Chapter 104: Her Gaze Went past Zheng Tianming and Landed on Han Zhuoli

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If it was not for Dai Yiran purposely forcing her into a corner, Lu Man would really not be stubborn to this extent.

She was of the kind who would always respect those who respected her back.

However, at that moment, she had the urge to vomit upon seeing Ye Xuanxuan's face as she put up her act.

"Did Miss Dai have a prior appointment with the CEO?" Lu Man sat unmovingly and asking her a question instead.

"What you said just now is really funny. Why would Miss Dai need an appointment? She was brought over by Mr. Han himself, she is friends with the CEO," Ye Xuanxuan looked at Lu Man mockingly.

Whereas Dai Yiran smiled and felt proud and very pleased with what Ye Xuanxuan said.

"There's no need to say anything else. If you don't have an appointment, then you don't have an appointment. Whether the CEO wants to see her, we'll have to wait until the CEO finishes his meeting to talk about it," Lu Man said coldly, "I still stand by what I said, I'm someone the CEO gave orders to wait here. If the CEO wants me to get out, I'll not question anyone and just get out silently. I'm an employee here, so what right do other people have to take the place of the CEO to order me around?"

"Lu Man, what's wrong with you!" Ye Xuanxuan was not happy and reprimanded Lu Man, "Miss Dai is a guest, what is with your attitude!"

"You already said, she's a guest. A guest should follow the rules of a guest. There's no logic in entering someone else's office, and chasing the person's employee out," Lu Man frowned as she was uncomfortable on being reprimanded by Ye Xuanxuan, and then stood up.

Immediately, Ye Xuanxuan smiled at Dai Yiran, trying to curry favor with her, "Miss Dai, I'm really sorry, she's a new employee, so she is very ignorant, I'll drag her out right now."

"Drag her out quickly, don't stay here and hinder my view!" Dai Yiran pointed at Lu Man, "You're crossing me right? What kind of person are you, you don't know your place! When Big Brother Han comes out, I'll have him fire you!"

Meanwhile, Ye Xuanxuan pulled Lu Man out, "Lu Man, are you sensible or not? Even a newcomer would not act like you acted just now! I told you to come out, so you should have come out, what kind of attitude is this! And you even offended Miss Dai? Does it matter where you wait? The CEO had you wait for him to finish his meeting, but did he personally say you should wait in his office? Isn't it Assistant Zheng the one who brought you in? It's not the CEO who made you wait inside, you really used a made-up directive to order people around, such a joke!"

"I'm telling you, you can just wait here, but you can't enter the office again. Look at what happened, ever since you came, you caused the work environment to be so chaotic. Wherever you go, people argue," Ye Xuanxuan said impatiently, "Just looking at you, how can you even fight with Miss Dai? You don't even have a little bit of self-awareness!"

At that moment, Han Zhuoli had just come out from his meeting and happened to hear Ye Xuanxuan say those words.

Remembering that Lu Man was still waiting for him in the office, he had forcefully shortened the meeting time by half.

Who knew, he had let Lu Man be bullied right under his eyes.

Hence, Han Zhuoli's face instantly darkened, and when Zheng Tianming saw it, he thought in his heart, it was over. Ye Xuanxuan's days in the Han Corporation were over.

"What are you arguing about!" Zheng Tianming walked over, his face dark.

As Lu Man turned her head, her gaze went past Zheng Tianming and landed on Han Zhuoli's face.

The last time she had met Han Zhuoli, he had a pleasant smile on his face.

However, right now he had a fierce scowl on his face, and his whole body was giving out a cold aura that would scare people terribly.

Even Lu Man's heart started thumping with fright, could it be that she would be fired on her first day of work!

When Ye Xuanxuan heard Zheng Tianming's voice and looked over, she instantly saw Han Zhuoli behind him, and she was so scared she broke out in a cold sweat.

Why was the CEO's meeting over so fast!

In the past whenever Han Zhuoli had meetings, they were never this short.

Suddenly Ye Xuanxuan felt guilty, but upon seeing Dai Yiran's proud and satisfied look, she composed herself.

She believed that with Dai Yiran present there, even if there was a problem, Lu Man would be the one in trouble.

Instantly, Ye Xuanxuan calmed down, settling her heart down.

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