Chapter 176: Young Master Han, You Are Too Much

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Wanting her to leave?

In her opinion, Lu Qiyuan was the one who should leave!

Saying such things without caring about the occasion!

Lu Qiyuan laughed mockingly, "You can do it so openly but you're scared of people talking about it?"

Why did he need to be careful, it had nothing to do with him.

Even if the reporters were to hear it, the ones who would be unlucky were Du Lin and Lu Man.

This was a good opportunity to spread this news and reduce the rampant rumors about Lu Qi.

But who was Lu Man?

She was now a professional public relations officer and could instantly guess what Lu Qiyuan wanted to do.

For one daughter, he did not mind trading another daughter's reputation.

Lu Man laughed angrily, wasn't this Lu Qiyuan's style all along?

At that time, Lu Qi actually did not need to go to jail, but for Lu Qi's reputation, he had framed her to go to jail.

And now, it was like this, where were they now?

These were just meaningless things.

"You are so shameless, no wonder Han Zhuoli took no liking to you, and yet you're shamelessly seducing Du Lin. Even if you want to seduce someone, you should seduce someone with power, what is the use of seducing someone who is a has-been artist. You only have that little ability!" Lu Qiyuan voice became louder and louder.

"You can yell, yell as much as you want!" Lu Man had seen through Lu Qiyuan's plan, was it not that all he wanted to do was just yell loudly to attract people over?

"If you want to let people know that Lu Qi is actually your biological daughter and that during your marriage, you cheated on your wife with her sister and had Lu Qi and then abandoned your legal wife and married your mistress, and even now, you don't dare to acknowledge your biological daughter. And the fact that Lu Qi was a child born of wedlock, adding on to her bad reputation, then you can continue to yell!" Lu Man gritted her teeth and said.

After her two lifetimes, she finally managed to say those words, and could finally see the expression of shock and horror on Lu Qiyuan's face.

Lu Man did not know if Lu Qiyuan's shock and horror was because his heart ached for Lu Qi or for himself.

Afterall, he was a extremely selfish man.

"What kind of bullsh*t are you saying!" Lu Qiyuan finally lowered his voice.

"Whether I'm talking rubbish or not, don't you know very well?" Lu Man raised her head, her lips curving into a cold smile, "You can continue to yell."

Lu Qiyuan pressed his lips together, clenching his teeth together, he again chided Lu Man."Leave with me now! Why are you participating in this kind of event? This is not a place for someone like you!"

As soon as Lu Qiyuan finished saying that, he started pulling Lu Man away.

Lu Man had learned martial arts from Mi Qiansong in her past life, but she tended to use the nimble style of martial arts due to her natural physical abilities..

Although she had learned martial arts, if they wanted to compare their strength, Lu Man could not compare to Lu Qiyuan.

As Lu Man was being dragged by Lu Qiyuan, she was using her full strength to resist, staggering as she went along.

Suddenly, Lu Qiyuan's wrist was grabbed by a hand that came out of nowhere.

"Let go," a low voice full of anger and coldness came from the side.

Lu Qiyuan was stunned and upon raising his head, he saw Han Zhuoli grabbing his wrist.

Lu Qiyuan smiled, trying to curry favor, "Young Master Han, I just have a few things to discuss with my daughter."

But Han Zhuoli's face was still cold and he applied more pressure making d Lu Qiyuan yell in pain, loosening his grip of Lu Man.

Lu Man quickly rubbed her wrist and hid behind Han Zhuoli.

"Young Master Han, you are too much! This is something between me and my daughter, even if you are her superior, you can't meddle with our private matters, alright!" Lu Qiyuan's facial expression kept changing, his gaze landing suspiciously on Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

If Lu Man really did not have any relations with Han Zhuoli, then why was it that everytime it was Han Zhuoli who was helping her?

Han Zhuoli did not even acknowledge him and directly took out his phone, "Jing Heng, it's me."

"Brother Han, you suddenly left just now, what's going on?" Nan Jingheng asked over the phone.

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