Chapter 43: Do You Remember What I Said The Last Time?

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With Xia Qingyang assurance, Lu Qiyuan's expression warmed up a bit.

"Xiao Man!" Just then, Tang Zi rushed over with people and was stunned for a while upon seeing Lu Man being hugged by Han Zhuoli.

Furthermore, he saw the bodyguards in front of Lu Man, it seemed like... he was useless in this situation.

"Xiao Man, are you alright?" Tang Zi asked, still worried.

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

Lu Man shook her head. "I'm alright now, thanks to Young Master Han."

After saying that, she headed towards Tang Zi.

But who knew that as soon as she moved, the grip around her waist would tighten. Han Zhuoli looped his hand around her waist and brought her into his embrace.

Lu Man: "..."

Tang Zi: "..."

Even Lu Man did not know when she had become close to Han Zhuoli, especially to this extent?

She could only smile apologetically at Tang Zi.

"Her own father isn't as good as her friends, what kind of father is that!" Seeing the situation, bystanders had started criticizing, finding it unfair.

Lu Qiyuan was feeling so oppressed by what everyone was saying that he could not bear to stay a moment longer and left dragging Xia Qingyang along with him.

As Lu Man looked towards the crowd, she saw someone wearing a hat and a mask and covering their face entirely, and when Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were leaving, even that person also walked away.

Lu Man was all too familiar with this silhouette.

It was of the person she had remembered for two lifetimes, even if their face was entirely covered, Lu Man would still recognize them.

She instantly pointed towards that direction and shouted, "Isn't that Lu Qi?"

"What? Lu Qi!"

The surrounding people quickly looked over and hurriedly took out their phones, taking photos and as well stopping her from leaving.

Whereas Lu Man nodded at Tang Zi, telling him that it was really Lu Qi and not one of her deliberate schemes.

"Don't mind me, quickly go and take a photo of Lu Qi," Lu Man told Tang Zi.

Tang Zi nodded and briefly looked at Han Zhuoli before going with his people to prevent Lu Qi from escaping.

"Stop taking photos already! Stop taking photos!" Lu Qi was trapped in the middle of the crowd, being flustered she was trying her best to escape.

Meanwhile, her jacket was being pulled on by people and her hat had already been removed by someone. Even her mask had been pulled on by someone quite a few times and now it was only hanging onto one ear.

After quite a struggle, her mask had been completely pulled off, her face had also been scratched a few times, and now it was covered in bloody scratches.

Moreover, her hair had also been completely messed up as people were grabbing at it.

However, in the end, she had finally managed, with great difficulty, to escape under the protection of bodyguards.

Afterwards, Tang Zi finally squeezed through the crowd to return to them, hugging his camera. He gave a thumbs-up to Lu Man. "I did it!"

Lu Man nodded, and hurriedly told Han Zhuoli, "Young Master Han, you have helped me again this time, I don't know how to return you this favor, but in the future, if you ever need me to do something, please feel free to tell me."

After saying that, Lu Man headed towards the operating theatre.

Han Zhuoli had heard what she had said to Lu Qiyuan just now and knew that her mother was in surgery. Hence he did not stop her and instead followed her.

Upon seeing that Han Zhouli was still following her, Lu Man said, "I am going to the operating theatre to see how my mother is doing, Young Master Han you — "

Ignoring how the corners of Lu Man's eyes were twitching, Han Zhuoli shamelessly said, "l will follow you there, in case you need anything, I can help you."

"There's no need, I can handle it myself, I've already troubled you enough. You have come here for some personal work, right? How about –"

"Lu Man," Han Zhuoli stopped abruptly, pulling Lu Man to a stop as well. As he lowered his head near hers, Lu Man could feel his breath that smelled of mint on her lips, his breath was hot making Lu Man's lips tremble.

"Do you remember what I said last time?" The corners of Han Zhuoli's lips turned upwards as he spoke.

Suddenly, Lu Man's eyes widened, she remembered but she did not want to bother about it.

Lu Qi's problem was yet to be solved and Xia Qingwei was in surgery, so many things had happened. Thus, for now, she could only put Han Zhuoli's words aside.

Furthermore, she had not thought that the two of them would meet again.

Meeting once again, even if it was by accident, how could such a coincidence occur so many times in a row?

Also, she had not imagined that Han Zhouli would remember her, a trivial person and would even stare at her without any intention of letting her go.

Yet who knew, Han Zhuoli had brought it up once again today.

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