Chapter 3: Those Who Should Be Teased. Must Be Teased

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Ha, 10 yuan. He actually tried getting rid of her as if she was a beggar.

He Zhengbai, the second young master of the great Long Qing Corporation, who was regarded as one of the best actors and also a talented producer, had somehow managed to find 10 yuan note in his wallet. It must have been really difficult for him  .

However, at that exact moment, the doorbell of the hotel room rang.

As Han Zhuoli turned his head around, he unconsciously loosened his grip on her lower jaw.

Lu Man took this opportunity to push his hand away and ran into the nearby bathroom.

Han Zhuoli's eyes narrowed on hearing a clicking sound as Lu Man locked the bathroom door.

As the doorbell kept ringing, he thought about how she entered through the window and how there had been a commotion in the hotel room next door and laughed coldly before opening the door.

Outside the door stood two policemen, the hotel manager, a hotel staff and an unfamiliar man and woman.

Seeing the man in front of him He Zhengbai was surprised, and next to him, Lu Qi was pleasantly surprised as well. Somehow they were able to meet Han Zhuoli here!

No one had ever thought that Han Zhuoli would be next door!

Overwhelmed with excitement, Lu Qi had started breathing rapidly.

"Young Master Han, we apologize for having disturbed you," the manager said. "The guest next door has suffered a serious injury, and the suspect is likely to have escaped not long ago. May we ask if you have seen any suspicious person?"

Han Zhuoli's lips curved up mockingly. So the woman just now is the suspect who had harmed someone?

Just then, a charming female voice was heard from behind Han Zhuoli. "Li, why are you taking so long to come back? I've been waiting for you for such a long time already..."

This voice was very pleasing that it made people's legs go weak. Somehow except Lu Qi everyone was affected by it in some way. Thus making everyone look towards the source of the voice, He Zhengbai and Lu Qi were dumbstruck upon seeing the woman.

That woman was none other than Lu Man.

Such an alluring voice actually came from the unromantic Lu Man?

He Zhengbai rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

However, there was no doubt about the woman who was wearing only a towel and walking towards them, she could only be Lu Man!

The white towel made her skin seem even whiter and more youthful. He Zhengbai neither knew that her skin was smooth as silk nor did he know that her figure was so brilliant that people did not want to take their eyes away from it, for the fear of missing out even with just a single blink.

Yes. He had never known any of this.

That was because Lu Man was prudish and old-fashioned, never letting him touch her.

Yet now, clad only in a towel, she stood in Han Zhouli's room.

Han Zhuoli turned his back on the people outside of the door, raising an eyebrow at Lu Man.

Suppressing the nervous in her heart, Lu Man summoned up the courage to maintain her image of a Lu Man suppressed the nervousness in her heart and summoned up her courage to maintain her image of a seductress. Shaking her slim hips as she walked, she leisurely walked towards Han Zhuoli.

Thankfully, being Lu Qi's assistant she had learned some acting skills while watching her films.

Stopping in front of Han Zhuoli, Lu Man tiptoed, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Han Zhuoli lowered his gaze, narrowing his eyes slightly, remaining calm and composed as he waited to see what she wanted to do.

He was just like a lazy leopard, bored stiff as he stared at his prey that was running around in front of him. He could kill the prey with one hit, yet he wanted to play with it first.

As he remained still, Lu Man could see that he obviously did not want to cooperate with her. So she braced her herself and moved closer. As if expecting to die, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips onto his.

Oh my goodness!!

She had really kissed the male god!

Suddenly Lu Man felt that her past life had been a wasted one. What was the use of living honestly and virtuously?

Since anyhow she had ended up being bullied by people, betrayed by her boyfriend and even schemed against by her younger stepsister. Moreover, she had also been abandoned by her father. All of this had resulted in her horrible death.

However, this time, she did not wish to live that way again!

She wanted to take care of her mother and seek revenge. She no more wished to be the honest and virtuous person, who was bullied by everyone ever again!!

In this life, she yearned to achieve all she had ever wished for.

Furthermore, she also desired to settle the score with that evil man and woman for what they had done to her.

As for the male god beside her, those who should be teased, must be teased!

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