Chapter 85: Don't Just Make Some Random Pig or Dog My Parent

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"Why did you pick up the phone only now!" Lu Qiyuan discontentedly scolded Lu Man.

Lu Man smiled sarcastically. Now, it was even her fault for picking up the phone later. "I didn't hear it."

"Did I not tell you to go home?" Lu Qiyuan questioned.

"I did, but Xia Qingyang refused to let me in, what else could I do?" Lu Man said sarcastically.

"Don't think that I'm clueless. I know that you intentionally let her misunderstand." Lu Qiyuan said gruffly.

"Ha," Lu Man snickered. "I didn't even say a single word when I went there. She was the one who immediately assumed that I went there to mock you guys and beg you for money. Moreover, she kept refusing to let me in. And now you're blaming me? What a joke!"

"Do you think that you're not responsible for this since you didn't say anything?" Lu Qiyuan laughed sardonically. "You said nothing and just kept trying to cause your mother to misunderstand. Didn't you just intentionally make her chase you away so that it'd be perfectly justifiable that you won't have to enter the house? You are treating us as idiots and fooling with us, right!"

"First of all, Xia Qingyang is not my mother. If a b*tch like her gave birth to me, I'd even cry in my dreams. Second, no matter what I do, it's always my fault. I'm always the one who's responsible, not you."

"Why is she not your mother? She's my wife, so she's your mother!" Lu Qiyuan was furious.

"I only have one mother and she's currently lying in bed in the hospital. Don't just make some random pig or dog my parent! Ha, stop talking all this rubbish with me." Lu Man did not have that patience to deal with it anymore. "What exactly is the matter?"

Lu Qiyuan was livid and mad. "Who are you calling a pig or a dog! Come back immediately."

She had guessed that Lu Qiyuan must have something that he wanted her to do.

However, using this attitude to ask someone for a favor, did he really think that he could control her so easily?

"Just tell me directly over the phone. You don't have to use my mother to threaten me anymore. Even though you have gone to the hospital once before, you didn't even ask how my mother was recovering after her surgery or whether she was feeling better." Lu Man laughed scoffed, "Ha, even if you didn't ask, I'd still have to let you know that my mother is recovering very quickly. Her wound is almost healed already and the stitches can be removed soon. Even if you appear before her once again, she won't be too affected by it."

"You don't treat me as your daughter but my mother does. She still cares for me. She would not let you use her to threaten me, so I'm not worried. Besides, now you can't even enter her hospital room, you'd just have to make a ruckus in the corridor. If you want to humiliate yourself like that, I'm more than happy to oblige. Moreover, all the netizens already know that my step-sister stole my boyfriend from me, so what else is there to say? Do you think you're only humiliating me? You can't get away either. With you around, it's even more impossible for Lu Qi to get away. She's so 'well-loved' by the media, now, if anything happens to her, they would never let her off." Lu Man did not care at all. "So, if you've something to say, just say it. If not, then don't bother."

Moreover, she was not the one asking for help either.

Lu Qiyuan's actions had made Lu Man suffer the most. However, now he really could no longer control Lu Man!

"You are going to work at Han Media Company?" Lu Qiyuan asked straightforwardly.

Lu Man was originally glancing out of window carefree way, but Lu Qiyuan's sudden question brought her back to her sense and her eyes narrowed as she squinted. "You've heard about it at Han Media Company? Yes, I've already been hired."

"Resign immediately." Lu Qiyuan ordered furiously, his face was dark with angry. "We have a company at home. Are you not afraid of people laughing at you for going out to work for others!"

"Ha, are people not already laughing at us? Since when were you so shameless. Moreover, from the moment you've started to treat Lu Qi as your daughter and me like trash, it's already one big fat joke." Lu Man was losing her patience. "What exactly is it? If you won't say it, I'm hanging up!"

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