Chapter 166: You Don't Know? Zheng Tianming Likes Lu Man!

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Even if she was Secretary Dai's daughter, being fired from Han Corporation would have a negative impact and would not look on her resume no matter which company she goes to later on.

Dai Yiran rushed to the top floor, pushing the door and wanting to enter Han Zhuoli's office.

However, having learned from their previous mistake, no one from the Secretarial Department dared to let Dai Yiran enter this time, hurriedly stopping her, "Miss Dai, the CEO is having a meeting in his office now."

"Move!" Dai Yiran pushed the Yang Fangqi away who had come up to her to stop her.

No one knew if it was because of her great anger that Dai Yiran's strength became especially strong.

She slammed the door open with great force and saw Han Zhuoli sitting on the sofa, and opposite him sat the managers from the Artist Department, the Production Department and the Finance Department.

Hearing the sudden sound, they all looked over to see Dai Yiran rushing in. "Big Brother Han, do you really want me to leave this job?"

"What is Zheng Tianming doing!" Han Zhuoli's face darkened unhappily.

Dai Yiran's heart was filled with joy, it was just like she had thought, this was not Han Zhuoli's orders.

She just knew it, Big Brother Han would not let her go.

What he had said before was just merely for the sake of it.

However, much to her surprise, Zheng Tianming managed to rush over at that moment, and just happened to hear Han Zhuoli's words and instantly started confessing, "CEO, I've already told Dai Yiran clearly that she should quickly type up a resignation report, take her things and leave immediately. However, Dai Yiran was not happy and insisted on coming over."

"Big Brother Han, Zheng Tianming exploiting his position for personal gain. I know, you definitely won't let me go, it's just Zheng Tianming who tricked everyone so that he can help Lu Man get her revenge and purposely harmed me!" Dai Yiran had an expression which showed that she thought Han Zhuoli would back her up.

Zheng Tianming face palmed himself, covering his face with his hand, he really admired how Dai Yiran was so confident, but she should not trap him like that!

Somehow, through the cracks between his fingers, Zheng Tianming just happened to see the sharp gaze directed by Han Zhouli at him.

Zheng Tianming instantly trembled, in his heart, he scolded Dai Yiran, dumb b*tch!

He really hoped that the CEO would not take Dai Yiran's words to heart, but who knew that the more you did not want something to happen, the more the chances that it would happen.

Instantly, he heard Han Zhuoli ask, "Oh? Why is it that he wants to take revenge for Lu Man?"

Dai Yiran smiled coldly and gloatingly. "You don't know? Zheng Tianming likes Lu Man! Lu Man is so shameless, she already seduced Manager Wu, yet she still came to seduce Zheng Tianming, and now she has even become so ambitious that she wants to seduce you! She should think about who you are first, how could you take a liking to her? How could you be the same as Zheng Tianming and Wu Lize?"

Dai Yiran had calculated very precisely and clearly in her heart, was it not that Zheng Tianming had a liking for Lu Man?

Let Zheng Tianming understand what kind of woman was the woman he liked; she left him hanging while greedily dreaming of seducing Han Zhuoli.

Moreover, once Han Zhouli was to find out that he was liked and fancied by such a woman, he would definitely feel very disgusted.

Just as Dai Yiran was elatedly waiting for Han Zhuoli and Zheng Tianming's spurning of Lu Man, she heard Han Zhuoli say coldly, "Assistant Zheng, give Miss Dai a dismissal letter."

"Why!" Dai Yiran asked extremely surprised and shocked. "Why are you still dismissing me!"

However, Han Zhuoli did not respond to her, just instructing Zheng Tianming, "Since she doesn't want to resign by her own will, directly fire her. Also, quickly find someone to take her away, I'm still having a meeting."

"Big Brother Han, you can't do this!" Dai Yiran was still in disbelief, "You can't treat me like that!"

Zheng Tianming hurriedly pulled Dai Yiran out. Dai Yiran was so furious her eyes were bloodshot red from extreme anger. "Stop pulling me, let go of me!"

Zheng Tianming gave a look to Yang Fangqi, and Yang Fangqi hurriedly made a call asking the security officers to come up.

Seeing the two security guards that had rushed over, Dai Yiran became even more furious that she went crazy. "What do you take me as, that you dare to call security!"

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