Chapter 146: If She Can Do It, Why Can't You?

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Everyone was surprised. Zheng Tianming was the CEO's private assistant. Why did he come over to deliver files over personally?

What was in those files? Why were they so important!

Moreover, there were so many of those important files!

Lu Man watched as Zheng Tianming walked towards Dai Yiran's desk under everyone's surprised and curious looks and placed the entire stack of files which were piled even higher than Lu Man's all on Dai Yiran's desk.

"Xiao Zheng from the Secretary Office is on leave today and we are short-handed. I've asked Manager Wu and found out that because you're new here, you're still familiarizing yourself with the work in the public relations department and you're pretty free. So I'll borrow your help today. Please help to deal with all these files, thanks." Zheng Tianming was even sweating from moving all those files over.

Who knew where he found so many files.

Today, when the CEO arrived in the morning, he ordered Zheng Tianming to find some unimportant but trivial and time-consuming work for Dai Yiran to do.

Zheng Tianming instantly understood that the CEO was trying to get back at them for Lu Man.

Nevertheless, Lu Man had already said that she could handle it on her own and refused to let the CEO intervene.

However, while the CEO could not intervene in her work, he could intervene in Dai Yiran's work.

They really thought that the CEO would let them off for bullying Lu Man?

But this did cause a lot of trouble for Zheng Tianming.

Where could he find so many files and work?

The CEO's Secretary Office was always efficient and fast with handling the files, they dared not have any delays.

Besides, were there even any unimportant files or work in the Secretary Office?

Resigned, Zheng Tianming headed straight for the Archives Room. He dug out old files that various departments had done years ago which had long since been addressed and were unimportant for Dai Yiran to do them once more.

Looking at the pile of documents before her, Dai Yiran knew that Han Zhuoli was intentionally making things difficult for her.

However, she did not think that it was because of Lu Man.

Lu Man seducing Han Zhuoli? That she could believe.

But Han Zhuoli liking Lu Man?

Over her dead body.

There were plenty of women who liked Han Zhuoli. How could he possibly like a woman who was so ordinary and plain like her?

Dai Yiran looked down on Lu Man. She had never even considered Lu Man as a love rival.

She only felt disgusted when Lu Man seduced Han Zhuoli.

With her standards, she didn't even stand a chance!

She had never treated Lu Man as a rival who could compete with her on equal footing.

Dai Yiran purely thought that Han Zhuoli wanted to give her a warning for what happened last night.

"There are so many files. How can I possibly finish them?" Displeasure was written all over Dai Yiran's face.

She had come to Han Corporation solely for Han Zhuoli, not for work.

These people also did not have any common sense, did they not know who she was? How could they even treat her as an ordinary employee?

How could she ever possibly be the same as those people?

"Haha," Zheng Tianming laughed. "I honestly have no choice. There are only two new employees in the entire company and it just so happens that you don't have any specific job scope or work to do since you're new. You guys are the least busy, but Lu Man seems to already have her own pile of files to do."

Zheng Tianming glanced at Lu Man's desk. The truth was laying there, plain as day.

Thankfully the CEO had the foresight and did not need to make a trip down himself.

However, Han Zhuoli was afraid that if he ordered the public relations department directly, they would pretend to follow orders but behind his back, they would still push all the work to Lu Man.

Therefore, he got Zheng Tianming to go down personally to ensure the matter is taken care of properly.

"I see that you aren't doing any work right now, so I'll leave these to you." Zheng Tianming patted the files.

Dai Yiran pursed her lips unhappily. "Who said that I don't have any other work? I still have to prepare for that proposal."

Zheng Tianming frowned. "You have to prepare for that case, and so does Lu Man. I don't see her putting off any of the work though. If she can do it why can't you?"

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