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"You can't kill him" I muttered quietly, playing with my hands . "And why's that?" He challenged me . "Because I said so" I wanted to tease him a little , he could kill him and I wouldn't mind . "I can do what I want" he growled playfully, pushing his forehead against mine . I pushed back .

"I'm the alpha" I tried to growl but it didn't work . I seen a smile appear on Ace's lips . I giggled while rolling my eyes . "You can't even growl" he shoved me , making me lie on the couch . I went to sit back up but he pushed me down again , this time pinning my arms above my head . I giggled at him making him smile.

He opened my legs and lay on top of me . "You're heavy" I struggled to breathe . "Are you calling me fat!" He gasped staring at me with his eyes widened . "Yes" I grinned giddily waiting for his response . "See these , they're pure muscle" he informed me while running his hands along his abs . "Fat" I muttered jokingly, earning a scowl .

His scowl then turned into a pout . "No I was joking , it's muscle!" I said frantically as he started to move off me . I seen a grin spread across his face as he pinned me down again . "See I told you" he looked me up and down while lying on the couch . "Ace , my eyes are up here" I smirked at his realisation of what he doing . Only to realise he didn't care . "I was imagining myself rearranging your guts" he grinned before licking his lips .

I was not ready for his response . Heat rose to my cheeks , turning them a dark pink colour . "Is someone embarrassed" he pouted at me , making my cheeks even hotter . "N-no" I stuttered wanting to face palm immediately after . I shut my eyes and sighed while Ace laughed at my awkwardness . Ace brought his head next to mine so that his mouth was inches from my ear . "Think of Haze in bed , now think of someone 10 times better , that's me" he whispered seductively, making my cheeks stay hot and my heart race . "And you'll be under me , begging me to stop" he whispered before kissing my neck slowly .

I shut my eyes , trying to contain the butterflies in my stomach . His touch sent electricity through my body , making me want more . I wanted him to touch me everywhere .

It wasn't like this with Haze . Haze didn't make me crazy or make my heart race . I realise that now . I can only imagine what Ace is like in bed . Haze got a few moans out of me , but Ace has gotten screams out girls . Nerves shot through my body at the though . Ace probably seen me thinking because he stopped kissing my neck . "What are you thinking about" he whispered so quietly that it almost came out as a breath; his whisper sounded curious but slightly cheeky. "N-othing" I gulped , watching him gaze at me .

He ran his hand along my thigh and up to my stomach , stopping at my waistband . My breath hitched as he pulled at the waistband of my trousers ever so slightly . "You're not ready yet" he teased me . "I am" I nodded getting a half smile from him .

I felt a pool of warmth spill out from between my legs. I tried to close them but Ace's body was in the way . He stared at me , wondering what I was doing with my legs .

His phone started to ring . "Shit" he rolled his eyes looking at the phone . "I have to take this , it's probably about the new recruits tomorrow" Ace stood up answering his phone .

"How many recruits are there?" He asked , he sounded tired , but also like he didn't want to train them . I imagine new recruits are quite young and giddy , I never really got to learn about this stuff in my family , my fathers priority's was always my brothers. Anways I think he has to train them because Dante and Ice will be too busy setting up his mom's funeral which he should really be doing.

"15 is a lot" Ace scoffed into the phone. "Fine and yes 3 pm is okay for the funeral" he hung up the phone .

"I don't think you should you go train the recruits tomorrow" I expressed worriedly . He gave me a confused looked . "Cause you'll have a lot going on , I just don't want you to.......become unstable and kill one of them" I tried to put it as nicely as I could . "I'm not going to become unstable" he rolled his eyes at me . I gave him a look that said ; I don't believe you . "I'll be fine" he reassured me , slipping his phone back into his pocket .

"Let me come with you then" I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them . "No" he said quickly . He made up his mind very quick . "Pleaseeeee" I asked in a high pitched tone . "No" he repeated but this time he had a stern look on his face . "Pleaseeeeee" I jumped up , one hand on his veiny arm and the other holding his hand . He looked down at me with a raised eyebrow. "I won't get hurt I promise , although I can't promise I won't hit a girl....or guy if they try to flirt with you" I was basically begging him .

I know I had been to one of these things with Haze but I wanted to see Ace's routine training worked . "Fine" he groaned , caving into my desires . I cheered happily while hugging him , forgetting he's not the most affectionate person in the world . But he hugged me back which kind of shocked me to be honest . I shut my eyes while hugging him , focusing on the smell of his cologne and the warmth of his body .

"You're always warm" I mumbled , almost drooling on him . "Yep , it's because I'm the devil" he responded . "You're secretly an angel" I whispered at him , holding my finger against my lips , signalling that it was a secret . "Oh yeah?" He sounded happier . "Yeah" I held him tighter .

Thank you guys for 200 k reads , it's insane how much this book is growing , I'm so grateful 🥺💕

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