Chapter 103: Lu Man, Miss Dai Is Waiting Here for The CEO

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Dai Yiran looked at Lu Man in disbelief, she was angry and muddled.

Then she opened the door, and pointed at the doorway, "Get out now!"

However, Lu Man sat leisurely, refusing to move and raising her head, she said, "It's the CEO who called me up here and made me wait for him here till he comes back after his meeting."

"Impossible!" Dai Yiran continued to look down at Lu Man, "When Big Brother Han is not here, he doesn't let anyone enter his office."

Lu Man raised her eyebrow, not scared off at all, "Then aren't you in here now?"

"I'm different!" Dai Yiran was very angry.

This woman was so laughable.

How could Lu Man compare to her?

She was the Secretary's daughter and knew Big Brother Han.

"Ha!" Lu Man leisurely drank a mouth of water, "Then did the CEO say himself that you can enter? I'm sitting here with true confidence because I'm someone the CEO personally called there to discuss work, and it was Assistant Zheng who brought me here himself. You can sit here and wait with me, that's not a problem, but you can't indiscriminately chase me out, acting like the company is opened by your family, that's not right."

"Zheng Tianming brought you in? Who is Zheng Tianming? He's just an assistant. I was brought here by Big Brother Han's uncle!" Dai Yiran pointed her finger at Lu Man, "I want you to get out now, either you get out now, or later on, don't blame me for being rude!"

Dai Yiran's yelling voice was so loud that the secretarial office opposite could clearly hear her.

Zheng Xiaoying asked hesitantly, "Should we go in and take a look?"

"What's the use of going?" Yang Fangqi stopped her, "Out of those two, who can we afford to offend? Dai Yiran is the daughter of the Secretary and is brought by the CEO's uncle. Lu Man was brought in by Zheng Tianming, even if we want to mediate, how should we do it? Who do we help?"

Zheng Xiaoying agreed after giving thinking about what Yang Fangqi said. "Dai Yiran is one thing, but what's with Lu Man? What relationship does she have with Assistant Zheng?"

"Who knows," Yang Fangqi shook her head, but prudently decided to stop guessing.

Whereas, Ye Xuanxuan, on the other hand, sneered, "She definitely knows Assistant Zheng from before. Didn't you see how Assistant Zheng purposely came over just to tell us to take good care of her? Assistant Zheng might want to chase her. Lu Man really has a lot of ability."

"Assistant Zheng already gave us instructions, but you still argued with her just now? Aren't you scared that she'll tell Assistant Zheng and Assistant Zheng will come and scold you later?" Zheng Xiaoying casually asked.

Ye Xuanxuan face turned green quickly.

Yang Fangqi looked at Zheng Xiaoying helplessly, why was this girl always acting like she is lacking brain cells, saying this to Ye Xuanxuan, isn't it going to upset her?

At that moment, Dai Yiran suddenly rushed to their office doorway with big steps, "I was shouting for such a long time just now, are you all deaf?"

Even Ye Xuanxuan was shocked.

Just now, when she came in with Han Dongping, Dai Yiran's movements and speech were all that of a rich family's young miss.

However, she changed her manners way too fast!

Ye Xuanxuan thought about it quickly, since she had already offended Lu Man, she was sure that Lu Man would definitely tell on her to Zheng Tianming.

Hence, she felt that it was better to take the chance and support Dai Yiran.

With Dai Yiran as her backer, Zheng Tianming could not do anything to her.

So, Ye Xuanxuan took a step up first, "Miss Dai, what's wrong?"

Dai Yiran clicked her tongue, "Who's that? What's with her going into Big Brother Han's office just like that?"

Seeing Ye Xuanxuan rush up, Yang Fangqi's expression was not very good, and she could tell with one look what Ye Xuanxuan's motive was, but she could not bother with her anymore.

If Ye Xuanxuan was willing to jump into these murky waters, then she should just let her go!

However, Zheng Xiaoying did not manage to hide herself quickly but she would definitely not answer Dai Yiran's question.

This coincided with Ye Xuanxuan's wishes, and she hurriedly said, "I'll go take a look."

Following Dai Yiran back to Han Zhuoli's office, Ye Xuanxuan smiled coldly as she darted a glance at Lu Man, before assuming a feigned manner and trying to convince Lu Man, "Lu Man, Miss Dai is waiting here for the CEO, you should come out with me first."

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