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"How did you react after you killed him?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue asking questions about it since I could see Ace still isn't over it to this day .

"I went home and cried for days".

I feel bad for him . I feel bad for him yet I thought I deserved my punishments and all my abuse . I know how Ace sees my father now . He sees my father like I see his father ; A cruel manipulative monster and if they didn't get their way , they would 'punish' people for their own mistakes . It made me furious that I wanted to cry .

The guilt that I had been carrying around for years had lifted and I felt like I could finally breathe again . It was never my fault but why couldn't I see that sooner . Why couldn't I stand up to my father and put a gun to his head . I was so blinded by fear that I would be beaten that I didn't see things for how they were . That I was being abused . I know that I was abused but I never really understood what it meant . But now I know it is getting beaten for the stupidest reasons like arriving home five minutes late because I decided to walk slower .

Tears began to well up in my eyes as I stared at the wall , lost in thought .

"I can't believe I thought that it was my fault" Ace scoffed disgustingly at the thought of his father . He didn't even realise that I had just come to that realisation myself .

My father was cruel , evil and irrational and because of this , I got punished . Tears welled up in my eyes as I tried to blink away so that Ace wouldn't notice.

Ace's POV:
"I can't believe I thought that it was my fault" I scoffed angrily at myself .

I was so lost in thought that I didn't even notice Sofia struggling to fight off her tears until she couldn't hold them in anymore . I glanced at her to see a tear rolling down her cheek . I raised my eyebrows surprisingly . God I'm so fucking stupid , why would I make that face , now she's going to think I'm judging her for crying , fuck.

But she didn't say anything. Suddenly the single tear had another tear next to it . Her lip quivered as she sat on the bed next to me , not realising that I was staring at her . She had so much pain bottled up and I wanted to kill every last person who was to blame for even a second of pain . I've already killed her father , but that wasn't enough , I wasn't fast enough. Maybe if I had met her when we were 15 , I would've killed him for her . No I definitely would've . But he had been abusing her for awhile so I doubt that my 15 year old self, killing him would've made a difference.

I'll never like the people she knew during that period of her life . They were all too cowardly to save her , they were all too selfish . Everytime I think of him laying a hand on her , on my girl , my blood begins to boil . But I couldn't be angry right now , I had to be ...... gentle right now , for her .

"Hey" I whispered gently . She looked at me with widened eyes . "I was abused" she muttered . Oh shit , I can't deal with this , this is why I'm not cut out to be her boyfriend. I gulped as I looked at her worriedly . "I was abused" she weeped , tears beginning to stream down her face .

What do I say . What do I say . What do I say .


"You didn't deserve any of it" I whispered , my heart clenching every time I looked at her . Her eyebrows frowned at my words . "Why did he do it then?" She whimpered quietly . "Because some people are just evil , some people are just cruel" I tried to explain as best I could . But I couldn't give her a solid reason because I don't abuse, I just kill . Which is probably worse . Why does she like me again ? . Oh yeah I forgot I'm irresistible. What the fuck is my brain doing , my girl is sitting here infront of me , having a mental breakdown and I'm thinking that I'm irresistible.

"Sofia , I will never let anyone lay another finger on you , even if it kills me" I grabbed her face gently before clenching my jaw angrily . She nodded weakly before hugging me.

I never knew what being hugged felt like until I met her . I was missing out . She's the only person I'll ever let hug me . The only one .

My arms held her tight as she weeped into my chest before burying her face into my neck . "You smell good" her weak voice uttered causing a chuckle to escape my lips . I slipped my hand under my shirt that she was wearing and rubbed her back soothingly. I could feel her uneven breaths slowly become normal as my skin brushed against hers .

Of course I know what I do her . But does she know what she does to me . I don't think she'll ever realise how much power she has over me . I would kill everyone for her simply if she asked . There would be no reason needed .

If I could make her pain go away , I would . If I could take her pain , I would . Her soft weeps quietened as hugged her , trying to make all the pain go away . "I really like you" Sofia chirped gently as I continued to rub her back . I was going to get up to turn on the tv until Sofia grasped onto me like I was going to die . "I'm just turning on the tv" I reassured her .

I lay back in bed , her arms instantly wrapped around me . "Hey" I whispered grabbing her attention. She looked up at me . "No more crying , I don't like seeing you upset" I wiped the tear from under her eye . She nodded with a sniffle .

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