Chapter 97: He Did Not Bother to Think More About It

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"The pastries you gave were very nice, we ate it when my family got back home yesterday, and my Mom kept feeling guilty that she should not have said those things," Wu Lize said lowly.

Lu Man shook her head. The truth was that when Lu Man had heard Auntie Chai say those things yesterday, she did feel a bit angry.

In front of them, Auntie Chai was so warm-hearted and got along very well with Xia Qingwei.

Yet who knew that she would look down on them so much behind their backs, this made Lu Man dislike her a little.

Yet the help Auntie Chai had rendered Xia Qingwei was also very real, and Lu Man was grateful for that.

However, after thinking about that incident for the whole night, she was no longer that angry.

It was just that in the future, she probably could not treat Auntie Chai as naturally as she did before, and this was probably the same for Auntie Chai.

"It's really nothing," Lu Man pulled on her lip and smiled, standing up, "Manager Wu, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"Wait!" Wu Lize quickly followed Lu Man and stood up. He did not bother to think more about it and grabbed Lu Man's wrist.

Lu Man still remembered that the office was facing a big glass window, and her colleagues outside could see everything clearly.

Although with the angle that she and Wu Lize had right now, the people outside might not be able to see that Wu Lize was grabbing her wrist, Lu Man still quickly pulled her hand out of his grasp.

Wu Lize also realized that he was being rude, "I'm sorry, it was just that I was too anxious."

"Manager Wu, this is the corporate office and there are many colleagues watching us. I don't want people to say things about us, and I believe that you also do not hope that that would happen," Lu Man kept her hands behind her back, "Yesterday, when I just heard what Auntie Chai said, I was indeed a bit angry, but after thinking it over for one night, I'm no longer angry. I also understand now, what Auntie Chai said was the truth of the situation, whether I like hearing it or not. Also, no matter what has happened, Auntie Chai had once helped my mother a lot, and I won't ignore all the help she has rendered till now just because of this incident."

"No, I wasn't referring to that," Wu Lize said awkwardly.

"Then what are you referring to?" Lu Man found it weird.

"My Mom misunderstood that I have feelings for you... I'm scared that you'll feel uncomfortable," Wu Lize was so awkward that he felt too ashamed to look at Lu Man.

Lu Man laughed, "If you didn't mention it today, I would have entirely forgotten about that incident. Manager Wu, please don't take it to heart. We're working in the same department and need to avoid arousing suspicion, I hope you understand."

In reality, Wu Lize wanted to say that he did not have that meaning and that his intention was not to tell her to not arouse suspicion, it was just that he wanted her not to misunderstand him.

But for some reason, he did not really want to say that.

Now, he already regretted bringing it up.

"Do you have anything else to talk to me about?"

"There's nothing else," Wu Lize felt that his heart was unsteadily beating fast. "You go do your work if you have anything you need in terms of work, feel free to mention it to me."

"Alright," Lu Man had just left the office when she saw her colleagues, who had been chatting away and whispering in each other ears, suddenly stop talking upon seeing her and then going off to do their own work.

Just as Lu Man returned to her seat, she saw Ye Xiaoxing walking over to her from behind, and when she was next to Lu Man's desk, she made a hmph sound, before continuing to walk forwards towards the exit.

"Xiaoxing, where are you going?" Xia Mengxuan asked. She was a colleague around the same age as Ye Xiaoxing and normally got along quite well with Ye Xiaoxing.

"I'm going to find my older sister," Ye Xiaoxing replied.

"Oh, then go quickly, ask if there's any insider information recently, and come back and tell us," As Xia Mengxuan said that, the rest of the colleagues nodded telling Ye Xiaoxing to quickly go.

Ye Xiaoxing pursed her lips, she just wanted to go find her cousin to chat, how would there be so much insider information.

The only reason why Ye Xiaoxing was so popular in the public relations department was that her older cousin was working in the CEO's secretarial department, and would be the first to know of any new information.

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