Chapter 49: Lu Man Gritted Her Teeth Angrily, Is This Man a Rascal?

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He had only felt annoyed at all those women in the past who were seductive and threw themselves at him, and could not even bear to smell their perfume.

Yet when it came to Lu Man, who knows what kind of magic she had used on him to make him unable to forget anything about her.

The night after she had left he dreamed of her clad only a towel, and was like an alluring spirit, entwined in his embrace.

Dreaming about that pair of enticing red lips, he wished he could suck on them until they break.

Moreover, in the end, when he woke up, he also found that a section of the comforter was wet.

This had never happened before!

Even when he met other seductive women, he still felt irritated, and would definitely never have this kind of dream.

It was only Lu Man!

It was only just now that he took advantage of the time she was fiddling with the phone to get closer to her, and upon smelling the light fragrance from her hair, he felt restless and his loss of self-control situation emerged once again.

Also, whenever he would meet her, he would feel like he has lost control of himself.

It was not that he was bragging, but he had always been quite proud of his self-control.

Otherwise, it would not have been that even after so many years, despite being in the entertainment circle, there was not even a single woman who has managed to get close to him.

Yet it was only towards Lu Man that his self-control was rendered useless!

Initially, he still could have controlled himself, however, Lu Man just happened to turn her head around at that exact moment.

Thus unexpectedly his lips brushed against her face, and he felt her felt her facial skin, that was as smooth as silk, brushed against his lips.

Moreover, her skin seemed to have its own natural sweet scent, making him unable to stop himself from licking his lips, recollecting the refreshing fragrance on his lips.

Somehow, he started to reminisce about the dream he had that night, and could not stop himself no matter how hard he tried.

Suddenly, his train of thoughts was broken with a 'pa' sound, and he carried Lu Man further up.

However, it was only after he had kissed her and carried her in his arms that he finally felt satisfaction in his heart, as if he was completely whole now, with nothing lacking anymore.

The feeling of hugging her, why was it so good?

Han Zhuoli could not comprehend what was going on with this little girl.

Now that he was looking at Lu Man, whose eyes were reddened from anger, Han Zhuoli even found it cute.

Upon hearing a few sounds, Wu Zhiguo pulled away the curtains to show half a body. "Lu Man, are you all okay?"

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli's tongue was still hurting and he opened his mouth slightly, showing the tip of his tongue to Lu Man.

Letting her see how badly she had bitten him.

Lu Man gritted her teeth angrily, is this man a rascal?

She was worried that Wu Zhiguo would find something suspicious, so she quickly sucked in her swollen lips from kissing and said, "It's nothing, it's just that he's going to go now, and I was just thanking him."

"Oh," although Wu Zhiguo felt that the atmosphere between the two of them was quite strange and felt that he should not be too nosy. Hence he pulled the curtains back in place.

Now, Han Zhuoli could no longer continue staying even if he wanted to, and thus could only put on a show and said, "Then I'll leave now."

Upon reaching the door, he seriously said, "If there's anything, you can give me a call."

He said it very seriously, but Lu Man did not dare to take it to heart at all.

How could she dare to call him?

The two of them were not very familiar with each other, even if there was actually something she needed help with, she still could not find him.

Also, he had no duty to help her.

"Did you hear what I said?" Seeing that she did not seem to take it to heart, Han Zhuoli grabbed her wrist, emphasizing again.

Lu Man could only nod her head, temporarily agreeing.

"Even after my mother wakes up, I can't leave her alone. However, as soon as I can return home, I'll instantly transfer you the money," Lu Man said.

"There's no need," Han Zhuoli loosened his grip on her wrist. "You can first return me a small portion. Your mother still needs to continue staying in the hospital, and you will need to have enough money to pay for the hospital bill and other medical expenses. Thus, you can return the remaining portion, bit by bit, in installments once you have enough money, anyway–"

Han Zhuoli's gaze landed on her lips and he heatedly said, "Anyway, I've already received the interest payments."

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