Chapter 41: Rushing up to Me as Soon as You See Me, Do You Miss Me That Much?

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"Sorry." Lu Man was still disoriented from the crash and started backing away.

Somehow she felt that the chest of the person she had crashed into seemed familiar and even the light and comfortable scent felt familiar as well.

However, at that moment, Lu Man did not even want to bother looking at what the other person looked like, and was just about to back away to enter the lift. But who knew that the other person would suddenly hug her.

The person's long arms were like iron, firmly trapping her in his embrace.

Lu Man had not thought that the person she had bumped into was a hooligan, and was just about to hit him when she heard a familiar voice from above her head. "Rushing up to me as soon as you see me, do you miss me that much?"

This voice!

Extremely shocked Lu Man looked up. The person she had crashed into was Han Zhuoli!

Seeing how she had been shocked into a daze, Han Zhuoli laughed lowly.

This woman, every time they met it seemed that she was showing a different side of herself.

The last time, she was like a female demon, a vixen, so seductive yet so hard to catch.

However, this time, she was both foolish and cute.

Han Zhuoli walked out of the lift but his hand was still keeping her wrapped in his embrace, not letting her go.

Thus Lu Man had no choice but to follow him.

Han Zhuoli was still embracing and looking at Lu Man when he heard the sound of a commotion.

Looking up, he saw Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang running over with some people.

Originally, they were threateningly heading towards Lu Man, but upon seeing Han Zhuoli, their threatening aura suddenly disappeared.

"Young Master Han!" Seeing Han Zhouli in front of him Lu Qiyuan was shocked and even more so when he saw Lu Man in Han Zhuoli's arms.

What was going on?

Could it be that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were really together?

That was not good!

Witnessing the scene, Xia Qingyang face had become full of jealousy and hatred, Lu Man actually had connections with Han Zhuoli!

"What's going on here?" Looking downwards at Lu Man, Han Zhouli asked, "Are they here to catch you?"

However, Lu Man just gave a gloomy 'hmm' and did not bother to explain.

She had already considered herself lucky for having Han Zhuoli go along with her act, the last time when she had taken advantage of him.

Hence it didn't make sense for her to make use of Han Zhuoli every time she saw him.

Also, Han Zhuoli had not provoked her in any way and certainly he had not done anything to let her down. So if she were to bring Han Zhuoli into this mess, she would be looking down on herself.

"You don't intend to tell me what's going on?" Han Zhuoli was waiting for her to explain, but even after so long, Lu Man did not explain the situation to him.

"Young Master Han, you have already helped me once, and I'm already very thankful for that, I'm actually not that thick-skinned, so–"

However, Lu Man could not finish what she wanted to say as the group of bystanders had already caught up to her, intending to continue watching the drama.

Some people could not help but say, "Making the older sister take the blame for the younger sister, there must be something wrong with them! The younger daughter is their daughter, but the older daughter isn't their daughter?"

"Did you not know? If the Lu Qi they're talking about is the celebrity Lu Qi, then Lu Qi isn't even his biological daughter, she is his step-daughter, the one his second wife brought with her into the Lu family."

"What is wrong with him, letting a step-daughter bully his actual daughter? Is he insane?"

"He's not worthy of being a father, I've never seen this kind of father. How could he treat his own daughter like that! It's his biological daughter!

"Didn't you see how he abandoned the wife who had stayed by his side through all the sufferings? This kind of man, how can you have hope that he's a good man?"

"Haha, I had never thought that Lu Qi's step-father was such a failure! If a family has many children, it's natural to have some biases, but not of this kind, preferring his step-daughter and forcing his own daughter to such extents."

"You just came so you didn't see what happened, his ex-wife was so angered by him that she fainted and had to be pushed into surgery. She's already in such a bad condition but he did not even ask about how she's doing and only bothered about catching his older daughter."

"Why does he want to catch the older daughter when it was his younger daughter who committed the crime?"

"He's inhumane! His second wife swayed him with pillow talk and he utterly forgot about the existence of his ex-wife and older daughter."

"Ha, his current wife isn't good either."

"Of course. If she were a good person, would she have seduced a married man?"

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