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We all sat around the table. My mother introduced herself and we all continued talking.

"I wasn't expecting you to come back so soon" my father voiced to me from across the table. He grabbed Ace's attention as well as mine. "Oh yeah, I decided to come visit" I shrugged as I watched my mom. "It feels like nothing's changed" My father smirked evilly knowing that what he said would hurt me.

I glanced down at the table.

"She's made a big difference in my mafia so I'm surprised there's no difference here" Ace announced as he lit his cigarette. My father's face instantly dropped from an evil smirk to a blank expression. "Everyone wants my wife" Ace pressed his lips against the smoke, savoring it. "But no one can have her except me, she is mine". It's like Ace was subtlety threatening my father even though nothing he said was true.

"Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom" I smiled politely as I stood up.

I strolled down the hall into the bathroom. I shook my head as I stared in the mirror. I checked my stitches, to make sure they were still intact.

The handle of the bathroom door started wiggling like crazy. I unlocked it, thinking it was Ace, only to realize it was my father.

"What the fuck did you tell him?" My father to pinned me to the wall with his hand around my throat. He shut the door with his foot.

I gasped for air as his hand tightened around my neck. "Nothing" I squeaked as I struggled to speak due to his tightening grip. "He abuses me too" I gasped for air as I clawed at his wrist. The only way to get out of this situation was to lie. If my father thought Ace abused me, he wouldn't be as paranoid.

"Ace hates everyone" I begged him to believe me, feeling like I was on the brink of passing out. My father released his grip. "I believe you, only because I know how unlikeable you are" my father grumbled and shut the door as he walked out.

My breathing was heavy as my hands shook uncontrollably. I glanced in the mirror to see the shape of my fathers hand imprinted into my neck. I shut my eyes and wished to be anywhere but here; Anywhere but home.

"Hey, Sofia" I heard Raul day from behind the door. I opened the door as I greeted him with a fake smile. "Hey" I smiled slightly, hoping he wouldn't notice my discomfort. "I was just checking up on you plus Ace is just glaring at everyone" Raul smiled at me. "Yeah, he does that a lot" I admitted as I stepped out into the door.

Me and my family talked for awhile before I decided I wanted to go.

My father reeked of alcohol but what do you expect from an alcoholic?.

We were all sitting in the living room watching tv and the only people who were really talking was my brothers. Stefano and Marco hadn't come back yet.

Ace was sitting on the couch with me. "Can we go" I whispered to Ace. He looked a bit surprised. "You were so excited to come and you want to go already" he asked slightly worried. "I just don't feel the best" I muttered, lying. "Ok we'll go now" Ace stood up. "I have to go so me and Sofia are leaving now" Ace announced to my family.

I said goodbye to my family as I felt sort of guilty for leaving again. I mean it's not my choice but I think I feel guilty because I'm happy being at Ace's house . Yeah, he doesn't show much emotion but atleast he doesn't punish me for things I do; Maybe his dad will though.

Ace said he'd wait in the car for me as I said goodbye to my family.

"Bye bye my princess" my dad grinned happily with a cheeky tone. "You reek of alcohol" I whispered under my breath as I hugged him. He froze when he realised I had said something back to him. No, no, no, me and my stupid mouth. "What did you say" my father put on a chilling tone.

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