Chapter 64: The Police Came to Their House

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"There won't be any kind of accident, right?" Xia Qingyang did not feel at ease, and rubbed her chest, "My heart, no matter what can't seem to settle down, I keep feeling like something is going to happen."

"It's nothing, don't scare yourself," Lu Qi had just finished speaking she heard Auntie Chen call 'Mister', it looked like Lu Qiyuan had returned.

"Dad is back, let's not talk about it now," Lu Qi quickly instructed Xia Qingyang, lowering her voice and just as she finished talking she saw Lu Qiyuan angrily walk over with a black face.

"Qiyuan," Xia Qingyang quickly went up to welcome him, "What happened?"

Lu Qiyuan was suppressing his anger at that moment, and waved a hand at Xia Qingyang to send her away, "I'm going to the study, don't disturb me!"

Xia Qingyang had been pushed away in such a way that she stumbled backwards and almost fell down, however, Lu Qi hurriedly supported her, "Dad, why are you so angry? Is it again because of older sister that you are so angry?"

"That unfilial thing!" Lu Qiyuan exploded in anger when Lu Qi mentioned Lu Man.

The truth was, on the way back, he had become angry even at Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

If it was not for Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi making him find Lu Man, why would he lose so much face?

He had not thought that his horrible daughter would actually have a relationship with Han Zhuoli to such an extent that he had sent people over to protect the place.

If he knew earlier, he definitely would not have gone and embarrassed himself. and be this embarrassed!

Although Lu Qi did not know the exact details, she could roughly guess that Lu Qiyuan must have been angered at that hospital and hence as he returned he had started blaming her and Xia Qingyang too.

Rolling her eyes, Lu Qi said, "Elder sister is just too much, it's alright if she blames me, but how could she disrespect you?"

Lu Qi knew very well what kind of person Lu Qiyuan was.

Otherwise, she would not have been able to oppress Lu Man all these years and hold the position of the obedient daughter in Lu Qiyuan's heart.

After hearing what Lu Qi said, Lu Qiyuan's anger shifted onto Lu Man.

"Humph! That horrible girl, I will definitely not let her go easily!" As expected, Lu Qiyuan's anger was successfully shifted, and now it was totally directed at Lu Man.

Just then, the doorbell rang again.

As Auntie Chen opened the door, she saw two police officers at the door and was stunned momentarily, "Police... Police officers!"

"May we ask if Madam Xia Qingyang is here?" the police officers at the door asked.

"Mom?" Lu Qi's heart thumped, she had a foreboding feeling.

Even until now, the thief had made no contact, so they did not know if he had succeeded or not.

Moreover, the police had come to their house.

Lu Qi really could not help but link the two incidents together.

Even Xia Qingyang started trembling and her face paled, it could not be... it could not be that the thief had really been caught right?

She had already considered everything and knew that Lu Qiyuan was going to find Xia Qingwei.

And since Xia Qingwei had just finished her surgery, Lu Man had to accompany her all the time and hence Lu Man could not go home.

Then how could it be that he got caught?

It could not be, she must not scare herself!

At that moment, the police officers had already walked in.

"Madam Xia Qingyang, we received a distress call today and caught a thief who had broken into a house, and according to the criminal's testimony, you were the one who ordered him to do that, so we have to trouble you to come with us."

Lu Qiyuan frowned, "Police officers, did you get it wrong?"

Xia Qingyang was delicate and demure, how could she order someone to commit a burglary?

Furthermore, their Lu family did not lack money!

"Police officers, you believed whatever that man had said just like that?" Xia Qingyang fought to maintain her calm, "Look at my family's circumstances, am I someone who lacks money?"

"Nowadays, it's not only the poor who would ask someone to burgle a house," the police officer said.

Upon hearing that sentence, Xia Qingyang's heart sank.

Could it be that Lu Man, that horrible girl, had indeed managed to make a guess about the truth behind this matter?

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