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Sofia's POV:
I forced Ace to bring Parker home with us. A Mafia base is no place to keep a child. I came into my room to get changed when I saw a note just laying on Ace's bed but on the pillow I sleep on. I approached it cautiously, because who knows who wrote it.

I slowly opened it, hoping for the best. I think I had an idea of who it was from.

Dear Sofia,
It is your brother Stefano, the new leader of the Diaz Mafia. I'm writing this to thank you for sending our brother's body home to us. I am deeply upset about his death but you had your reasons. I warned him not to do anything stupid and so did the other brothers since we knew this was a war we could not win, even if we tried. Ace's men are simply too skilled and Ace himself, is the epitome of power. Raul broke into your house, with the intention to kill, it only seems fair that you had to defend yourself against him .

Raul let the power go to his head. He chose power over family, he chose you over your happiness. If being with Ace makes you happy my baby sister, I will not stand in the way and I won't let any of the other brothers either. You are my baby sister and I will protect you always. There is no war or hatred between our Mafia's. I hope you will forgive our brother for trying to kill the love of your life.

We cremated him and threw his ashes into the lake we used to swim in as kids; To remind us of the better times, the simpler times.

I would also like to apologize for acting out that night. It was wrong of me but you know family comes before everything. Ace is your family now and I could see that by the way he fought off five men to keep you safe in his arms . He doesn't trust us to protect you and I don't blame him, we were cowards who were utterly scared of our father. We should've protected you...... I should've protected you. I have to go and train now . I hope to you see again.

Oh and Sofia, even though Ace is bad man, he is a good man to you. I saw this the night he protected you from us. Don't ever lose sight of that.

Your favourite brother,

Tears welled up in my eyes as I folded up the letter after reading it. Stefano has always been the kindest brother to me, I guess I just never saw it. "You read it?" Ace muttered, coming into the room. That's how the letter got here. "Yeah" I sighed wishing I never had because now I feel guilty again.

I pinched the bridge of my nose, letting my head fall while shaking it slightly. "I hate everyone Ace" I said with a certain vulnerability in my voice. "Trust me, I understand" he muttered as he sat on his bed.

"I don't hate you" I looked up at him, with my eyes that were glossy from reading the letter. "I love you" he uttered the words so freely now. I liked that he was comfortable using them. "I love you more" I released a breath after I let out those words. My hands cupped the back of my neck and I looked towards the ceiling, trying to stop my eyes from welling up with tears.

I heard Ace stand up and walk over to me. He placed his hands on my waist, but moved them up ever so slightly, letting them rest on my hips. "What's wrong?" He asked with a worried tone. "I don't know who I am anymore" I let out a sob finally, I had been holding it in for so long. Ace just blinked at me, shocked at where this sudden burst of emotion came from. But it didn't come from nowhere, I couldn't believe Stefano had forgiven me. I had spent weeks with this sinking feeling in my stomach that something bad was going to happen and constant paranoia that my brothers were going to kill me or Ace as revenge for Raul.

But he had forgiven me just like that.

"You think you're the monster?, I am. I don't even know myself anymore, do you even know who I am? " I snapped, my sadness turning into anger. "I killed my own brother!" I shouted while tears ran down my cheeks. "I've hurt people who didn't deserve it, just because I was hurt" I yelled at Ace who was just standing there, unsure of what to do. "My brothers, Haze, Fiona, Nina, Blake and Vince, Olivia, there's probably more I haven't mentioned." I listed each of them off, counting on my fingers.

Ace grabbed my hand suddenly, with an angry expression plastered on his face. "Your brother's tried to kill and take you away from me even though you didn't want to live with them anymore. Nina wasn't even hurt by you, she was only hurt because her brother was hurt. Fiona was rude and narcissistic, don't even get me started on Blake and Vince although I did let them go, I just never told you. Olivia got Blake and Vince back so she's happy, and Haze just doesn't get to have you because you're mine so that tough luck" Ace stared me dead in the eyes. "I know you, I know your heart" he placed his hand in the centre of my chest.

"You're a good person, whether you think it or not, whether you hurt people or not, you'll always be a good person to me and I will always know your heart" he stopped speaking after finishing and just stared at his hand that was placed on my chest. "This...." he pointed to my heart. "This is mine" he raised his eyebrows. "This..." he glanced up and down my body before scooping me up into his arms bridal style. "This is mine, so don't ever question if I know you" he growled possessively then his voice becoming more softer towards the end of his sentence.

He held me in his arms as I stared into his eyes with absolute shock. He knew me; all of me.

I kissed his lips softly before pressing my forehead against the side his head. "You know me" I whispered with my eyes closed, reassuring myself.

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