Chapter 45: The Han Zhuoli Who Had Been Quiet All This While

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"I have heard everything just now." Lu Man nodded.

At that moment, a nurse ran over and told the doctor, "Doctor Hu, are you going to use the operating theatre or not? If you won't be using it, can someone else use it?"

"Yes, we're using it!" Lu Man quickly said, "I'm the patient's daughter, you need a family member's signature right? I'll sign it."

The nurse at the side had already prepared the agreement a long time ago, and Lu Man did not dare to delay it anymore signing immediately.

"You can go and pay the fee," Doctor Hu said, "The surgery fee is 100 000."

Heart bypass surgery was a major operation, so the cost of the surgery had never been cheap.

"I'll go and get the money now We had originally set the surgery date to be half a month later, and so, of course, I can't be carrying such a huge sum of money around." Lu Man explained, "Can you operate on my mom first?"

She had long prepared the money for the surgery, she still remembered that in her past life since she had to go to the prison, she was no longer able to stay by her mother's side when she was awaiting surgery, hence she had passed the money to Tang Zi.

However, she had only saved up 100,000 dollars for the surgery, and aside from that, she did not have enough money to pay for the medicines and hospital fees after the surgery.

Yet, the most important thing right now was to finish the surgery, and as for the money needed afterwards, she would think of a way to get it.

Maybe she could first owe the hospital, then go get jobs to earn money, or she could be thick-skinned and borrow some money from people.

As of now, Lu Man could only take things one step at a time.

But she definitely would not be Lu Qi's assistant again.

Furthermore, the money that she had earned from being Lu Qi's assistance was very little and was definitely not enough.

Xia Qingyang and her daughter frequently used to say that she was Lu Qi's older sister, hence as a family how could they be so calculative?

Also, Lu Qiyuan actually felt that what they said was very logical, and if Lu Man insisted on wanting the same amount of salary that others in her line of work were getting, then it meant that she did not care for her sister enough and was cheating a family member of money.

Moreover, Xia Qingyang also told Lu Qiyuan that since they were a family, there was no need to be so calculative.

Thus even Lu Qiyuan agreed with her.

However, if not paying her would not have been ridiculous, they would have made Lu Man work for free.

Thus, Lu Man's salary was scanty, even lower than the average salary of assistants.

That was because, in Xia Qingyang and her daughter's eyes, the Lu family money as well as all of Lu Qiyuan's assets and money, all belonged solely to Xia Qingyang and Lu Q. Moreover, spending any of it on Lu Man was like cutting off a piece of their flesh.

For them, giving money to Lu Man was as if feeding a dog, very profligate use of money.

Xia Qingyang had married into the Lu family only after Lu Qiyuan had become a boss and the Lu family was doing well. Hence she had been a rich madam for many years.

Despite her being a rich madam for several years, the truth was that she had never gotten rid of her plebeian habits.

Whereas all these years, Lu Man had always wanted to stay with Xia Qingwei but she could not, since she had to save up money to treat Xia Qingwei's illness.

Usually, when Lu Qi was filming, Lu Man could follow the crew and eat boxed lunches. However, when she was at B City, even though she had to face Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi's schemes to frame her, she still remained in the Lu family house, merely because she wanted to save on living expenses, saving up all her earnings to give to Xia Qingwei.

However, considering Xia Qingwei's hospital fees till now, and adding on today's surgery bill, Lu Man had really used up all her savings.

Xia Qingwei's surgery had been pre-arranged from long ago, and ever since Xia Qingwei had checked into the hospital, Lu Man had never failed to pay any of the bills.

Therefore, the doctor still trusted her a lot and so agreed. "That's okay, we'll first operate on your mother, you can pay for the bill later."

"There's no need." Han Zhuoli who had been quiet all this while, instantly took out a card, "I'll pay for the surgery fees first."

Lu Man looked at him questioningly. "It's alright, I have the money."

"But don't you still need to go back to take it? Coming and going is so troublesome, use mine first, you can return the money to me later." Han Zhuoli waved his card towards the nurse.

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