Chapter 22: This Man Is a Fickle and Selfish Man

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"If you did it, you did it. I refuse to take the blame for Lu Qi," Lu Man said.

"You must go! Your younger sister is a popular celebrity now, with a bright future ahead. She can't let her reputation be ruined because of something like this," Lu Qiyuan said roughly.

Lu Man was no longer angry, she was just numb.

All these people in front of her, none of them were her true family.

They were relatives, them being related by blood was something that cannot be denied, but they were not her family.

"So my future being ruined is not important?" Lu Man asked sarcastically.

Originally, Lu Qiyuan was feeling slightly guilty, but when he looked at Lu Man, he remembered the past that he wanted to forget, he thought of how Lu Qi could not be acknowledged as his daughter in public, and any guilt he had vanished.

"You're just an assistant, you don't have much future ahead anyway," Lu Qiyuan said, "If worse comes to worst, you can become Qi Qi's assistant even after you are released from jail. Anyway, you won't be jobless. But it's different for Qi Qi, she has such a bright future and her career is just rising. The competition in the entertainment industry is very fierce, and people get replaced so fast. If she doesn't appear in front of the public for a while, she will get replaced by someone else. Much less to say being sent to prison. It'll leave a black mark on her career forever and she can never return to the entertainment industry after being released.

Lu Qiyuan felt that he was already considering a lot for Lu Man, but still using a voice he believed to be very benevolent and kind, he persuaded Lu Man, "Lu Man, don't worry, you're also my daughter, and I will definitely do what's best for you. I will spend more money and use my connections to reduce your sentence as much as possible. Also, haven't you always been busy because of your mother's illness? I know that her medical fees are a lot, and you have no savings all these years, spending all your money to help treat her illness."

"As long as you turn yourself in, I will take care of your mother's illness. I will pay for all the fees. I will find her the best hospital and the best doctors. Even when you're in jail, you won't have to worry that no one will take care of her."

Lu Man looked at Lu Qiyuan's face, he looked as if he had spent a lot of effort thinking for the best solution for her. Her eyes turned red with anger.

In her past life when she had entered prison, Lu Qiyuan had never cared about Xia Qingwei, letting her fend for herself.

If not for Lu Man asking Tang Zi, who knows what would have happened to Xia Qingwei.

In her past life, Lu Qiyuan not only did not care about what happened to Xia Qingwei but he had even let Lu Qi anger Xia Qingwei to death.

Even after that, Lu Qiyuan did not feel sad and just felt that Lu Qi had been aggrieved.


However, at that time, since there was no need for him to bargain with her, Lu Qiyuan had entirely forgotten about Xia Qingwei.

"My mother?" Lu Man was extremely angry that she had started trembling, "She was your ex-wife! How can you use that and say that it's your gift to me? I have never asked you to take responsibility for her illness, and have never used a single cent of your money to treat my mother, but this doesn't mean that you can be so heartless and forget what she had given up for you! You're using this as a condition in exchange for me going to prison? If I had agreed just now without you offering to do this, does that mean that when I'm in prison, you won't care about her?"

She had experienced this once in her past life and thus knew very well what Lu Qiyuan would do.

Towards his ex-wife, he could act like this.

This man was a fickle and selfish man!

"You want me to take Lu Qi's place to go to jail? Impossible!" Lu Man glared viciously at Lu Qiyuan. "You have always only acted as Lu Qi's father, not mine! My father is the man who would carry me onto his leg when I was young, tell me stories and ask me how my day at school went. He would rather wear old clothes that he had owned for a few years and buy me new clothes, to dress me up as a princess."

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