Chapter 74: Han Zhuoli Had Helped Her a Lot, yet Lu Man Knew Nothing About It

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Even though she had already completely and irrevocably lost faith in Lu Qiyuan, after understanding all these, her heart still felt heavy and painful, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Even if Lu Qiyuan was biased, it was alright, he could just love Lu Qi more. But she could not understand why was he so persistent on forcing her to die?

She really wanted to ask, was he really her father?

"Xiao Man..." Tang Zi called hoarsely, looking worriedly at Lu Man.

He could understand that no matter how unreasonable Lu Qiyuan was, in the end, he was still her father.

Moreover, upon being treated by her own biological father like that, could Lu Man really not feel sad at all?

Even if her heart felt numb, she was still a living, breathing person.

"I'm fine." Lu Man took a deep breath and forced her tears back. "I'm already used to it. I've already known his personality too. Isn't this all within my expectations after all?"

"Yes!" Tang Zi agreed immediately, "Lu Qiyuan is unfortunate. He doesn't know how good of a daughter he'd lost. You still have Auntie, and us too."

"Yeah." Lu Man smiled again as if nothing had happened. "Lu Hanli waking up must be another piece of breaking news. You have to rush back quickly to deal with it, right?"

"Sigh, yeah, I have to go. You..."

"I'm fine, don't worry. I'll call you if anything," Lu Man said.

"Alright. Then you have to remember, you must call me if anything happens." Tang Zi emphasised. He then bid goodbye to Xia Qingwei and left.

As Lu Man planned to return to the hospital room, she saw Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui looking uncomfortable, as if they had something to say to her but could not.

Moreover, they kept nudging each other as they looked towards her.

Lu Man must be blind to not realize that it had something to do with her.

"Brother Zhou, Brother Xu, do you have something to tell me?" Lu Man walked over.

Xu Hui poked Zhou Cheng. Both of them felt that Han Zhuoli had helped her a lot, yet Lu Man knew nothing about it. Wouldn't it be too unfair for Han Zhuoli?

He can't just secretly keep on helping the girl he likes. The girl had to know, right?

Only then could the girl know how good he was to her.

Therefore, the two of them wanted to tell Lu Man. Moreover, if Han Zhouli were to tell her the effect it would have on her would not be that great.

"It's this." Zhou Cheng said with great difficulty, "Actually Tang Zi doesn't know the full picture. There's something else that you have to know. Even though you'll feel quite sad if you know it, it'd be better than being kept in a dark. Without some precaution, it would be hard to prevent any future schemes against you."

Lu Man readily sat down. "Alright, I'm ready. Go ahead."

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui exchanged looks. Finally, it was Zhou Cheng who spoke. "Actually, after Lu Qiyuan came to an agreement with Lu Hanli about Lu Qi, he even suggested that you should replace Lu Qi. He wanted Lu Hanli to tell the police that instead of Lu Qi it was you who had gone to Lu Hanli's room and also that you were the one who slept and hurt him..."

Lu Man's clenched her fists tightly. Haha, she had never expected that Lu Qiyuan would use all sorts of methods just to ruin her.

Even so, he still wouldn't let her off!

She had always suspected if she had harmed Lu Qiyuan greatly in some past life for him to treat her like this!

"I don't understand, what's wrong with that Lu Qiyuan! Lu Qi was already alright, but he just has to harm Lu Man. He really just doesn't like her, does he?" Xu Hui was so angry that he felt like hitting someone.

If he could, he really wanted to grab Lu Qiyuan over and beat that bastard to death!

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