Chapter 66: Can You Forgive Me for Offending You Before?

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However, Han Zhuoli instantly transferred 50,000 yuan back to Lu Man and replied, "I've already said so, there's no hurry for you to repay me the money. You will still need some money for your mother's subsequent medical treatments. I'll just accept 50,000 right now. Once you are less cash-strapped, you can repay me then. Also, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui will stay there. Feel free to use them however you want, there's no need to be polite."

Looking at the 50,000 yuan that was transferred back to her, Lu Man eventually did not refuse.

Her finger hovered over the keypad. She bit her lip and contemplated for quite a while before texting him, "Mr Han, I've always had a question. Why... why are you helping me so much?"

"Just take it as an apology for my previous actions. I'm very sorry for having offended you previously." Han Zhuoli replied.

Lu Man was stunned. What did Han Zhuoli mean by this?

When he had offended her, he did not seem to feel apologetic. So why was he apologizing all of a sudden?

She was confused. She could not figure out what exactly Han Zhuoli was planning.

Han Zhuoli sent another text message. "Can you forgive me for offending you before?"

With such a sincere apology, what else could Lu Man say?

She could only say that she has forgiven him and she would forget everything that happened earlier and they could start all over again.

Even if she was still filled with suspicion.

After that, Lu Man thanked him once again and since Xia Qingwei wanted to go to the washroom, she placed her phone down to help Xia Qingwei.

Han Zhuoli remembered what Lu Man had said; she said that Lu Qiyuan had gone to the hospital to cause trouble today. His expression turned cold, and he immediately called Zhou Cheng.

"Mr Han!" Zhou Cheng was surprised to receive a phone call from Han Zhuoli. Considering the time, it should probably be about 1 a.m. where Han Zhuoli was at.

"Did Lu Qiyuan come to the hospital to cause trouble?" Han Zhuoli asked.

"Yes. He was probably trying to use Lu Man's mother to get her to give in, but he has already been chased away," Zhou Cheng reported factually.

"Why did you not inform me immediately when this happened?" Han Zhuoli said unhappily.

Zhou Cheng froze for a moment before replying, "According to your schedule, during that time you were in a meeting, so I dared not disturb you. Now, it's also about 1 a.m. where you're at, so..."

"In the future, no matter what time it is, or what schedule I'm having, as long as it's regarding Lu Man, you have to tell me immediately!" Han Zhuoli said fiercely.

"Yes." Zhou Cheng could not help but be surprised by Han Zhuoli's stern tone. What exactly was Lu Man's position in Han Zhuoli's heart?

"Is there anything else that you have yet to inform me?" Han Zhuoli asked sternly.

Zhou Cheng dared not lie and quickly passed the phone to Xu Hui. Xu Hui told him about the matter where Xia Qingyang had hired a thief to steal Lu Man's money.

"I've just received the news that Xia Qingyang was already brought by the police to the police station for questioning. It's just that, the thief said that he didn't have any concrete evidence with him. He just felt that it was unfair. Even if he confessed that Xia Qingyang was the mastermind, he didn't have any proof and Xia Qingyang will still get off scot-free," Xu Hui reported the whole incident precisely.

"I've got it." Han Zhuoli's expression turned colder. "You two did well. Continue to stay there and listen to everything Lu Man says."

"Yes." Xu Hui also mentioned about Lu Man's kindness, "Lu Man takes good care of us too. Previously we were always hiding, but because of the incident with Lu Qiyuan today we couldn't hide any longer. However, she didn't chase us away and even said that from now on, she will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for us every day."

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli's eyes narrowed and asked coldly, "She will prepare the food herself?"

"Yes. Lu Man's food is delectable. The food is mouth-watering." Through the phone, Xu Hui completely did not sense Han Zhuoli's unhappy mood.

Whereas, Zhou Cheng, standing by his side, saw how foolish Xu Hui was being and closed his eyes. He could not bear to watch.

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