Chapter 110: Your Attitude Was Not Enough

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"Not bad," Han Zhuoli felt increasingly proud of Lu Man in his heart.

The longer he knew Lu Man, the better he understood her, and the more he admired her.

"If it were a normal person, they would probably take it as everything is in order after they had been hired through the interview. They would feel that this case would definitely not be given to them, and will have nothing to do with them. However, they do not know, that opportunities are always given to those who are prepared," Han Zhuoli did not hide his admiration at all, his eyes shone as he looked at Lu Man.

The girl he liked, was absolutely outstanding.

His blatantly admiring gaze made Lu Man's blush in such a way that no verbal praise would make her face this red.

"Wait for a while," Han Zhuoli made a phone call, asking people to take away the food containers and clean the table.

Then, he sat by Lu Man's side and opened the file between the two of them, "Talk about your train of thought."

Lu Man nodded, "I have thought of two plans, but I'm more inclined towards the first one. If both are accepted, we can let Du Lin choose himself, to see which one he is more willing to accept."

Lu Man began speaking systematically about her plan.

While she was in the hospital, she had already written down the two plans. It was just that she did not think that Han Zhuoli would suddenly take this case as a test for her, and hence she had not brought the documents along with her on her first day of work.

The good thing was that even though she did not know beforehand that this case would be passed to her, but with her principle of seizing every opportunity to learn something, she seriously finished planning the program for Du Lin. She even took the time to enhance it making edits over and over again, thus she had every single detail about the plan was by heart.

Hence she could systematically explain the complete plan to Han Zhouli without needing the written script and also without missing out any part of it.

From what she said, Han Zhuoli himself could tell that Lu Man had privately put in a lot of hard work.

"Not bad, I'm also inclined towards the first plan," Han Zhuoli nodded, then looked at Lu Man, the look of admiration in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

Even without his help, Lu Man probably could have entered probably Han Corporation based on her own ability.

This was the girl he liked!

Later on, Han Zhuoli called Zheng Tianming in, "Make a call to Du Lin."

"Do you mind telling Du Lin the plan later on?" Han Zhuoli asked Lu Man.

"Of course not, there's no problem at all," Lu Man said.

"You don't need to explain as detailed as you did just now, the two plans are of two different directions, you can just let him understand the gist of it," Du Lin probably did not have that much time to come and listen to the plan either, "Let's see which one he wants to choose."

Not long after, Du Lin picked up his phone.

Then, Lu Man briefly explained the plans to Du Lin, and Du Lin also chose the first plan.

"You can go back now and do up the plan in detail, from now on, you can directly contact Du Lin's manager, Gu Qingfang," Han Zhuoli said.

Although Lu Man did not think that she would be assigned a case to do on her own, she was not at all nervous. To her, this was a challenge, and instead, it made her even more excited.

Thus, she had basically forgotten the weird behavior of Han Zhouli and also the words he had spoken, almost seducing her. The excitement of working on Du Lin's case had made her push aside all the thoughts of Han Zhouli acting like a hooligan again this time.

After expressing her gratitude and saying thanks to Han Zhuoli, she returned to the Public Relations Department.

It was only then that Zheng Tianming became anxious and distraught as if going to be sentenced, and entered the office with a heavy heart.

"CEO," Zheng Tianming put on a long face, "I really gave specific instructions to them, but who knew that Ye Xuanxuan would be so silly."

Zheng Tianming had almost called her an idi*t.

It was fine if s he wanted to die, but why bring him down with her?

"It must have been that your attitude was not enough to let them properly understand Lu Man's importance," Han Zhuoli said, his face devoid of any expressions.

Zheng Tianming said in his heart that he had already personally gone to welcome her, was that still not enough?

Even for customers, if they are not of a certain level, they would not even be welcomed by him, much less an ordinary worker in the company.

It was just that Ye Xuanxuan was an idi*t and could not be helped!

Zheng Tianming was ready to accept his punishment, "CEO, how do you want to punish me?"

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