Chapter 88: Xiao Han Has the Heart to Purposely Come and See Me

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It was even to the extent that he was using Xia Qingwei to threaten her!

"Don't forget, you don't just have Xia Qingwei as your mother, you also have me as a father! Without me, you won't exist! I do everything with my own reasons, so I definitely won't harm you!" Lu Qiyuan said, which made Lu Man laugh.

If he could be so thick-skinned to say that, what else could Lu Man say?

"I don't care!" Lu Qiyuan decided to just ignore what Lu Man had said, "She's your sister, you must help her. I don't care what you tell Han Zhuoli, as an elder sister, you have the responsibility to help her."

Lu Man just laughed derisively and directly hung up on him.

This left Lu Qiyuan stunned for two seconds, this horrible girl actually dared to hang up on him!

Furious with her, Lu Qiyuan angrily called her again.

As for Lu Man, seeing that it was Lu Qiyuan again she did not pick up and directly switched off her phone.

She did not care about how angry Lu Qiyuan was on the other side of the phone. Moreover, she had already returned to the hospital.

Just as she was reached the entrance of the hospital room, she saw Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui standing on either side of the door as if they were door gods.

"What's with the two of you?" Why were they standing so in front of the door right now?

In the morning, when she had left, the two of them were still collapsed on their chairs.

"It's nothing, it's nothing," Zhou Cheng smiled and asked, "Was your interview today successful?"

If she had not met Lu Qiyuan, she could say that it was very successful, but now, she did not know if she still could go to work at Han Corporation.

Furthermore, she did not know whether the Public Relations Department would actually listen to what Lu Qiyuan said and believe it, thus she changed her idea.

Now that she had also she had switched off her phone, in case they had changed their minds, they could not even inform her if they wanted to.

Lu Man quickly switched on her phone and shook her head at Zhou Cheng, "I really don't know."

Zhou Cheng found it weird, that was not possible, with Young Master Han, how could it not be successful?

Originally, he had asked even when he already knew the answer but who knew that Lu Man could not confirm it.

However, Zhou Cheng smiled and said, "You should go in first, Auntie has already been asking about you the whole afternoon."

Lu Man nodded, and just as she opened the door, she heard the voices inside leaving her stunned for a moment.

On the chair next to Xia Qingwei's hospital bed sat a tall man, and that man was none other than Han Zhuoli!

However, Xia Qingwei was the first one to see Lu Man, and quickly waved her over, "Man Man, why did you come back only now? Come here quickly."

Lu Man walked over, unsure of what was happening, and heard Xia Qingwei say, "Xiao Han has the heart to especially come over and see me."

Xiao Han?

What in the world?

When did her mom become so familiar with Han Zhuoli?

"This time Xiao Han really spent a lot of money, he has already helped us so much. The last time he paid for my medical bills and this time he even bought so many things for me," Xia Qingwei pointed at the corner of the room.

Lu Man saw that there was a whole stack of health products and some supplements.

"Next time, you really don't need to bring these things. I'm very happy that you came to see me, but I'm not happy that you spent so much money," Xia Qingwei straightened her face.

With Xia Qingwei in front of him, how could Han Zhuoli dare to act as much of a hooligan as he had acted towards Lu Man back then, thus this time he was sitting upright, and even his smile was an honest one, "I'm Man Man's friend, you're my elder, coming to visit an elder, how could I not bring anything?"

Lu Man raised her eyebrows in dubiety, what was wrong with this person?

Moreover, he also called her 'Man Man' and her mom was not even the least bit shocked.

How did he manage to win over her mom?

"I just asked a friend for these. All of these are health products that are beneficial to your heart. Please don't be overly polite with him, and once you finish them, I will send you some more," Han Zhuoli said gaily.

"How can I–"

"It's nothing, these are produced by my friend's company and these are definitely excellent. Since I took them from my friend, I didn't spend that much money," Han Zhuoli said with a smile.

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