Chapter 167: If You Don't Come Out Now, I'll Expose You Myself

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That was too humiliating!

"Give Dai Yiran a letter of dismissal, instantly!" Zheng Tianming instructed Yang Fangqi.

After that, Zheng Tianming said, "Miss Dai, please leave."

"There's no need for security, I'll go and pack my things!" Although Dai Yiran was full of hatred and was nursing her grievances, she could not let the two security officers go along with her to clear her stuff up.

The security officers looked towards Zheng Tianming seeking his permission. Zheng Tianming nodded, allowing Dai Yiran to go back by herself.

When Dai Yiran came back, Lu Man saw that Dai Yiran's facial expression was ugly that it was so obvious that she did not manage to gain anything from talking to Han Zhuoli.

Actually, she found it very weird as Han Zhuoli had long ago made his attitude very clear, but then how could Dai Yiran still have a delusion that Han Zhuoli was treating her well?

Since Dai Yiran had joined the Han Corporation recently and not done any work at all, she did not have many things, so everything was quickly packed up.

The 'click-clack' of her heels could be heard as she walked arrogantly towards Lu Man's desk. "Are you satisfied now!"

However, Lu Man just looked blankly at her before continuing to do her own work.

She really did not have anything good to say to Dai Yiran and she could not even be bothered to acknowledge her.

Being ignored by Lu Man, Dai Yiran was angry and worked up, but just at that moment, both Sister Li and Chen Shimian happened to return to the office.

They looked like they were scared that Dai Yiran would bully Lu Man.

Dai Yiran laughed coldly, hatefully throwing down some spiteful words. "Just wait and watch!"

After she had finished saying that, she left; it could be said that she had left feeling undignified.

Sister Li twitched her mouth, saying unhappily, "What kind of person is that!"

"You don't need to bother about her," Lu Man smiled. "Thank you, Sister Li, Brother Chen."

"There's no need to be polite," Sister Li was still a bit embarrassed. "Right, you're going to take part in the Charity Night, Dai Yiran is also going. Seeing how thick-skinned she is, she will definitely not avoid you, so at that time, you have to be more careful. Although we can't afford to provoke such a shameless person who loves to play the blame game, we can at least avoid them."

"En, tonight I'll mostly be by Du Lin's side, so I won't have any interactions with her." Lu Man thought that since there were many people attending the party, it was unlikely that she would coincidentally bump into Dai Yiran.

At that moment, Wu Lize walked out, telling Lu Man, "Lu Man, I forgot to tell you just now, every year, when our company's employees go for the Charity Night, the women need to wear gowns, and the gowns can be borrowed from the Design Department."

Lu Man thought about how Han Zhuoli had already given her a new gown and politely said, "Thank you, Manager, I already have one."

When Wu Lize saw a bag next to her desk, he misunderstood that Lu Man had already borrowed a gown from the Design Department. "So you've already borrowed it, then that's alright."

Meanwhile, Ye Xiaoxing, who had been hiding behind her own desk all along, was full of unease and could not remain still.

Earlier, Dai Yiran had been very confident about herself and also her family background was so good, yet she was still fired.

Whereas, Ye Xiaoxing was just an ordinary worker, and would, even more so, not be able to escape this fate.

Hence, right now she was panic-stricken, afraid of receiving a notice from the Human Resource Department, saying that the next person to be fired was her.

Just as she was trembling in fear, Ye Xiaoxing's phone suddenly rang, scaring her so much that she suddenly jumped up.

When she took out her phone, she saw that it was actually Dai Yiran's phone call.

"Hello?" Ye Xiaoxing carefully picked up the call, her hand covering the microphone as she lowered her voice.

"Come out to the parking lot, I have something to say to you." Dai Yiran said coldly.

"Right now it would not be good to let people see us together..."

However, before Ye Xiaoxing could finish speaking she was cut off by Dai Yiran. "Who doesn't know that you were currying favor with me and that you had been constantly following me around, so what's the use of trying to distance yourself now? If you don't come out now, I'll expose you myself!"

"Alright," Ye Xiaoxing could only hang up and hurriedly ran out.

As she passed by the door, seeing the security officers look at her, she felt guilty, thinking that the security officer knew that she was going to meet Dai Yiran.

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