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I woke up to the sound of my alarm . Shit .

I threw on a dress . I'm ready to be the most hated person at school .

I ran downstairs. Denice was cooking food . "Hey Denice , if anyone asks , I'm at school" I quickly told her as I put on my shoes . "I thought Ace didn't want you to go" Denice questioned me as she flipped the pancakes . "My mouths mainly healed , I'll be fine" I assured her . "Okay .... but he won't be too happy" she warned me , pointing the spatula at me . "When is he ever happy" I giggled as I walked out . I heard her say something but I ignored it .

I strolled carelessly to school .

I reached the entrance and walked in . Everyone gave me dirty looks as I walked down the hall . Really ? Already .

I walked to class . The crowds slowly rolled in as the class the filled .

The teacher tried to teach as they all whispered stuff about me . All I could make out was them asking who Ace was . "She's such a drama queen" "I heard she bet the shit out of Ryder" "I heard she slept with Blake but was dating Ace". All these fucking bullshit lies .

I sat through 3 classes of constant chatter about me until it was lunch time . I walked into the cafeteria and everyone stared at me . I walked over to an empty bench and sat down . I poked at my food with a fork , I could see the football team eyeing me up . I felt very uncomfortable. Everyone was against me . I don't know where Olivia is , Everyone thinks I'm an asshole and I'm in a difficult and very complicated situation.

The football team approached me . Not again . One of the guys sat down . "Hey Diaz , hows school going down far" Vince smiled cheekily , knowing it wasn't amazing . "Vince , go away and leave me alone" I sighed , shaking my head . "Blake and Ryder are out for the game , because of you , this game is the most important thing to us" he picked up my water and drank most of it .

"Fuck off" I hissed at him . "Fuck you" he threw the rest of my water over my head . I clenched my jaw as water dripped down my hair .

I slowly looked back up at Vince who was laughing along with the entire school . "You wanna know what I heard?" Vince yelled at the entire cafeteria. "I heard her daddy abuses her" Vince spoke confidently , announcing it to the whole school . "Who told you that" I snapped at him . "Ooo someones angry" he laughed as the whole cafeteria talked . I could feel the tears burning my eyes .

I stood up and stormed out of the Cafeteria. Fuck this . A tear ran down my face as I stormed down the hall . I was lost in my thoughts when I bumped into someone . "I'm sorry" I mumbled trying to walk past them with my head down. Their scent was strong and musky . Too familiar. They placed their hands on my waist to stop me from getting past .

"Are you crying" Ace's voice growled as he used his finger to lift my head , forcing me to look at him . I shook my head no but the tears streaming down my face contradicted me . I seen anger appear on Aces face . It was harder for him to hide what he was feeling . "What happened?" He asked looking at my soaking wet hair . "He poured water on me" I paused not telling him the rest . "What else ...." Ace growled , catching me by surprise. I played with my hands as the tears kept flowing .

"He - he - told them my dad abuses me" I weeped as I tried to hold it together. Ace had an upset look on his face . It's the first time I've ever seen him sad . I hated it .

Ace stared at me as he shook his head , dropping his head to the floor . "Do you need anything?" Ace asked . "No" I sniffled as I wiped my tears . "What's the guys name?" Ace asked me , moving his hands up my waist . I got distracted by Aces touch . "Vince" I uttered . "Okay , come on , we're going home" Ace escorted me out . I sat in his car yet again , looking out the window .

"How's your stitches" Ace questioned curiously. "They're fine" I shrugged . Ace nodded in response.

A few days had passed and I hadn't gone back to school yet , not like Ace would let me .

I sat in my room watching a movie . Divergent to be more specific.

I was interrupted by a knock on my door . "Hey, Ace asked if you wanted to come down for some food , we got pizza" Dante cheered happily . I smiled at him . "How many people are downstairs" I asked curiously. "I'm not going to lie , a lot" Dante shrugged , smiling reassuringly.

"Tell him no , I'm not really in the mood" I curled up into a ball under my blankets . "Oh okay" Dante sounded a little disappointed.

A few minutes had passed . I heard someone come into my room . They turned the light on . "Ah Ace" I shrieked , pulling the blankets up to my neck, immediately scowling at him while trying not to be blinded by the light . Ace tore the blanket off me , not realizing I was just in my underwear and a t-shirt.

He froze as he stared at me. I just lay on my bed . "Can I have my blankets back please ?" I asked him as I blushed . He blinked at me , staring at my body but eventually he gave the blankets back .

He left and came back . "Here and here , put these on" he uttered as threw me a pair of basketball shorts and a hoodie . I put them on as he watched. "Can you stop ?" I glared at him . "Sorry just admiring the viewww" he teased . I hit his arm playfully as I jumped back on the bed . "Nope" Ace said , grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder . "Ace put me down" I shrieked . "Someone's moody" he raised his eyebrows . I gave up and just hung , staring at the floor . Ace walked into the kitchen.

All eyes stared at us as we .... well Ace walked into the kitchen with me over his shoulder .

"This is Sofia" Ace introduced me , finally putting me down . There was a good few of people . Dante , Kaylo , I didn't know anyone else . "I'm Dacre , I'll only be here for a few days since I lead another one of Ace's Mafia bases in California" one guy introduced himself . I smiled at him , shaking his hand . "I'm Ice" a guy said . That's a weird name . I stood next to Ace awkwardly as he talked to his friends . There was a few more guys who hadn't introduced themselves.

"Do you want some pizza" Ace asked me . I shook my head in response. "Well you're having one anyway" Ace grabbed a slice from the box , handing it to me . "Ace I just want to sleep" I whimpered holding the pizza. "You need to eat, and it's only 8 pm" Ace raised his eyebrow at me .

I sighed defeatedly as I bit into the pizza. Ace talked with his friends as he walked into the sitting room .

"You look so uncomfortable" Ice muttered , standing beside me . "I've just had a bad few days" I shook my head . "You want to talk about it in the bedroom" Ice grinned playfully. "No" I snapped at him . "Rejected , ouch" Ice put his hand over his heart .

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