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We reached Ace's mansion and as soon as I entered I immediately changed into comfier clothes.

I decided to head downstairs to see how Ace was doing; After all, he did ruin his 'reputation'.

I couldn't tell what he was feeling, he was very hard to read. "I need to clean your cut" he muttered whilst he rubbed his forehead stressfully. I followed him into the kitchen, silenced by shock. I couldn't believe that he didn't kill me.

"Sit on the counter" Ace mumbled as he grabbed the first aid kit. He placed it next to me as he stared at the cut on my neck. "Why didn't you kill me?" I finally gathered the courage to ask, not able to resist any longer. "My father took it too far this year!" Ace snapped as he poured alcohol onto a cotton ball. "Yeah but that still doesn't explain why you didn't kill me?" I shrugged curiously. "Would you kill me?" He stared at me intensely. "No" I spoke with a blatant tone.

"There you go, that's your answer, can you explain why because I can't" he rambled annoyed. "You should've killed me, you probably would be worshipped right now" I mumbled as I pictured Ace being bowed at. "I'd rather have someone I trust than be worshipped" he muttered quietly as he dabbed the wound on my neck. I hissed through my teeth at the burning from the alcohol on my neck. "You trust me?" I sounded surprised. "I trust you" he admitted. "I've never trusted anyone so I'm putting a lot of faith in you and considering I ruined my devil image for you" he smirked playfully.

He wasn't even upset about it which made myself even more puzzled than before.

"Come onnnn, I knew you weren't the devil" I muttered playfully elbowing his arm. "Your cut is still bleeding" he sighed, rubbing his forehead stressfully again. I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his forehead. "You annoy me when you do that" I mimicked Ace earlier, putting on a deep voice. A crease formed between Ace's eyebrows. "Wow your hands are so big" I held my hand against his to compare the sizes. I felt drawn to him like the way magnets are pulled together. "No you just have little hands" He replied softly while looking at me.

Ace finished bandaging up the wound that the knife had left.

But he was interrupted by banging on the door. He glanced at the door suspiciously. I could see the worry in his gaze and the anger in his frown. The thumping on the door was violent and strong, so strong it was almost echoing through out the empty house. "Hold this" he handed me a knife. "If anyone comes near you, stab them" Ace growled protectively as he walked out to the door.

I heard loud thumps as Ace's footsteps approaching the door. There was pitter patters on the window from the rain but the noise got louder as the rain came down faster. Ace opened the door. All I could hear was muffled voices. "You fucking idiot" I heard someone yell.

I tip toed over to the corner to try and hear the conversation.

Ace and Ice walked into the kitchen. "Where even is she?"Ice hissed at Ace. "She's upstairs" Ace rolled his eyes at Ice. "Your dad had to keep going without you, do you know how embarrassed he is?" Ice said frustratedly. "I wasn't going to kill an innocent woman" Ace grumbled at Ice. "You have killed plenty of people" Ice yelled, slamming his fists down on the counter. He lifted his hand and stared at my blood that had spewed from my neck onto the counter; Which was now on his hand. "You just want to fuck her, I don't blame you, I do too, I even asked her but she's so caught up with you she wouldn't glance twice at me" Ice rambled with a smirk, knowing he was getting on Ace's nerves.

"So did she scream?" Ice chuckled at Ace. Ace chuckled back at Ice, shaking his head and biting his lip before throwing a punch. "See what I mean, you don't just want to fuck this girl, you want her, all of her" Ice looked at Ace disgusted. Ace didn't reply he just stared at Ice.

"You're not even denying it" Ice hissed at Ace. Ace shrugged vaguely, atleast he didn't say no?. "She was so good in bed that it put you in a trance, let me get some of that" Ice laughed dramatically, attempting to catch Ace off guard. I watched as Ace clenched his jaw in disgust at his words. "Fuck you, you weak bitch" Ace growled. "Did you get it in, we know you have a small dick" Ice giggled to himself. Ace rolled his eyes at him. "What is it? 3inches" Ice questioned. "It's 8 but we'll go with 3" Ace smirked happily , knowing that I heard. 8 inches?.

Ice's face immediately dropped. "You're lying" he sneered. "No ..... I'm not, I'll whip it out right now" Ace chuckled at Ice's expression. "Well then, no wonder why she's so obsessed with you, she only wants to fuck you, you're the one being played" Ice laughed trying to drag out this argument after seeing Ace was getting bored. "Just leave" Ace rolled his eyes, beginning to get agitated.

"Oh my god...." Ice's jaw dropped. Ace looked at him curiously. "You haven't fucked her yet" Ice covered his mouth with hand in shock. Ace stared at the floor, almost ashamed.

"No he didn't but we can right now" I winked at Ice as I walked over to Ace. I walked over to Ace as I kissed his neck. Ace bit his bottom lip as he guided my head to his. Ice watched awkwardly as myself and Ace stared intensely at eachother. "Leave" I demanded but he didn't budge. I did this because I wanted Ice gone and I knew Ace did too.

Ace ran his hand down my stomach, heading for my trousers. Ice turned away. "Get out" Ace warned him with a scowl. "We're not finished Ace" Ice hissed not staring at us. "For now we are" Ace growled frustratedly as he grabbed Ice and threw him out.

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