Chapter 98: You Still Dare to Hold Some Other Man's Hand?

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If it was of concern for the Public Relations Department, she would obviously reveal the information to them, so that their department could be ready for whatever happens.

Ye Xiaoxing's face was black the whole way to the CEO's secretarial department.

"Why did you come by? Oh dear, your face is so black, who angered you?" Ye Xuanxuan asked upon seeing her sister.

"Today, a b*tch came to our department, "Ye Xiaoxing was gritting her teeth in anger as if she were chewing on Lu Man at the moment.

"Be quieter, if the CEO hears what you said, I can't protect you," Ye Xuanxuan pulled on Ye Xiaoxing.

Thus, Ye Xiaoxing quickly shut up and nervously asked, "The CEO isn't here right?"

Ye Xuanxuan rolled her eyes, "He's in the office, but if he were outside and heard what you said, he'll probably fire you. I'm just a small secretary, I can't save you if that happens."

"Alright, I know," Ye Xiaoxing grunted and rubbed her chest in relief, "Thank goodness he's not here."

"What exactly happened?" Ye Xuanxuan asked her, taking out a box of chips from her drawer. As long as the leader did not see, secretly eating some snacks was no problem.

Ye Xiaoxing pressed on a chip, ruthlessly taking a bite, "Our department got a new employee today."

"I know, she's called Lu Man right? That day her father came to make trouble before she had even officially started working, she already became famous in the company. Now, there are not many people who don't know her," Ye Xuanxuan also took a chip to eat.

"That's her," Ye Xiaoxing's mouth twitched, "She has a big appetite, she just came today, but she already dared to seduce our manager."

"Is that true? How talented!" When the rest of the office heard what Ye Xiaoxing said, they quickly surrounded her.

"I saw it with my own eyes, how can it not be true? She has no shame, I don't know what tricks she used, but Manager Wu was holding her wrist. We're still at the workplace, and it's even the same department, is she worried that people won't know how strong her charm is?" Ye Xiaoxing gave a 'pooh' sound, "Such a shameless thing."

"She's so brave?" the colleagues exclaimed in shock, "Regarding Manager Wu, don't you... like that? How did Manager Wu look at her?"

"Manager Wu liking her? What a joke!" Ye Xiaoxing acted as if someone had stepped on her painful foot.

When Zheng Tianming had heard enough, he entered Han Zhuoli's office.

"How was Lu Man's first day at work?" Han Zhuoli raised his head and asked.

"She seems to have been ostracized by her colleagues, mainly due to what Lu Qiyuan did that day," Zheng Tianming said, "Besides that, the Manager Wu from the Public Relations Department seem to be old acquaintances with Lu Man, their relationship seems quite good."

After Zheng Tianming carefully observing Han Zhuoli's expression, he continued, "Lu Man was in his office, and it seemed like they even... held hands..."

"Pa!" Han Zhuoli suddenly hit his fountain pen onto his documents with a loud sound, "Call her to come here right now!"

"Who?" Zheng Tianming was not sure whether Han Zhuoli wanted to call Lu Man up or call Wu Lize up to give him a lesson.

"Of course call Lu Man!" Han Zhuoli said angrily, what would he call Wu Lize for!

"But you have a meeting right after this, it's a meeting that has been set at 10 o'clock, it'll begin in two minutes," Zheng Tianming looked at his watch, and reminded Han Zhuoli.

"Then call her up here first, and have her wait here!" Han Zhuoli stood up angrily, "I made sure she kept her job, yet she doesn't come to thank me, and even dares to go and hold some other guy's hand?"

He just knew, this girl was a heartless one!

When he was not in front of her for her to see, she totally put him at the back of her mind and forgot about him!

"Alright," Zheng Tianming walked out of the door.

"Wait," Han Zhuoli called him again, "Didn't Wu Lize hand in a request, to have Lu Man be in charge of Du Lin publicity campaign? Go and tell Wu Lize that I have agreed and let this be a test for Lu Man, if she does well, then just make her an official employee, there's no need to go through the trial period."

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