Chapter 165: Have You Written Your Resignation Letter Yet?

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Carrying the bag, Lu Man entered the office and returned to her desk. But before Lu Man could even sit down, Dai Yiran rushed over. "You dared to play me!"

Lu Man placed the paper bag aside and took her time to turn towards Dai Yiran and respond to her accusations. "How did I play you?"

"You're still playing dumb?" Dai Yiran pointed an accusing finger at Lu Man's nose. "Yesterday, you told me that the proposal you submitted was different from the one on the computer!"

"It is different. The one I submitted was the initial draft, it was not amended or modified. Whereas, the one on the computer was a detailed and revised proposal. How could they be the same?" Lu Man looked at Dai Yiran, a hint of a mocking smile playing on her lips.

Sister Li and Brother Zhang, who overheard the conversation, both shook their head and their smiles fell.

This Xiao Lu was indeed naughty.

Yet, her naughty behavior was neither irksome nor detestable.

At that instant, Dai Yiran felt that she was being mocked by Lu Man and said angrily, "You're trying to find an excuse!"

As Dai Yiran spoke, she raised her hand, ready to slap Lu Man.

But before Dai Yiran could even swing her hand, she was held back by Brother Zhang.

Dai Yiran turned around and glared at Brother Zhang. "What are you doing?"

"You stole Lu Man's proposal and now you're blaming Lu Man for lying to you? Do you have no shame?" Brother Zhang said coldly.

Even if Brother Zhang had not come over and stopped Dai Yiran, Lu Man was pretty self-confident that she would not get hurt by Dai Yiran.

Moreover, she had not expected that Brother Zhang, who had never even acknowledged her presence before, would come up and help her.

Lu Man smiled gratefully at Brother Zhang as Dai Yiran shrugged off Brother Zhang's hand fiercely. "Who's telling you to be such a busybody! What are you! How dare you boss me around!"

"What's wrong with you? You think that just because you are Secretary's daughter, you can do whatever you want and be so unruly? You really think that all of us will keep fawning over you no matter what?" Sister Li had intervened too. When she heard Dai Yiran's words, she angrily separated Dai Yiran from Lu Man.

This Dai Yiran, she even had the cheek to scold a senior employee!

"Clearly you're the one who's at fault, yet you are pushing all the blame onto Lu Man. You're so dumb to think that just because you couldn't harm Lu Man so it's her fault too? Your logic is surely amazing. Do you honestly think that Lu Man deserved to just sit there obediently and happily wait for you to harm her? Seriously!" Chen Shimian had walked over as well. Together with Sister Li, they stood in front of Lu Man and shielded her.

"This is something between me and Lu Man, who allowed you all to step in!" Dai Yiran was livid. All these people had never bothered with Lu Man before. Now that Lu Man was on the rise, and she was the one going to be fired instead of Lu Man, they would gladly trample on those with lower status and praise the ones with power and higher status!

"Miss Dai, what you did this time was horrendous. The company is already going soft on you by allowing you to resign yourself rather than firing you." Zheng Tianming walked in with Wu Lize by his side. "May I know if you're done writing your resignation letter already?"

Dai Yiran froze, her face turning beet red.

She had yet to write it. She refused to believe that Han Zhuoli would really fire her.

No matter what, Han Zhouli still had to give her father and Han Dongping some face, right!

She had planned to play dumb and play it off, but who knew that Zheng Tianming would return again.

Dai Yiran gritted her teeth and questioned him. "Does Brother Han know that you came here to chase me away, forcing me to write the resignation letter?"

Zheng Tianming looked at her as if she was a fool. "If it wasn't the CEO's orders, would I have even come over?"

"I... I want to speak with Brother Han!" Dai Yiran was in disbelief. How could Han Zhuoli fire her so easily?

Zheng Tianming raised his hand to stop her. "The CEO is currently in a meeting."

As expected, Dai Yiran absolutely did not believe him. She thought that this was just an excuse from Zheng Tianming to stop her from meeting Brother Han.

Zheng Tianming was attracted to Lu Man, and since Lu Man was being bullied by her, Zheng Tianming wanted to secretly stand up for Lu Man.

Also, it was highly likely that Han Zhuoli completely did not send such orders, and Zheng Tianming was acting on his own accord, lying through his teeth and causing her to misunderstand,.

Dai Yiran pushed Zheng Tianming and rushed out.

Wu Lize wanted to chase after her, but he was held back by Zheng Tianming. "Let her go. I've already told her, but she didn't listen. She could have resigned on her own, but now that she has decided to go, she will have to be fired instead."

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