Chapter 28: Lu Man's Tears Instantly Rolled Down

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"Yes, once all the evidence from the Lu Hanli incident is released, all the scoop will be about her being a third-party. Then, there will be one scandal after another." Lu Man said.

Tang Zi smacked his thigh. "You're incredible!"

"Xiao Man, you should quit your job as an assistant soon and just work with me. They are both equally difficult and tiring jobs, but you can earn so much more than just being an assistant," Tang Zi advised.

Lu Man laughed. "I already planned to quit being an assistant, but I also can't become a paparazzi. I still have to look after my mother. I can't run about all day like you do, or stay up for nights on a stakeout just for a piece of news."

"That's true. So what do you plan to do?" Tang Zi asked.

Lu Man shook her head. "I have yet to think about it in detail. I have managed to save some money by working as an assistant and can tide over my mother's expenses for a certain period of time. Thus, during this time, I'll just focus on taking care of her."

Actually, Lu Man had wanted to be a fashion designer, but she was forced to quit school. But now, it was not so easy for her to pick up this dream again.

As she urgently needed money for Xia Qingwei's medical expenses. Hence it was unrealistic to return back to school now.

However, now that she had clearly seen what kind of person Lu Qiyuan was, she knew that he will definitely not fork out any money for Xia Qingwei's medical expenses.

"I've been working as Lu Qi's assistant for a long period of time. During that period, I've built up a few connections with different studios and artist management companies. I'll try to see if I can find a stable job with them," Lu Man said.

Tang Zi nodded. "I'll help you look around too."


"Hang on a moment," Tang Zi said and alighted from the car.

After a moment, Tang Zi appeared with a bag from the pharmacy. "Your face is way too swollen. Put some medicine on it."

After Lu Man had applied the medication on her face, she saw that Tang Zi's mind had already wandered back to his work. She laughed, "Alright, quickly go back and work hard with writing that piece of news. You don't have to be with me here."

"Alright! Alright! I'll be heading off first then. Call me if you need anything."

Tang Zi got off the car and walked to his own car parked behind.


After Tang Zi had left, Lu Man went to the hospital.

It was already 11pm — long past the hospital's visiting hours.

Hence, the nurse refused to let Lu Man enter. Exasperated, Lu Man said, "I'm her daughter. I will just look from outside her room. I'll leave after seeing her quietly through the window. Here, this is my identification card."

Now that she was redoing her life, Lu Man was nonetheless definitely most concerned about Xia Qingwei.

In her previous life, she could not even see her mother at her last moment. That was her biggest and most painful regret.

However, right now, if Lu Qiyuan hadn't called her back, following which she had to settle what happened in the Lu family, she would have come to see Xia Qingwei immediately.

Although, it was fortunate that it was already past the visiting hours as Lu Man would not want Xia Qingwei to see her swollen and unsightly face.

It has already been eight years since she last saw Xia Qingwei. She had no clue how her mother's condition had been before her death.

Realizing that she could now meet her mother, Lu Man started feeling emotional and nervous. Her eyes started to turn red.

Seeing Lu Man's eyes brimmed with tears, the nurse felt compassion for her and said tenderly, "Alright then, you can go in and take a look, but don't disturb the other patients."

Lu Man quickly thanked the nurse and went to Xia Qingwei's room.

However, she did not enter. In her current state, would that not make her mother more worried?

Hence, she could only stand outside the room and look at her.

Anyway, at this time, Xia Qingwei was already asleep.

The room was completely dark, except for the moonlight that streamed onto the bed. The weak light shone on the figure of a person on the bed. Xia Qingwei was lying on her side, sleeping peacefully.

At last, after eight years, she could see her mother once again.

Tears instantly started rolling down her eyes.


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