paying attention?" he asked with a grin. "Not really" I admitted while I shrugged with an innocent face. "Don't stare at me so innocently, it makes me want to wipe the look off your face" Haze whispered into my ear, making sure only I heard it. I think I should be feeling something when he says things like that to me.

The rest of the day went pretty well. I lay in bed next to Haze who was already asleep from our day of work. I got out of bed and walked out to the balcony.

I took in a breath of the cold, fresh air. The stars lit up the dark sky along with the moon. I used to think that people became stars when they died; I always wanted to be a star.

I missed him. Today was easier but that doesn't change the fact that I still miss him. He doesn't want me anymore....... maybe he never did to begin with.

I knew I could possibly fall in love with Haze if I tried but you shouldn't have to try and fall in love. It should be easy and effortless like the way it was with Ace.

Last night had made me realise how broken I really am; I don't know how much longer I can keep the pieces together.

"Hey baby" Haze walked over like a zombie, half asleep. "Hey" I wiped away my tear as quick as I could, making sure he didn't see it. He hugged me from behind as I leaned into him. My head lay on his shoulder while he planted kisses on my cheek.

"Can't sleep?" He muttered softly, holding me tight. "Yeah" I sighed, staring at the moon.

As I glanced at the twinkling stars in the dark night sky, I couldn't help but wonder if what he said was true. If the connection we had was all built on lies. If so, maybe it's best that I'm without him but I'm addicted and he is my drug. It's like my soul is screaming for him and I'd stop if I could but apart of me belongs to him now and I think another part always has.

"We better go inside before we get sick" Haze warned me, breaking my train of thought; for a moment, just a moment, I had forgotten it all. "A few more minutes" I mumbled, falling asleep in his arms. He was so warm, even in the cold.


"You really need to stop dreaming of me" Ace raised his eyebrow at me from the balcony.

"You're the one invading my dreams" I challenged him sassily. "You obviously can't seem to forget about me" he teased while playing with a little blue ball that came out of nowhere. 

"Apparently not" I sighed frustratedly. "Why are you angry?" He murmured while bouncing the ball off of the floor. "I have a good guy lying next to me, who likes me but I don't like him as much as I should because of you" I hissed at Ace who listened to my complaining. "That's your fault for loving all this sexiness" he winked playfully at me.

"But you laying in bed next to my enemy won't make me very happy. Especially after I find out you gave him your virginity even though you didn't love him" Ace complained back. "And you gave it away after me warning you to give it to someone you loved" he rambled on.

"Wait...... that night, you told me you only wanted me for my virginity but I had already asked you to take it and you said no?. That makes no sense" I thought out loud. Ace sat on the floor, throwing the ball agaisnt the wall.

"I already told you this" He rolled his eyes. "What do you mean" I wondered, waiting impatiently for his response. "I said I was lying and you completely brushed it off" Ace shrugged not paying attention to the ball that hit off his face, making me smile warmly.

I didn't seem to realise just how much I truly missed him.

"Ouch" he rubbed his nose. "You're my imagination, this is made up by my head, you did sleep with other girls and if you didn't well then that's even worse" I admitted. "What!, how is that worse?" Ace scoffed as he shook his head, snapping a little. "Because then you wanted me gone, you wanted me to leave on purpose, which means you didn't want me anymore" I folded my arms stubbornly. "You brought this on yourself......dream Ace" I scowled at him.

"Yet you're the one dreaming of me" He turned to me with his eyebrows raised.

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