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We sat at dinner.

I quietly ate as the three of them talked but I knew I wanted to ask about my brothers. I've never lived without them and I never want too.

"Could I be allowed to see my brothers?" I finally asked, working up the courage considering the last time I tried to speak up at dinner, I almost got into some serious shit.

Ace's deadly glance shot towards me. I froze when his eyes met mine, I was unable to speak. "No" His deep voice responded quickly with a slight grumble of irritation. I felt my heart drop to my stomach. I loved my brothers, not being allowed to see them was torture.

"Please?" I almost begged at the table with a soft tone so that I didn't come off as demanding.

Ace's father began to chuckle evilly.

The expression on Ace's face became more irritated. "How dare you!" Ace's father's voice boomed through the empty dining room suddenly, filling me with fear.

I saw the lifeless expression on Ace's face as he just watched his father. "I'm sorry" I muttered worriedly as I put my knife and fork down.

"That's it, she's going to the basement" Kai demanded, yelling at his family while his voice echoed through the silent house. My eyes widened as Kai stood up from the table and approached where I was sitting. "No please" I whimpered in terror, being reminded of my father. I knew all too well what happens in the basement; Beatings. Kai grabbed my wrist only to be distracted by Ace standing up.

Ace's heavy footsteps approached us. I'd rather have his father beat me than him.

But he did something I wasn't expecting. Ace grabbed his father's wrist roughly, forcing his father to release his grip on me. His father's eyes widening at him. "She is going to be my wife, if you lay a finger on her again, I won't hesitate to burn you alive" Ace growled furiously at his father. Kai groaned in pain from Ace crushing his wrist with his grip.

"You think you're the devil, but I'm one with the nickname" Ace whispered into his father's ear with a look of fire in his eyes.

"I'll take you to see them tomorrow after school" Ace turned to me. I nodded frantically before leaving the room and scrambling to get up the stairs. I'm in constant fear that I'll be abused again due to the fact that his father seems to be a lot like mine.

I could hear muffled yelling from downstairs.

I lay in bed and pulled the pillow over my ears.

I've wanted to..... not die..... but disappear lately. It's a lot harder when you're marrying into a violent family and already had violent one previously.

I ended up climbing out of bed and doing my homework before going to sleep.


My eyes fluttered open to see Ace standing out in the hall. "You will let her see her brothers or I promise, I will kill you" Ace hissed angrily into the phone. "I always keep my promises" he threatened just before he hung up.

I held the blankets up to my face so that only my eyes were visible.

Ace turned towards my room. "I didn't mean to wake you" He uttered, staring at me. There was a certain coldness in his stare. "It's okay...." I responded quickly, still holding the blankets up.

"That was your father.....if you were wondering" Ace sighed as he walked into my room. I noticed that he closed the door behind him.

"If my father does anything to you, you tell me, do you hear me?!" He warned me, whispering so that his father couldn't hear. I nodded slightly. I feel like he was demanding me to tell him because he wanted to help but knew that if anything happened I wouldn't willingly speak up.

There was an awkward silence filling the air as I avoided eye contact with him.

"Your father..... nevermind" I quickly shut my mouth after grabbing Ace's attention and releasing I didn't want it. I'm so stupid, why would I even mention that?. His father probably didn't even mean it.

"My father what?" He stared cautiously at me. I knew he wasn't going to let it go until I said it. ".....It was stupid, it doesn't matter" I muttered quietly, becoming shy as I pulled the blankets up to my face. He grabbed the blankets away from me. "Sofia ..... tell me" Ace had a slight growl in his voice.

I gulped while he glared at me with his frowned eyebrows. "He said he'd replace my father" I uttered softly as I stared at the blankets that were clenched in his hand. "What does that mean?" Ace questioned me quickly. "N....Nothing, just that he wanted to be like a father to me" I stuttered nervously.

"If I find out you're lying, you're getting punished, understood?" Ace scowled at me as he stood up. "Punished?!" I chirped up, getting a bit too brave. "Have you got a problem with that" Ace snarled angrily. "No-".

"Get ready for school, I'm dropping you off and picking you up"

He finally left my room. A heaviness fills my chest any time he's near me, it makes it hard to breathe.

I got dressed slowly, taking my time so that I was late. I didn't want anyone to see Ace; Even though he was going to be my husband.

I eventually got into the car with Ace. "Do you always work?" I asked curiously, building up the courage to talk to him. "Most of the time" his deep, husky voice grumbled. "Does it not get boring ?" I questioned. "If it was boring, I wouldn't do it, I do what I want" Ace turned to me . It was like he was warning me . "So ..... you could ditch work right now?" I questioned him as I played with my hands.

"No , not today".
"Why what's important today?"
"Nothing...." he sighed, becoming irritated due to my questions.
"You're going to kill someone?" I mumbled as a joke.

"I kill people, it's what I do" Ace muttered admittedly. "I don't blame you" I replied, my voice becoming louder as I became more comfortable around him. I think he was shocked because I saw one of his eyebrows raise. "You're forgetting I was also raised into the mafia, killing people is something you just have to do" I sighed hesitantly.

He looked confused. I smiled at him slightly, I watched the serious features on his face soften.

We finally pulled up to the school. "You're late" he muttered unimpressed. "I know, I did it on purpose" I grinned as I got out of the car. "I'll be here at 4, don't be late" he raised his eyebrow warningly.

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