Chapter 144: At That Moment, His Long Arms were Like Long Chains

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"There's no need," Lu Man rejected. "I can solve this problem by myself."

Zheng Tianming looked towards Han Zhuoli, it was better to use Han Zhuoli's attitude as the deciding factor.

"Listen to Lu Man," Han Zhuoli said.

Since his girl wanted to solve it herself, he would let her solve it herself, and all he needed to do was look out for her more at the side.

Only then did Zheng Tianming give up, quickly leaving so as not to disturb Han Zhuoli and Lu Man's couple time here.


With Han Zhuoli's help, Lu Man's work speed was as fast as the speed of light.

After her work was done, Han Zhuoli drove Lu Man to the hospital.

When the car was finally parked properly in the hospital parking lots, Lu Man took a look at the time and saw that it was already 9:40.

At this time, Xia Qingwei was most probably already asleep. As when it was almost time for everyone else to end work, she had given Xia Qingwei a call and told her that she needed to work overtime. Moreover, she had also told Xia Qingwei not to worry and not to wait for her.

"Then I'll leave now," Lu Man was still in a bit of trance as she removed her seat belt.

Just like that, she had gotten together with Han Zhuoli and suddenly became his girlfriend?

It was as if all of this was a dream.

She muttered in her heart that later on, she needed to go and hide in the toilet and give herself two slaps, to see if she was dreaming.

In her past life, Han Zhouli was like a god. It was as if he was in a completely different world than hers and she could only make use of the internet to find news about him.

While his clothes were fresh and bright as he stood under the spotlight and receive the world's respect, she was in jail and could only see him through the short time allotted for entertainment every day.

But now, she was actually together with him.

It was as if the life she had lived ever since she was reborn was all part of a dream, a dream that she did not want to or dare to wake up from.

However, although still in her daze, just as Lu Man was about to open the car door and get out, she was suddenly pulled back.

"What are you thinking about, that made your state of mind like this?" Han Zhuoli lowered his head and looked at the rare sight of Lu Man looking dazed.

The little fox from before seemed more like a rabbit right now.

As Lu Man lowered her head, her gaze fell on the hand he was using to grasp her arm.

She suddenly reached out, poking the back of his hand twice. "I'm thinking about whether I'm dreaming right now."

The light was not switched on in the car, and there was only the faint light from the street lamp and the light from the moon shining through the darkened windows.

When Han Zhuoli looked at her face that was slightly lowered, beautiful and vivid, his heart was moved.

Suddenly Han Zhouli adjusted his seat back and then he grabbed Lu Man with his long arms, making her sit on his legs.

At that moment, his long arms were like long chains, tightly trapping Lu Man, keeping her in this little piece of heaven, his embrace.

Moreover, it was very dark and there was practically no light in the car and Han Zhouli's minty scent encompassing her, it was on her clothes, her skin, it was everywhere.

When Lu Man lifted her head slightly, she was able to see his sculpted jaw.

Suddenly Lu Man felt a bit restless and wanted to kiss him.

Before, when she was dating He Zhengbai, she had never experienced this kind of feeling, wanting to get intimate with her partner.

However, with Han Zhuoli, she seemed to have become a pervert, not minding being the active one at all.

Just as she was thinking about it, a dark shadow fell across her head.

The next second, her lips were being kissed by Han Zhuoli.

"Don't look at me like that, otherwise, I really will eat you up," Han Zhuoli sucked on her lips, and said seductively.

Just now, when she had lifted her head to look at him her eyes were so bright and the restlessness in them made him invoked a desire of wanting to eat her up.

Of course, Han Zhuoli could not resist and decided to first eat up her small mouth before talking.

Lu Man's lips were totally engulfed by him and were so hot; it was terrifying.

Suddenly, her lips felt painful as Han Zhouli had bitten her.

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