Chapter 67: Don't Blatantly Show off to Mr Han What Lu Man Gave Us

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Mr Han himself had yet to try Lu Man's cooking, but Xu Hui was showing off to Mr Han how good Lu Man's cooking was. It would obviously anger Mr Han a lot. Does Xu Hui not want his job?

Indeed, without a word, Han Zhuoli suddenly hung up the phone.

Xu Hui innocently handed the phone over to Zhou Cheng. "Why did Mr Han suddenly hang up the phone? He seems angry."

Zhou Cheng said, "Haha. In the future, don't blatantly show off to Mr Han what Lu Man gave us but did not give him."

Xu Hui took in a deep breath and looked around. Making sure that there was no one around, he scooted closer to Zhou Cheng and asked, "You're saying that towards Lu Man, Mr Han..."

Seeing his sneaky look, it felt as if they were aunties gossiping about. Zhou Cheng said unpleasantly, "If not, why do you think Mr Han left the two of us here? Has Mr Han ever treated anyone so nicely before?"

Xu Hui shook his head. Other than those good friends of his, Han Zhuoli had indeed never cared so much for anyone.


Meanwhile, at the police station where Xia Qingyang and the thief were held, the chief of the police department received a phone call.

"Sure, rest assured Mr Han. Even if there's no evidence, it's not against the rules to detain Xia Qingyang for 48 hours. It's completely part of the normal procedure." Hearing that Han Zhuoli had raised such a tiny little request, which was neither against the rules nor illegal, the police chief agreed readily.

Meanwhile, after speaking to Han Zhuoli, Lu Man remembered about Liu Musen.

At that moment, Zhou Cheng called Lu Man over.

Even though their house was almost robbed, Lu Man dared not let Xia Qingwei know and hence went away from the hospital room.

"Liu Musen probably can't get away anymore. As for Xia Qingyang, he really did not have any evidence. Xia Qingyang was only brought to the police station after he kept insisting that she was involved too, however after the procedural questioning, they still have to let her go," Zhou Cheng said.

Lu Man nodded. "I've thought so too."

Lu Man contemplated for a moment before giving Tang Zi a call. "Tang Zi, do you know anyone from the police station?"

Hearing her question, Tang Zi was shocked. "Xiao Man, did something happen to you?"

"No, don't worry, it's not about me." Lu Man pressed the side of her temples. "When I went home today in order to take my card and return the money to Han Zhuoli, I accidentally saw someone trying to break into my home to steal something and caught him red-handed."

"What? Are you injured!" Tang Zi was so shocked that he stood up, his voice loud and high.

Everyone in the office turned to look at him. Thus, Tang Zi quickly cupped his hand around his mouth and phone and went out to find a place where no one was around.

"No, luckily I had a friend along with me. He is skilled and good at fighting. He immediately caught the thief and called the police. The person who broke into my house is called Liu Musen. Apparently, he was working for Xia Qingyang, but he does not have any evidence. Therefore, I wanted to ask if you know anyone at the police station as I wanted to get some information about Liu Musen." Lu Man could not reveal the actual reason why she wanted to investigate Liu Musen.

In this life, she did not know Mi Qiansong yet. If she were to tell the truth, it would be too unbelievable and could even scare Tang Zi.

"Sure, I'll go find some people now. Wait for me," Tang Zi agreed readily without a word. "You're sure you are really alright?"

"Don't worry, I'm really fine." Lu Man smiled.

"Right, just now, you said that Liu Musen was working for Xia Qingyang. Is Xia Qingyang at the police station now?" As a paparazzi, Tang Zi's acuity and his keen sense of observation were always on the qui vive for interesting news.

"Yes, are you interested in this piece of news?" Lu Man did not expect that Tang Zi would be interested in this.

"Of course. Lu Qi's reputation couldn't get any worse now. Even if there's no evidence, her reputation can't be saved anymore. She was cut off from many new shows and even advertising opportunities. Even the movie that she had finally got swapped her out for someone else! Now, everyone is eagerly searching for any news related to her. Now that Xia Qingyang has got herself into this mess, I definitely can't miss this opportunity." Tang Zi said, "Besides, I still have to properly get back at her for you."

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