Chapter 48: Han Zhuoli Carried Her off the Floor

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Thus, Lu Man gave Han Zhuoli her phone number.

Han Zhuoli called Lu Man's phone, and only after hearing Lu Man's phone ring and seeing her take it out to hang up was he assured.

Even Lu Man saved Han Zhuoli's phone number and raised her head to ask him, "You have Alipay right? I'll pay you using Alipay later on."

Doing it this way was much more convenient as there was no need to meet up.

"..." Han Zhuoli made a 'haha' sound. "I don't have Alipay."

Lu Man: "..."

"Then let me teach you," Lu Man said spontaneously.

Although Han Zhuoli originally wanted to reject and instead ask her to return him the money in person, but thought about it and changed his mind, "Alright."

Thus, he instantly took out his phone and asked, "How do you do it?"

"Firstly, find the application on the App Store," Lu Man taught him step-by-step and did not even notice that Han Zhuoli had surreptitiously moved closer to her.

Lu Man's head was lowered, and she was completely focused on helping him install the application, whereas Han Zhuoli, on the other hand, had lowered his head to look at Lu Man's face. Moreover, upon smelling the sweet fragrance coming from her, he unconsciously moved even closer, his head lowering more and more.

Luckily, although it was a double room, there was a curtain between the two beds and Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo could not see what Han Zhuoli was doing.

"That's all, now all you need to do is link your bank account." Lu Man had finished setting-up the application. However, on raising her she did not expect to see Han Zhuoli so close to her.

His hot lips were so close that they rubbed against her from her forehead to the tip of her nose as she raised her head.

Her whole face was tainted with the minty smell from his lips.

Suddenly Lu Man's entirely became stiff.

He... Why was he so close to her?

Just as she was about to back away in order to be a bit away from him, he suddenly wrapped his long arms around her thin waist and pulled her completely into his embrace.

Then, Han Zhuoli carried her off the floor and turned around only to press her against the corner of the wall.

Just as Lu Man opened her mouth to say something, he took the opportunity to bring his lips onto hers and started kissing her, invading her mouth completely.

Lu Man widened her eyes in shock and started thumping at his shoulders and pounding his chest desperately.

It was a hospital room, and just a curtain away were Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo.

Much less to say, next to them lay Xia Qingwei.

Even though she was still unconscious, Lu Man still felt guilty.

Yet she was held tightly by Han Zhuoli, even her two arms were tightly wrapped up in his embrace, and she could not even move him when trying to push him away.

By now, Lu Man's lips and tongue had been rubbed and sucked on until they were numb and she felt that they no longer belonged to her.

At that moment, they were already starting to hurt already.

Furious, Lu Man directly opened her mouth to bite his tongue.

Han Zhuoli hissed and expelled his breath in pain. Upon seeing Lu Man glare angrily at him, he had no choice but to let go of her.

"I'm just taking some interest, how can you be so vicious?" Han Zhuoli moved his tongue around and felt the part she had bitten, which had caused it to swell up.

Lu Man's face was completely red, either from embarrassment or from anger. Also, her hair was slightly messed up.

Seeing her eyes shooting daggers at him, and Han Zhuoli guessed that her face was red from anger.

But he did not know what was wrong with him for liking such a little girl.

After she had left the last time, he had people investigate her and thus knew each and every detail about her, from her identity to where she stayed. Moreover, he wanted to visit her but he could not find any reason to go meet her.

Yet he did not imagine that somehow he would meet her today.

Also, he did not know why, but every time he met her, he could not control himself.

Although it might sound like bragging—one that could incur the wrath of others—ever since he began puberty, there had been no lack of women who took the initiative to seek him. They ranged from the girls of the past to the ladies of the present day.

Much less to say with his current status, there were several female celebrities with outstanding looks and seductive bodies who would queue up just to get close to him.

Yet he never liked any of them, but somehow remembered Lu Man whom he had only met once.

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