Chapter 96: I Won't Be Angry Because of This

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Xia Qingwei grew silent for a long time before speaking again as she had no choice but to say, "Yes, we somehow met despicable men, but that doesn't mean that all men are like that. It's not that I want you to rely on someone, or be someone's plaything. I just don't want you to be biased against the idea of love in the future and refuse to go near it at all. I don't want you to keep all men at a distance just because both of us met scumbags. I hope you can stop being affected by them, and open your heart to like and accept someone. Your mom can't stay with you forever. While I'm still here, if you don't want to find someone else, that's alright, I can be with you. But when I'm no longer here, how can I not be worried about you for leaving you all alone? If you suffer grievances, you do need someone you can talk to. If you meet with trouble, you need someone who can encourage you at the side and hold your hand.

"Mom, your body will only get better and better, why are you saying about leaving me alone!" Lu Man was perturbed and anxiously said, "Don't say such things in the future."

"Alright, alright, I won't say it anymore," Xia Qingwei did not want to continue convincing her, she was scared that over-doing it would cause Lu Man to be annoyed.


On Monday, Lu Man officially went to the Han Corporation to report for work.

After dealing with the entry procedures, she went to the public relations department, to find You Lili.

"Follow me," This time You Lili's attitude towards Lu Man was not as good as the last time, and she kept a straight face all along.

However, since Lu Qiyuan had come to make so much trouble, Lu Man was already mentally prepared for this and hence did not say anything.

"This is your place, if there's anything you don't understand you can ask Brother Zhang," With a cold expression, You Lili said just as she was about to leave.

Moreover, Brother Zhang who was next to Lu Man's workspace was not unwilling to help her, "Don't, I'm also busy, I don't have time to show the ropes to her."

"Then can Sister Li do it?" You Lili asked the Sister Li sitting behind Lu Man.

Even Sister Li rejected, "I can't, I'm still showing Xiaoxing the ropes."

"Exactly, my teacher is quite busy, so Lili, I think you have to find someone else," naturally, Ye Xiaoxing supported Sister Li.

You Lili was also getting impatient, "Then who is not busy, just help to teach her."

In the end, no one spoke.

All of them had witnessed the situation the other day when Lu Qiyuan had come to make trouble and had even heard what Lu Qiyuan had said.

Even though they had no evidence, it was better to keep a distance from Lu Man.

Whether it was true or false, staying far away from her was the safest.

Furthermore, based on Lu Qiyuan actions and behavior, they really did not believe that Lu Man would be much better.

"Everyone's busy, so there's no choice, if you find that there's something you don't know, see who's not busy and ask them," You Lili left as soon as she finished speaking.

Lu Man saw that everyone was seated and found two places that were empty. However, one table was full of things, so it was obvious that it was taken up by someone.

As for the last table at the corner, it was empty with no one sitting there yet.

Lu Man already knew that all her colleagues must have bad opinions of her, and was in no rush to flatter anyone, so she quietly sat down and opened her computer.

"Lu Man, come in for a while," Wu Lize opened his office door and called for Lu Man at the door.

Thus, Lu Man stood up and closed the door upon entering Wu Lize's office. Standing in front of his table, she said, "Manager Wu."

"Sit," Wu Lize pointed at the chair in front of the office table.

Lu Man sat down, and behind her back and in front of Wu Lize was a glass window which allowed Wu Lize to see what was happening outside from the office.

At the same time, the subordinates outside could see him as well.

"I wanted to apologize to you, that day regarding my Mom's words, you heard it all. I'm sorry, please don't take it to heart. My Mom is not a bad person, it's just sometimes she's a bit petty, so don't listen to what she says," Wu Lize apologized.

"No worries," Lu Man said blandly, "What she said was all true after all, and if it were anyone else, even they would think the same way. Furthermore, I've always been in Auntie Chai's care, so I won't get angry over this."

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