Chapter 25: He Had Barely Chased After Her

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At last, He Zhengbai returned to his senses. He did know about Lu Qi going to the director's room.

Lu Qi had also told him that she had taken Lu Man along with her just in case Hanli wanted to do something, she would have left Lu Man behind. No matter what she wouldn't have let Lu Hanli touch her.

Although he trusted Lu Qi, he was still a man, and hence was more wary and narrow-minded when it came to such things.

Even though Lu Qi said that she had not been touched, was it really true?

Yet even before the whole incident had happened, he had absolutely no idea that Lu Qi had gone to find Lu Hanli.

However, today when Lu Qi frantically came to find him, telling him she had harmed someone. She even told him how Lu Hanli wanted to molest her yet she refused and while she used a table lamp to knock him unconscious, she had accidentally caused serious to Lu Hanli.

Everything had happened so suddenly, and it was such a serious matter that He Zhengbai had immediately gone to destroy the surveillance cameras' recordings, during that period.

He had actually done it himself and had even sent away all the security guards.

As he had watched the surveillance tape, he had seen that Lu Qi was the one who went to Lu Hanli's room on her own accord.

But He Zhengbai did not bother finding out more.

Since Lu Qi told him that she had knocked Lu Man unconscious, He Zhengbai had thought of making Lu Man as the scapegoat to save Lu Qi from getting into trouble.

However, he did not expect to see Lu Man in Han Zhuoli's room.

Also when he saw Lu Man leaning seductively into Han Zhuoli's embrace, his feelings, at that time, were very complicated.

Yet he did not want to admit his loss even though he had to admit he could not compare to Han Zhuoli.

Also, it was the woman he did not want, who was so intimate with Han Zhuoli.

While he was dating Lu Man, Lu Man had never let him touch her.

Thus, It was so ludicrous that today was the first time he had ever seen Lu Man show that much skin.

However, thinking about how Han Zhuoli had already seen it multiple times and had clearly and thoroughly seen it, He Zhengbai felt suffocated.

It seemed that Lu Man had always pretended to be conservative in front of him because she felt that he was not good enough for her.

Otherwise, if it was not like that, she wouldn't have thrown away all her conservative principles as soon as she saw Han Zhuoli.

However, at that time, he did not have much time to think deeply about this before he was shocked by the WeChat conversation shown by Lu Man as evidence.

However, after that incident, Lu Qi had explained the whole thing to him, telling him how she had wanted to make Lu Man take her place at the vital moment.

She had said that no matter what, she would never do anything that would let He Zhengbai down.

Indeed, He Zhengbai had believed her at that time, but of course, he could not help dislike what she had done.

But after hearing what Lu Man said just now, the doubt in his heart resurfaced once again.

If it was not for the fact that the police had come to find Lu Man following which she had shown the evidence, Lu Qi would never have told him these things.

Earlier, even when Lu Qi asked him for help, she had not mentioned it.

It was only after the revealing of a few things that Lu Qi had confessed the truth behind those things.

Otherwise, she had planned on never telling him.

Somehow he had found out about this incident, but what else had she not told him?

He Zhengbai could not help but start doubting her.

"Zhengbai, chase after her quickly!" Lu Qi urged him again.

Hence, He Zhengbai decided to stop thinking about these things as of now and stop Lu Man first.

But he had barely chased after her when he saw that Lu Man had entered a black Nissan

"Drive quickly!" Lu Man said.

As the car sped away, He Zhengbai and Lu Qi could only watch do nothing.

Since he could not catch up with Lu Man, the doubt He Zhengbai had just now started to appear again.

Seeing He Zhengbai's expression, Lu Qi said, "Are you starting to doubt me because of what Lu Man said?"

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