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I groaned as I heard my alarm. I slowly got up and changed into some clothes for school.

I walked downstairs to see a black school bag and school materials lying on the table. Who got this stuff for me? I could've just used my old materials but I'm grateful. My own father refused to buy new materials each year so I've been using the same things for as long as I can remember; Except pens, I always have to replace them since they just seem to disappear. I sat at the table while I looked through the bag. "I hope that's okay for you?" Denice asked, appearing out of thin air and almost frightening me.

"Yeah it's great, thank you" I spoke groggily but as polite as I could while I rested my head on the table. I eventually noticed the time and realised I had to leave. "Have a good day" Denice smiled warmly as she waved. I waved in response before replying with "You too".

How did such a kind woman get caught up with that type of man?.


I reached school after a decently long walk.

I strolled towards the lockers before being blinded by a pair of hands. "Guess who?" the person giggled evilly. "Mmm, I have no idea" I replied sarcastically, knowing exactly who it was.

"It's your best friend" she uncovered my eyes. "Hey Olivia" I said before hugging her. "Hey" She cheered, wrapping her arms around me. "It's been one crazy weekend" I mumbled, resting my head on her shoulder. "Tell me at lunch" She said happily, while we walked slowly to class.

We wandered down the halls, talking about anything and everything when Olivia whispered something to me.

"Blake is checking you out".

"No he's not" I whispered while slightly panicking before glancing over in Blake's direction and almost making eye contact with him.

"He makes it so obvious" Olivia mumbled, shaking her head disappointedly. "Okay it's not like he's going to talk......- Sofia" I was interrupted by Blake who had approached Olivia and I while we were whispering.

Blake used to be one of my bestfriends as a kid. He left for a few years and returned only this year, looking a lot different than when he left. He wasn't scrawny anymore; He was the captain of the football team apparently. He was tall and muscular with black hair that was thick and silky with dark brown eyes. He left Asia as a child with his family and ended up living across the road from me. I suddenly had a new friend after that.

"Sofia" I heard a deep voice call me. I sighed hesitantly as I stared at Olivia grinning. "Hi" I smiled as I turned around. "Hey" Blake beamed happily. "I know we haven't really spoken since I got back but I was wondering if you wanted to come to my game tonight?" He questioned, seeming quite hopeful.

I didn't want to disappoint him, he seemed happy. "Okay" I replied with a warm smile. "Great, I'll see you then" He smirked before he jogged back to his buddies in the hall.

I heard them all cheer as Blake was smiling like an idiot. "He really likes you, and he's very attractive" Olivia nudged me, attempting to persuade me. "He wouldn't be able to handle my life style" I replied as the fantasy of having a normal life quickly faded. "You can't shut every guy down because you're afraid of getting hurt, just please try with him for me" Olivia pouted as she pleaded with me.

"Fine" I shook my head while grinning. If Ace was allowed be with other girls, why can't I be with other guys?.


"I'm coming with you to the field, of course I have to watch my baby play" Olivia mumbled as she appeared from thin air. She was talking about her boyfriend Ryder.

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