Chapter 193: Isn't This Sequence Like Meeting the Parents?

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"What are you saying!" Han Dongping shrugged his hand away angrily. "I'm her elder!"

"Oh, I thought that you liked her. You arranged for her to enter Han Corporation, and even brought her to the old mansion, isn't this like the sequence of introducing a girlfriend to your parents?" Shen Nuo said sarcastically after changing her shoes and walking in.

"Why would you even say that!" Han Dongping was about to be choked with anger by this couple.

"That's also because your behavior is weird, Older Brother. For an outsider, why do you have to put Zhuoli through so much trouble? Why is it that just because you think she's not bad, Zhuoli has to accept her? He's the one finding a girlfriend, not you. If you think that she's not bad, you can keep her for yourself." Shen Nuo sat down by Old Mrs. Han's side. She crossed her right leg over her left and folded her arms across her chest. "Besides, we, as parents, aren't even that anxious, then why are you being so anxious? As the saying goes, 'the emperor is not even anxious, yet the—- 1 "

At that moment, Shen Nuo bit back her tongue on saying the word 'eunuch' and lazily cast a sneering look at Han Dongping

However, everyone already knew what she meant, but they could not stop her.

Old Mrs. Han laughed resignedly. This daughter-in-law of hers sure was frank and honest, and she really appreciated her straightforward personality.

Just now, she was a little loose-lipped and those words almost spilled out of her mouth, but at least she knew to quickly stop the word 'eunuch' from spilling out of her mouth.

Enraged, Han Dongping pointed a finger at Shen Nuo that was trembling in fury and was glaring at her nonchalant demeanor. Why did Han Xijin find someone with such a temper!

"Xijin, why don't you at least manage her a bit, she dares to say whatever she wants!" Han Dongping said furiously.

"That's just her temper, it's not like you don't know that Older Brother, why to bother angering her, anyway?" Han Xijin sat down beside Shen Nuo and patted her back to dissipate some of her anger. "Besides, this was only because you were being a busybody, Older Brother. Zhuoli is our son, we didn't even say anything, yet you just had to force Zhuoli to be with a woman you like, what's up with that?"

"You two, why do your words just get worse and worse!" Because of their harsh words, Han Dongping was so livid that he started experiencing chest pain. What did they mean by 'the woman he liked'!

If others were to hear it, they would even think there was something going on between him and Dai Yiran!

"We are speaking the truth. We, the parents, are still here, alive and well, yet you want to overstep your boundaries and govern what our son is doing, isn't that ridiculous?" Even before Shen Nuo married Han Xijin, she had never spared Han Dongping any face, always being harsh with her words towards Han Dongping.

"Older Brother, when you arranged Dai Yiran to enter Han Corporation back then, we didn't say anything. Since you are Zhuoli's uncle, if we don't even spare you that thought, it would be humiliating for you. However, in reality, no matter what background a person has, once they enter Han Corporation, they need to have a certain level of ability. But Dai Yiran? She has no character, nor any ability or potential. I've heard that not only did she steal her colleague's proposal, but she also got exposed." Han Xijin pursed his lips. It was one thing to be so useless that you couldn't even write your own proposal, but to be exposed after using dirty tricks, that was too stupid too.

"Anyway, if Zhuoli disagrees, we won't agree either. As an uncle, stop being such a busybody," Shen Nuo pursed her lips. From her words, it seemed that Han Dongping had so much time on his hands that he had nothing else better to do and even his taste was so-so.

Dai Yiran was livid. All these people treating her as if she was invisible, criticizing her right in front of her. They were just too much!

Dai Yiran stiffly took in a deep breath and said, "I'll just come again another day. My father said that he sincerely respects Old Mr. and Mrs. Han and always wanted to find a good time to visit them. I'll come again with my father to visit another day instead."

"I'll send you back," Looking at the two elders and the couple Han Xijin and Shen Nuo's attitude, there was no point for Dai Yiran to stay here, so Han Dongping would send Dai Yiran back first.

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