Chapter 174: Once We Find the Right Opportunity, We'll Chase Her Away!

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"That blockhead!" An unknown wave of anger surged through Lu Qiyuan when he saw Lu Man sitting at the table as if she really was a guest. "That girl, she never knows her actual position."

Xia Qingyang pursed her lips, and complained, "Older sister Qingwei is at fault too, now that Lu Man is always around her, why doesn't she properly educate Lu Man? I feel that nowadays Lu Man is getting better and better at leeching off other people."

Then Xia Qingyang sighed sadly, "I'm Lu Man's step-mother, but she always had a bad opinion of me. So I'm in no position to lecture her on such matters, otherwise, she will misunderstand me even more."

Lu Qiyuan clenched his jaw unhappily, even her felt that Lu Man had changed a lot recently.

In the past, Lu Man might occasionally say that he treated her unfairly, but she was only all words back then.

Unlike now! Remembering at all the things she had done, Lu Qiyuan was so furious that his stomach hurt with anger.

It was all because of that Xia Qingwei, she was a bad influence on Lu Man.

Xia Qingyang sighed, "It's fine if she's embarrassing just herself. It was alright if she had followed Older Sister right from the very start, at least outsiders would have known about Older Sister and her status. But as of now, Lu Man is a member of our family, if she embarrasses herself, they will blame it on us. Isn't... Isn't... Isn't she just bullying us?"

Lu Qiyuan looked at the table far ahead, his gaze changed suddenly. "It's very crowded right now and people would notice it. Once we find the right opportunity, we'll chase her away!"

He couldn't let Lu Man embarrass their family here!

A devilish smile flashed across Xia Qingyang's face. At his side, Lu Qi comforted Lu Qiyuan obediently, "Dad, don't be angry. Be careful of your body and don't hurt yourself. It would make Mom's and my heart ache a lot."

As expected, Lu Qiyuan's expression became a lot lighter as he felt much more comforted and pleased.

As Lu Qiyuan faced Lu Qi, he was kind and amiable, unlike the anger all over his face when he was looking at Lu Man just now.

It was as if Lu Man was a stain in his life; whenever she was in his line of sight, it would make him feel dirty and terrible.

Only Lu Qi was his thoughtful daughter, who was so filial and would always think about him first.

Whereas Lu Man would only make him angry, go against his words, and never care about him.

He was her father, yet Lu Man only treated him as her enemy!

Every time he thought about Lu Man, he was filled with anger.

Why couldn't that stupid lad learn from Lu Qi and be filial towards him!

"Dad, let's go have a seat first," Lu Qi said.

Lu Qiyuan nodded. Then the three of them headed together towards a table in a small, dark corner that was far away from Lu Man's table.

Seeing the nameplates on the table, they immediately knew that the people seated at their table were just some small fry who would never become popular.

Lu Qi tightened her fist in anger, hiding it under the table as he trembled furiously.

In the past, Lu Qi always had a seat in the front three rows near the stage, or at worst, perhaps in the center, but she had never sat so far away!

Now, she had fallen so much that she had to sit with all these Z-list small-fries.

She turned around and looked at Lu Man's table again, it felt as if the distance between her and Lu Man was even further now.

She turned back and saw Suo Wei greeting and socializing with the other guests at the entrance, yet pretending as if she never saw Lu Qi.

Just as Lu Qi was about to look away, she saw Du Lin carrying a plate of desserts and a glass of fruit juice towards Lu Man's table. He then seated himself beside Lu Man and smiled as he placed the desserts in front of him, while Lu Man also smiled back at him.

"What are you looking at?" Xia Qingyang noticed that Lu Qi was looking around everywhere before her gaze suddenly fixed on something and she just didn't stop staring.

She followed Lu Qi's line of sight and saw Lu Man sitting right next to Du Lin, smiling and chatting as if they were on very good terms.

Xia Qingyang hurriedly tugged on Lu Qiyuan's sleeve. "Qiyuan, look, isn't that Du Lin who had a scandal not long ago for cheating on his wife? Why is Lu Man mixing around with him?

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