Chapter 132: You Are Not Finding The CEO To Eat?

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"Even I don't dare to say with certainty that he is definitely good, but you must at least give it a try eventually, whether it's him or someone else," Xia Qingwei said gently, causing Lu Man's heart to calm down. "Fortunately you found out early about He Zhengbai and Lu Qi. It's better to have seen through him earlier than to be continually get tricked and hurt by him. Furthermore, it was you who found out and did not want to do anything with him anymore, that's a very good thing.

Lu Man took a deep breath and slowly said, "I know. Mom, let me think it through."

"Good." Xia Qingwei was glad, as long as Lu Man could overcome her fear of romantic relationships, it would be alright.

As to who her partner was, she really did not have any demands.

After Lu Man finished bathing and cleaning up, she slept on the hospital bed next to her mother's.

The next morning, Xia Qingwei did not mention anything about Han Zhuoli at all, as if the talk they had yesterday had never happened, and everything was like normal.

Lu Man went early to the company and immediately switched on her computer on entering the office and started copying the completed files she had saved earlier on it.

Not long after, Dai Yiran came.

It was early autumn, she was wearing a thin windbreaker, underneath which she was wearing a short dress that exposed her two beautiful and white legs.

As soon as she entered, even Older Brother Zhang could not help but take multiple looks at her.

When Dai Yiran passed by Lu Man's desk, she turned her head to look at her computer screen, however, Lu Man quickly closed the document.

Dai Yiran sneered before strutted to her own desk in her high heels.

Only after Dai Yiran had sat down at her desk did she see Lu Man open the document again.

After a while, Ye Xiaoxing came holding a stack of documents, and with a "bam" she put them down on Lu Man's desk heavily. "These documents, go and sort them out."

When Lu Man saw the pile of documents, the height of which was even taller than hers and realized that Dai Yiran's desk did not have anything.

Noticing that Lu Man's gaze, Dai Yiran returned a smug smile.

Lu Man asked Ye Xiaoxing, "I'm in charge of so many things, then what about Dai Yiran?"

"You don't need to care about that," Ye Xiaoxing said, her face dark.

Yesterday, because of Ye Xuanxuan's incident, at night, her uncle and her auntie had directly come to their house to attack, even saying something like she had ruined Ye Xuanxuan's future.

And this was all because of Lu Man!

It would be weird if she would let Lu Man go!

Thus when You Lili had asked her to assign the documents to Dai Yiran and Lu Man, Ye Xiaoxing did not even hesitate and gave everything to Lu Man.

Lu Man puckered her lips. "Alright."

Ye Xiaoxing thought that Lu Man was scared, hence although Lu Man might be angry, Lu Man did not dare to speak back to her, so Ye Xiaoxing smugly raised the corners of her mouth and walked away with a hmph sound.

However, Lu Man's expression did not change, she just took the document that was all the way at the top and started to sort it out.

The whole morning, Lu Man did not have time to open the Du Lin proposal document at all.

On the other hand, Dai Yiran was so bored the whole morning that she wanted to die. Ye Xiaoxing had not given her even a little bit of work.

Although everyone saw that clearly, they were not least bothered by it.

However, Chen Shimian did disliked it, but he was the only one in the office who felt that way and thus could not go against so many people.

However, Lu Man's expression was one of uncaring the whole time.

At exactly 12 o'clock, seeing that Lu Man was still busy, Dai Yiran laughed, mocking her in her mind and called Ye Xiaoxing to eat lunch together with her.

Ye Xiaoxing was overwhelmed by the unexpected invite and glanced at Lu Man while purposely raising her voice and asking Dai Yiran, "Aren't you going to find the CEO to eat?"

It seemed as though receiving a warning note yesterday did not affect Dai Yiran at all. "I'm not going, I'm just a small intern right now, it's better to be low-key in the company. After what Big Brother Han said yesterday, I thought about and felt that it indeed made a lot of sense. It's better to separate my work and private life. Anyway, it's the same thing as I can always meet him in private later."

Suddenly at that moment, Lu Man's phone rang.

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